It’s finally time to BBQ, go to baseball games and relax poolside, and canned sparkling wine makes it so much easier to do that while drinking the bubbly that you love. 

And what’s even better, to keep your sparkling canned wine chilled, all you have to do is find a   koozie or you can certainly transfer them into a tumbler if you’re trying to be a bit more inconspicuous….it doesn’t get much easier than that.  

And if that’s not enough to convince you to give these a try, canned sparkling wine actually has 2 glasses of wine in each can which means less trips to refill your glass! 

Canned Sparkling Wine 

Canned sparkling wines-Dark Horse Brut Bubbles, Adulting Sparkling White Wine, Sofia Blanc de Blancs, 14 Hands Bubbles

We decided to taste test brut bubbly and grabbed 4 canned sparkling wines that are fairly easy to find.  3 out of the 4, we picked up at the grocery store.  

Sofia Mini Blanc de Blancs

For me, Sofia is the OG of canned sparkling wine.  I am pretty sure this is the first one I ever brought to tailgating events years ago.  My favorite part about Sofia is, of course, the straw!  Of course, you can find Sofia in most grocery and liquor stores.  

Consensus: Sofia is crisp and very easy to drink.  

Dark Horse Sparkling Brut

I discovered Dark Horse Brut last fall while I was traveling.  Based in Modesto, CA, their sparkling wine is made from Chardonnay grapes.  You can find them very easily in most grocery and liquor stores.  

Consensus: Dry, no aftertaste, balanced flavor.

Adulting Sparkling White Wine

I visited this winery last year for the sole purpose of trying this bubbly because I loved the name.  The short version is they literally just add bubbles to their still wine to create this bubbly.  I brought these sparkling wine cans back with me and at the time I visited, you could only get them at their tasting room.  

Consensus: Light, crisp, easy to drink and not too bubbly.  In fact, one person said that if you’re just trying bubbly or you don’t love it because of the bubbles, this is the perfect bubbly to start with.  

14 Hands Bubbles

14 Hands is based out of Washington and is super popular in the Northwest.  You can easily find their sparkling wine cans in any grocery or liquor store.

Consensus: Had a very weird smell that made it nearly impossible to get past.  We each tried a few sips, but after that, it was dumped down the drain.  

Canned sparkling wine

Sparkling Rosé Cans

Sparkling rosé cans-Adulting Sparkling Rosé, Babe Rosé with Bubbles, House Rosé Bubbles Wine, Leelanau Summer Sunset Rosé Bubbly

We also tasted 4 sparkling rosé cans most of which were fairly easy to find locally.

House Wine Rosé Bubbles

I think I was introduced to House Brut Bubbles on an Alaska Airlines flight, so when I saw the sparkling rosé, I knew we had to try it.  This canned sparkling wine is asily found in grocery stores and liquor stores (although I am noticing the House Brut Bubbles is often sold out, so stock up when you find it!).

Consensus: Tart, crisp and flavorful.

Leelanau Summer Sunset Rosé Bubbly

This is local to us in the Midwest as this family owned winery is out of northern Michigan.  So this was easy to find at our local grocery store.  

Consensus: Very strawberry and super fruity.  Definitely a sweeter rosé.

Adulting Sparkling Rosé Wine

Again, I picked this up on my visit to Alexandria Nicole Cellars and as it was explained to m, this is literally just their still rosé wine with bubbles.  And what’s interesting is one of the tasters literally said, “This tastes still but bubbly.” 

Consensus: Dry, “still but bubbly”

Babe Rosé with Bubbles

This Babe was shipped right to my door.  I ordered it specifically for this tasting when I saw on their Instagram that they were giving 4 packs away for the $5 cost of shipping.  

Consensus: A little sweet, but not overpowering 

Sparkling rosé cans

Stock Up

If you’re like me and stocking up on sparkling canned wine to have on hand for all random outdoor events…even sitting on my balcony and need tumblers or coolers, check out the Bubbly Side of Life Amazon Shop.  

I actually like to take my insulated wine tote bag and fill it up with cans and use that since it’s usually a lot less bulky than an actual cooler.  And some of them you can even include your tumbler, so no one will be the wiser!

One more thing…

Canned sparkling wines are so very popular right now and there are a lot to choose from. We love them for the convenience and they are a great way to add bubbly to a cocktail without having to open an entire bottle.

Go out and try some and comment back either here or on our Instagram and tell us which canned sparkling wine you are loving!  

It’s finally time to BBQ, go to baseball games and relax poolside, and canned sparkling wine makes it so much easier to do that while drinking the bubbly that you love. We put 4 cans of sparkling wine and 4 cans of Rose to the test! Bubbly Drinks | Sparkling Wine | Rose all Day | Bubbly Cocktails | Champagne drinks | Prosecco drinks | Bubbly recipes | Virtual Happy Hour | Girls Night Ideas