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Every day moments deserve to be celebrated, preferably with a glass of bubbly. We are your bubbly go-to, and give you permission to pop that bottle of sparkling wine any time for any reason!

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Bubbly Side of Life Vicki Sowa

I’m Vicki, the founder of Bubbly Side of Life, and it’s no secret that I love bubbly! And I do mean LOVE bubbly!

And even more than that, I love to celebrate! Give me a reason, any reason! After spending years listening to other people’s ideas of when I should celebrate and to save the bubbly for “special occasions,” I decided that it was time to start celebrating on my own terms.

And with that, Bubbly Side of Life was born. Living in Oregon wine country for 2 years gave me such an appreciation for the art of winemaking and everything that goes into creating the perfect bottle of bubbly. While I’m not a professional sommelier, I have passed WSET Level 2 with Merit and I have tasted A LOT of bubbly all over the world.

Creating a fun space and sharing my knowledge with you is my ultimate goal and of course, popping a lot of bottles and “Cheers-ing” along the way as well.

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