Attention Aldi shoppers, we stalked our local Aldi stores like we were trying to score the wine advent calendar (you know what that’s like!).  And we found some new sparkling wines at a very reasonable, dare we say cheap price point.  

 We grabbed them and popped them, and, of course, tasted them.  

Sparkling Wine Tasting

We love to do tastings for any random girls’ night in celebration and have a whole lot of fun with them.  And anytime I have a few bottles to try, we love to test our skills to see what we taste and smell and taste the differences among them, but you certainly don’t have to be that formal. 

The key is to just have fun, try new sparkling wine and maybe find some new bottles you love. 

What’s New in Aldi Sparkling Wines

California Heritage Wine 

Two bottles of the California Heritage sparkling wines side by side:  the brut sparkling wine with the blue label and the extra dry sparkling wine with the green label.

Here’s what’s interesting about this collection of wines, they’ve  partnered with the best winemakers in California to bring these wines to you at low prices. 

Of course, you know we tasted the two California Heritage sparkling wines, one was brut and one was extra dry.  Both of theses are labeled white wine, so I am assuming they’re blanc de blanc, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find the grape listed anywherre.  

The brut is very crisp (almost too crisp for my liking) sparkling  white wine with crisp citrus notes. I enjoyed this sparkling wine better as a cocktail actually.

And I made the most simple cocktail giving it a bit more of a fruity flavor.  I took some fresh squeezed blood orange juice and some blood orange simple syrup and created the easiest bubbly cocktail.  

An bright orange sparkling wine cocktail with a blood orange slice for garnish next to a bottle of California Heritage Brut Sparkling wine and Liquid Alchemist Blood Orange simple syrup.

Now, you’re going to be shocked with my thoughts on the extra dry sparkling wine, but I actually enjoyed it more. Now I did pair it with a sugary dessert and it was the perfect pairing.  

The extra dry is a semi-sweet sparkling white wine with notes of apple and pear with hints of sweet honey and notes of citrus.

If you’re looking for some still wines in this same collection, they also have Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Moscato, Chardonnay and more. You know I probably won’t be able to help myself and will haev to grab a red wine, or the rosé to create a bubbly sangria recipe topped with the brut bubbly soon.

Belletti Prosecco 

A bottle of Belletti Prosecco next to a champagne flute full of the prosecco wine.

Ok, this one isn’t a new bottle, but I couldn’t remember when I saw it, so I grabbed it and tasted it again.  This Italian prosecco, is soft with notes of stone fruits and pear.  You’ll also get notes of citrus and green apple. We enjoyed this on its own, but would be the perfect pairing with charcuterie board.

Specially Selected Crémant de Bordeaux Rosé

A bottle of Crémant de Bordeaux next to a champagne tulip half full with the sparkling rosé showing off the dancing bubbles in the glass.

I was so excited when I saw this crémant on the shelf.  A crémant is a sparkling wine out of France, but not the Champagne region.  This one actually comes from Bordeaux.  

We popped the cork and poured a glass and were immediately entranced by the bubbles.  The tiny bubbles danced in the glass.  And on the palate, we enjoyed notes of red fruit.  It was a very easy drinking rosé and would be amazing to top a bubbly sangria or cocktail.  

Favorite Aldi Wines

These new sparkling wines are a great value at a truly competitive price.  Out of these new sparkling wines, I’d say the best Aldi wine in my opinion is the Belletti prosecco or the Crémant de Bordeaux Sparkling Rosé.  

Our First Aldi Wine Tasting Experience

Aldi sparkling wine selection

We found the same 4 bottles of Aldi sparkling wine at multiple stores.  And there were some empty racks and I don’t know if it’s because it’s January and haven’t restocked since New Year’s Eve or if it’s permanently gone. 

I believe they have some actual bottles of champagne, but we were not successful in finding it, so we tasted the 4 bottles:  3 sparkling wines and aprosecco.  

We also went on the hunt for this elusive bottle of Aldi prosecco that we thought would be easy to find.  And we finally found it in a half bottle, but it was before 11am on Sunday and we couldn’t purchase it.  And then by the time 11am rolled around, we already started our tasting.  (By the way, I have lived in IL almost my whole life and I didn’t know this law.)

Aldi Sparkling Wine

When you live in a cold climate like Chicago, you’re able to chill your bubbly to the proper serving temperature of 43-50 degrees Fahrenheit by putting it outside on the balcony.

Aldi sparkling wine chilling on the balcony.

We tasted the Aldi sparkling wine in this order from dry to sweet. And I will say, we were quite surprised!

Tourner Brut Sparkling

This brut sparkling wine was not bad at all.  We tasted citrus, biscuit and vanilla it was a very pleasant bottle of bubbly especially for $6.99.  It’s a bottle I didn’t feel the need to add anything to, but we did experiment with a variation of a mimosa and it was good with that as well.  

Burlwood Cellars Brut Sparkling

This brut was surprisingly sweet, but it wasn’t overpowering.  It had a faint taste of peach or apricot.  It would not necessarily be one I stocked up on because I don’t like any bubbly that is sweet.  If you like sweet sparkling wine, at $4.99, this is a great deal!

Burlwood Cellars Extra-Dry Sparkling 

Another $4.99 bottle of Aldi sparkling wine and this one was way too sweet for me.  It tasted more like a dessert wine to me with peach flavors.  Of the 4 bottles, this was our least favorite mainly because of how sweet it is.

Aldi sparkling wine and Aldi Prosecco worth trying

Beletti Prosecco 

I don’t normally like prosecco, so I was surprised when I liked this one and at $8.99, it’s a bottle I would keep on hand.  With flavors of pear and apple peel we were surprised that it was labeled extra dry because it didn’t seem very sweet to us.  

This Beletti prosecco was actually our favorite of them all with the Tourner as a close second.  

Pro Tip: When you’re doing any type of sparkling wine tasting, but especially when going from dry to sweet, have some oyster crackers on hand to cleanse your palate in between tastings.

Sparkling wine tasting with oyster crackers.

Final Review

For the value, Aldi sparkling wine is definitely not a bad bubbly to stock up on especially if you’re creating a mimosa bar, bellini bar or mixing up some bubbly cocktails.  

Want More?

Do you not have any Aldi stores in your area?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the best champagnes and sparkling wine recommendations from the local grocery store.  

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Aldi sparkling wine, you asked so we had to put it to the taste test! We tasted the Aldi sparkling wine in this order from dry to sweet. Read our full review of each sparkling wine from Aldi on our blog post! We treid Tourner Brut Sparkling, Burlwood Cellars Brut Sparkling, Burlwood Cellars Extra-Dry Sparkling, and Beletti Prosecco. Check out our full Aldi Wine reviews here!