What is the Bubbly Side of Life

At Bubbly Side of Life, we give permission to pop that bottle of bubbly for celebration any day or everyday. Here you will find free winery reviews, bubbly recipes, and tips for enjoying bubbly.

We Know Sparkling Wines

Our knowledge of sparkling wines spans across North America and Europe. We have collected all of this Bubbly information on the blog, where we:
  • Continually taste accessible sparkling wines (it sure is rough!)
  • Grade each winery on its own Bubbly Report Card
  • Create bubbly menu items for your celebrations
  • Review sparkling wine-related products and accessories


Because bubbly makes everything better!

The Celebration Effect

How do you turn an everyday moment into a Bubbly moment?

Not long ago, Bubbly Side of Life founder Vicki Sowa found herself almost stuck in an elevator at Bubbly Headquarters. The elevator door stopped mid-closing just as power went out. With just enough space to spare, Vicki leapt out to safety. THAT was cause for celebration!

When you embrace that everyday moments are worthy of celebration, then you will find more everyday moments are deserving of celebration.

We call this The Celebration Effect. The moral of the story is that you don’t have to wait for a near-catastrophe to be averted, or good news to land in your lap to open a bottle of bubbly and celebrate. At Bubbly Side of Life, this is our way of life.

"The sound of happiness."

Vicki Sowa

Glowing Reviews

“It’s such a great reminder that there are so many reasons to celebrate in life. That’s what I have enjoyed most about the Bubbly Side of Life. I’ve taken this mindset and incorporated it into my professional and personal life. We even find the smallest reasons to celebrate within my family now. It’s about seizing the day, creating memories with the ones you love, and always looking for the positive. I’ve also learned so much about sparkling wine that I never knew before.”

– Jenn I

“Vicki takes tasting bubbly to a whole new level! I’ve always loved sparkling wines, mostly as a cocktail before a cocktail. If you have the chance to do a tasting with Vicki at a winery, it’s an experience. She looks at bubbly through a different lens as a staple. And, she has resources for great finds that you would typically miss. If you have the good fortune of having her lead a virtual tasting, get ready. Vicki gives great insights, the background, tips and even recipes for sparkling wines. Be prepared to be wowed for an unforgettable bubbly experience! .”

– Kathleen McEntee
Kathleen McEntee and Associates, Ltd.

About Vicki Sowa, Founder

Vicki is a sparkling wine blogger proving to people that there is always a reason to celebrate!  All moments no matter how big or how small are worthy of popping the bubbly in celebration.

A former middle school teacher turned top performing sales person, Vicki is now living her Bubbly Side of Life sharing her passion for sparkling wine in a unique way.  

And because of her great love for bubbly, she has tasted sparkling wine all over the US, Canada and the United Kingdom, enjoyed Cava in Spain, and chooses to celebrate everyday moments by popping a bottle and enjoying every sip.

Living in Oregon wine country gave her a great appreciation for the art of winemaking and everything that goes into creating the perfect bottle of bubbly. While she’s not a professional sommelier, she’s tasted A LOT of bubbly and has passed WEST Level 2 with Merit.

Coming together in the love of bubbly, to share what she’s learned is really what it’s all about and why this community is so important to her.

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