Our favorite way to order mimosas is minus the juice.  And yes, that really just means give me a glass of bubbly. But like most others, I love a good mimosa bar or bottomless mimosa brunches.

And, if you’ve been around for a bit, you know one thing we love is a good bubbly cocktail.  And really, if we’re being honest, a mimosa is a a type of bubbly cocktail right?  Well, at least on Bubbly Side of Life it usually turns into one.  

Breakfast Bubbly

Grapefruit mimosas are a Bubbly Side of Life favorite!

There are so many reasons why bubbly is the ultimate go-to drink.  But the fact that it is perfectly acceptable to serve it at any breakfast or brunch should be right up there as a top reason.  

Why does bubbly pair so well with breakfast and brunch items?  Often times brunch items are very rich and savory.  Think cheesy omelettes and hash browns.  Fried chicken and waffles.  Savory crepes with a side of bacon.  Or eggs benedict.  The acidity and effervescence of bubbly is ideal for balancing these brunch favorites.

Did you know that the mimosa originated in France yet, the British are responsible for brunch? 

So, let’s create the perfect simple mimosa for your next bubbly brunch.

Trader Joe’s Fruity Bubbly

The key to the easiest and tastiest mimosas!

I have been eyeing these bottles for months and always skipped past them because they scream sweet bubbly.  But my girlfriends were coming for a visit and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to give these a try. 

Let’s chat about why these are perfect for your next mimosa bar.  They are $5.99 each.  The bottles are really pretty.  There are 4 flavors:

  • Strawberry & Raspberry Rossini
  • Grapefruit Pompelini
  • Peach Bellini
  • Mango Mangocini

We tried these flavors by themselves before we created the perfect simple mimosa.  And to be honest, they are not as sweet as I would have guessed.  They were sweet, but not overly sweet nor did they have that “fake sweet” taste. But we still took them and decided to make some super easy drinks with them.

Our favorite was Strawberry & Raspberry, followed by grapefruit then peach.

One of the best uses for the peach would be to turn that into a frozen bellini, but it was a good mimosa with frozen peaches as well.

The Easiest Mimosa Ever

The simplest mimosa bar you will ever set up includes Trader Joe's fruity bubbly, fruit and brut bubbly.

This will truly be the easiest mimosa bar you will ever set up.  And it will be the loved by all.  Here’s what you need to do.

What You’ll Need:

  • Trader Joe’s fruity bubbly:  stock up on your favorite flavors.  The only one we didn’t try was mango and we did enjoy the others.
  • Fresh fruit:  buy the corresponding fruit to the Trader Joe’s bubbly you’re serving. 
  • Bottles of brut or extra brut:  for the bubbly cocktail lovers who don’t like overly sweet drinks.  
  • Vodka (optional):  turn this simple mimosa into a true bubbly cocktail by adding 1oz of vodka to each drink.  
  • Champagne glasses:  if you’re going to be outside, you may want to invest in plastic glassware.  
  • Ice buckets: to keep all your bubbly chilled.

To make the easiest mimosa ever, simply fill your champagne glass with 1/3 of the Trader Joe’s fruity bubbly and the rest with brut bubbly.  For those who like it sweeter, they will want to do a 50:50 ratio.

It doesn't get any easier than creating these mimosas.

PRO TIP:  Freeze the fruit!  No one likes a watered down drink, so use that frozen fruit as ice cubes.

Here’s the best part of this mimosa bar set up.  For those who enjoy sweet drinks, they will like the Trader Joe’s fruity bubbly by itself, no extra bubbly needed.  For those who like it less sweet, they can control the sweetness level.  And it’s truly the perfect, easy mimosa, no juice required.  

Tips & Tricks

In addition to freezing the fruit for our mimosa bar, we also like to create boozy ice cubes. We’ve created many recipes with these boozy ice cubes, so why not use these creations in your next mimosa?

They’re easy to make. Take fruit, some of the Trader Joe’s fruity bubbly, and a little bit of fresh squeezed juice. Muddle the fruit (or keep it whole if you like the look of that), in the bubbly and juice and then pour into your favorite ice cube tray. Freeze overnight and you have an even better way to keep your mimosa chilled and delicious.

Want More?

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Of course, we’ve created a traditional mimosa bar.  And we’re always looking for the easy way out with mimosas so we’ve created several cheater versions

And of course, no brunch menu is complete without the fancy cousin of the mimosa, the bellini.  

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