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Bubbles Fest Glass 2017 with landscape

Like most adventures the Bubbly Side of Life is one many years in the making with a lot of different ideas and iterations before it has finally settled into what it is today.

There was a lot of hard work and frustration as I worked out exactly what I wanted to do and what I wanted the Bubbly Side of Life to be.

Someone to Push Me Forward

In 2008 I had a mentor, Carolyn, who taught me way more than I ever realized at the time.  I looked up to her so much.  

She was powerful.  

She was classy.  

She was confident.

She was fun. 

She owned every situation.

Carolyn living her bubbly side of life

People feared her…in a good way.  Not because she was malicious, but because she just oozed confidence. She carried herself in a manner that almost forced you to get out of her way.

I have so many memories from the two years we worked together.  I learned so many lessons from her during that time.

A Few Lessons from Carolyn

  • Work hard, really hard on day 1…in fact work so hard on day 1 that you cram 2 days of work into 1 so that on day 2 you can PLAY (and then your work week is done sooner too)!
  • Buy the jeans that make your butt look amazing and then flaunt it!
  • Always splurge on the good wine or bubbly…always.
  • You’re in control of your life…every single  moment. 
  • Don’t wait for someone else to plan a celebration for you…plan your own, exactly what you want and those who love you will join you and those who don’t, will not.
Carolyn enjoying some bubbly

A Very Unbubbly Beginning

When I was really struggling with my job, she introduced me to the Holstee Manifesto…this manifesto and Carolyn single handedly changed the trajectory of my life and how I lived it.

And here’s the thing…I was at a point in my life when I was working in corporate, watching my paycheck decrease year after year, while I was working and traveling more than ever.  What really got to me was the year they expected me to succeed at 33% of my accounts and my actual results were 92%, they basically told me that was “good”.  

GOOD??  Did they just say, GOOD??

To me, that was POP the BUBBLY amazing!  I almost tripled their expectation, but to them it wasn’t 100% so while it was good (and better than they predicted),  it still wasn’t worth celebrating!  

OH HELL NO!  That was not going to do. 

A New Perspective

It was during this period of my life that Carolyn introduced me to the Holstee Manifesto.

Holstee Manifesto

Stop and read the manifesto very carefully.  And then go back and read the first and last lines over again.

Right there is the reason Bubbly Side of Life came to be.

After experiencing the lack of celebration in the corporate world, I vowed to use Bubbly Side of Life to celebrate ALL the moments in life!  You see, there never is a reason too small or too large…they all deserve to be celebrated.  It’s all a matter of changing your perspective.

Bubbly Side of Life

It took a while for the Bubbly Side of Life to be born, but from the time I was introduced to the Holstee Manifesto until 2018 when Bubbly Side of Life came to be, I made all my decisions based on that manifesto.  It guided me, inspired me, and gave me direction when I needed it most.

A Bubbly Story

Bubbly Side of Life actually came to life at Bubbles Fest 2017 at Anne Amie Vinyards in OR. I simply posted an image on social media and Sokol Blosser Winery responded back with, “You sure are living your Bubbly Side.”  I immediately asked if I could take that line and when they said yes, I called a lawyer to get it trademarked.

Anne Amie Vineyards Bubbles Fest 2017 Chalk board sign. The start of Bubbly Side of Life

I didn’t quite know what I was going to do with the TM phrase, but I knew I needed it.  

During its time Bubbly Side of Life has seen a few different lives. Originally I wanted to focus on helping entrepreneurs and teaching them about celebrating all of life’s moments.

However, over the course of helping these entrepreneurs I realized that so many of the successes they needed to celebrate weren’t necessarily business related. And, honestly, that was even better that they were learning to see the celebration in EVERY part of their lives.

Here’s the thing…if you decide that these small moments in life are not worthy of a bottle of bubbly and are waiting for the BIG moment, chances are you’re not even going to be satisfied when the BIG accomplishment happens.  

And worse yet, a lot can change in life before that big moment hits…so embrace all the moments in life.  They are all worthy of a celebration.  

So Bubbly Side of Life has shifted focus. Instead of focusing on just helping entrepreneurs we are looking to help everyone see that every moment is worth celebrating. Whether you’re a stay at home mom, work in the corporate world, or you just need a little bubbly in your life the Bubbly Side of Life is for you!

And if you still need a reason, download this calendar of random reasons to celebrate and for goodness sake…POP the BUBBLY already!  

And for the people that reach out to me looking for a reason to celebrate…there’s always a reason to celebrate.  Always a reason to POP the BUBBLY and CHEERS to life…especially the small moments in life.

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Bubbly Side of Life - A Story