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Bubbly Side of Life Vicki Sowa

I’m Vicki, the founder of Bubbly Side of Life, and it’s no secret that I love bubbly! And I do mean LOVE bubbly!

And even more than that, I love to Celebrate! Give me a reason, any reason! After spending years listening to other people’s ideas of when I should celebrate and to save the bubbly for “special occasions,” I decided that it was time to start celebrating on my own terms.

And with that, Bubbly Side of Life was born. Living in Oregon wine country for 2 years gave me such an appreciation for the art of winemaking and everything that goes into creating the perfect bottle of bubbly. While I’m not a professional sommelier, I have passed WSET Level 2 with Merit and I have tasted A LOT of bubbly all over the world.

Creating a fun space and sharing my knowledge with you is my ultimate goal and of course, popping a lot of bottles and “Cheers-ing” along the way as well.

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What Bubbly Side of Life Lovers say

Bubbly Side of Life is not only full of fun & informative Bubbly tips, it’s a great way to escape for a bit and revel in something fancy-even if you did just buy a low cost bottle!  There is always great content with tons of questions, polls, and great interaction with the followers.

Thanks for always adding some great content to my day!

Alexis A.

I absolutely LOVE the concept of Bubbly Side of Life. I always check the blog before heading out to pick up a new bottle of bubbly, and love all the winery reviews too. I find them super helpful as my husband and I love to take trips to wineries. I also must say her shirts are so cute. I have two of them and they are super comfy, soft, and are great for lounging or heading out and about.

Wendy G.

Bubbly Side of Life is the best!  Vicki always has the best cocktail recipes (that obviously have bubbly), the most fun posts & happy hour sessions and by far the comfiest sweatshirt I have ever owned! Go follow Bubbly Side of Life. It will put a smile on your face, teach you new fun ways to drink bubbly and introduce you to new brands you never thought to try.

Kyler M.

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