Answering the question I get all the time about the Bubbly Side meaning…just what IS the Bubbly Side of Life?

The Bubbly Side is very personal and I used to ask myself these very same questions….and now people ask me these questions every day.

Sometimes they’re asking when they’re curious as to what exactly we do here and other times they’re asking because they are super curious and trying to get out of whatever situation they’re currently in.

If you haven’t read the full story on how Bubbly Side of Life came to be, you can check this out here.  But in response to these questions I am consistently asked, let me share a brief re-cap with you.

I was a corporate employee working my tail off when I trademarked the phrase Bubbly Side of Life…at the time I didn’t know why I was doing it, just knew that I needed to do it.  

What I knew…

  • I was working so hard for someone else, bringing in millions of dollars and being told it wasn’t good enough.
  • I looked up to and admired female entrepreneurs in particular who took matters into their own hands and created their own future 
  • I LOVE bubbly.  And I learned a lesson (the hard way….you can check that story out here) that every moment, no matter how big or how small, how perfect or imperfect the situation deserves to be celebrated.  
  • I read the Holstee Manifesto every day and vowed to live my life by it.  Do yourself a favor and check it out now.  

And with that, I set out to find my own Bubbly Side.  

Bubbly Side Meaning

MY Bubbly Side of Life

For me, it’s very clear…it’s a life of travel and celebration.  It’s a life where I am financially secure and not because I am hoping and praying that I’ll get the bonus check I know I deserve.  It’s a life surrounded by happiness and all the things that bring me joy….which of course, includes bubbly.

And if you know me personally, you know I love to celebrate.  LOVE it!  And I love to organize a celebration for any reason whatsoever.  

Bubbly Side of Life came to be because I want everyone to live their Bubbly Side…and I want to create the space to make that happen. 

It’s my mission to help others embrace this philosophy and POP the bubbly just because….because there is always a reason to celebrate.

Once a Teacher, Always a Teacher

When I took the leap to go out on my own, leaving behind the security of a consistent paycheck, insurance, and all the things that go along with a corporate gig, I began by working with others and teaching them how to do this same thing.  I mean, you will never be able to take the teacher out of me, after all.  

One of my good friends, Penny Kelley, founder of Marketing Profit School,  introduced me to Sally Hogshead and her Fascinate Assessment and I dove in head first.  You see, her assessment allows you to see how others see you, NOT how you see the world.  

And when I was in corporate, I was given a variety of assessment like Myers-Briggs and DISC and they were always held against me in some way.  It was Human Resources job to administer these tests and then tell you how to play nicely with others.  

So, when I took the Fascinate Assessment I was (no pun intended) fascinated.  It all became very clear to me why I was put into the positions I was while in corporate AND why I was now continuing to teach/coach others who were wanting to make some sort of change professionally.

So I took the next logical step and enrolled in the certification class to dig deeper into Sally Hogshead’s fascinate and what exactly that all means for me personally and professionally.  

How to Fascinate Certified Advisor

How You Fascinate

So, of course, I used my friends as guinea pigs…and here’s what we discovered.  With them taking 5 minutes out of there day to take the assessment and then spending about 90 minutes with me, they all expressed that they:

  • Had more clarity in what they should be doing and how to proceed
  • Understood what set them apart from everyone else and how to use that to their advantage
  • Knew how to communicate more clearly and effectively  
  • Felt empowered and more confident to take the steps to move forward

Now I knew I was armed and ready to help others reach their Bubbly Side of Life.  Because to be honest with you, for everyone it’s different.  And that’s EXACTLY what it’s supposed to be.

YOUR Bubbly Side of Life  

Your Bubbly Side is that life you dream of, that you can clearly see and are so ready to make happen.  

People tell me that their Bubbly Side of Life is:

  • Freedom….to do what they want, when they want-life on their own terms
  • Travel…to explore, learn about other cultures and soak it all up
  • Financial freedom….being secure in their career and set up to live a life they love
  • Friends/family….surrounded by those who love you most and having the time to be with them
  • Impact…to make a difference in their personal life, professional life and everything in between

Your Bubbly Side of Life might be one of those, a combination of those or something completely different.  And that’s ok…because the Bubbly Side is a very personal thing.  

And my job is to provide the platform (and one day venue) for you to CELEBRATE when you reached your Bubbly Side….and ALL the moments along the way because honestly that is way more important than waiting until you actually reach your Bubbly Side.  

My job is to support you and celebrate you progress because that is what it’s all about.  And that’s why Bubbly Side of Life was created.  

And how do you get there?  How to do get to the Bubbly Side (is anyone else singing Sesame Street right now)?

All moments deserve to be celebrated.  Raise a glass and toast to all your success.

How to Reach Your Bubbly Side

Well, unfortunately that is nothing we can do for you.  This is all work you will have to do.  The first step is to decide if getting to the Bubbly Side is more personal or professional.  And here’s what I mean by that because those two things absolutely intertwine.  

If you’re Bubbly Side is something like mine, I first had to address the professional aspect.  Because I was never going to gain the financial freedom and the ability to travel and create a venue to celebrate and enjoy bubbly while working for someone else.  And once I took care of that, I knew it would flow into my personal life…because even though I was still “working” it was on my own terms doing something that I am completely passionate about.  

And while all days are popping corks, I know that this 100% is the right place for me to truly live MY Bubbly Side of Life.  

The most important thing is to acknowledge what the next step is and to actually take it!

The Holstee Manifesto


If a new job is in your future in order to reach your Bubbly Side…how will you stand out among the competition who is interviewing for the new position you want?

If you’ve had that entrepreneur bug and are ready to jump in…how will you stand out among the competition in your space?

Your Bubbly Side of Life is completely attainable…just take it one step at a time and be ready to CELEBRATE those steps along the way.  And I fully expect a message to celebrate with you because that is exactly what this is all about!  

The teacher in me is giving you some homework here…

  • Identify what exactly is your Bubbly Side.
  • What is 1 step that you will take to make progress toward that?
  • Who will you call on to support you along the way?
  • Chill the bubbly…you’re going to need it! 

And if you want to know exactly what sets you apart, what will make people more likely to hire you, reward you, respect you and listen to you, let’s get started!  Give me 95 minutes and you will be armed with the exact information you need to get that head start on the way to your Bubbly Side! All you need to do is email me for more details!

CHEERS to this and many, many more bubbly moments to come!