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Is your brand the perfect fit for the Bubbly Side of Life? If you’re interested in working with us, send us a message. We’d LOVE to chat.

Partnerships are so important to me, and quite frankly, so much fun! It’s so important to me to work with brands I truly love, align with the philosophy of Bubbly Side of Life and would be of interest to the Bubbly Side community. Think you’re a good fit?

Send me a message and maybe we can find a way to work together!  Can’t wait to hear from you!

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Glowing Reviews

“I met Vicki at a Bubbles Fest, a Festival here in my home state of Oregon, and was immediately ready to share a glass of bubbly together. Her bright and playful energy made it great to naturally work together and come up with unique collaboration projects to help promote both our businesses.”

– Katie Bass
Eola Hills Winery

“Bubbly Side of Life has been such an uplifting brand to discover! The idea of consistently looking for reasons and ways to celebrate adds such an optimistic and cheerful tone to life. Vicki can always find a reason to celebrate and I absolutely admire that! The world of wine can be intimidating and overwhelming, but Vicki has a way of making it completely accessible. 

Vicki isn’t going to tell you about wine in a pretentious way that makes the wine world feel even more daunting or out of reach. Vicki is going to help you explore and discover your own preferences in wine while offering practical knowledge to help you make better selections based on personal taste. And if you still end up picking a wine that doesn’t quite suit you…no worries! Vicki will help you pair the perfect boozy ice cube to make a less-than-ideal wine selection something that is still enjoyable and worth celebrating:)

Also, if you think you can’t open a bottle of bubbly with a saber, think again! You can. Vicki will walk you through it and have you feeling like some sort of expert likely on your first try!!”


Andrea Ruetten

“Everything is better with bubbly!”

Vicki Sowa, Bubbly side of life

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