When you think of pure riesling, most people think of a sweet white wine from Germany or Finger Lakes, New York.  And that’s definitely one type, but there’s also a sparkling version of riesling as well.

And not only is there a sparkling version, but riesling is made just like any other wine, with a range of sweetness levels.  You can taste rieslings that are dry wines all the way to other end of the spectrum of sweet wines.

Characteristics of Riesling

Riesling is a very aromatic and fruity grape with floral aromas.  In terms of taste, Riesling grapes can be picked at varying levels of ripeness which will determine the flavors.  Those riesling grapes that are picked when they are just ripe result in flavors of green fruit and citrus.  Extra ripe riesling grapes will result in flavors of stone fruit, tropical fruit and maybe even some dried fruit.  

Riesling grapes have that natural acidity which makes it a fun wine to pair with food and also makes it perfect for a sparkling wine.  And as always, if you’re looking to pair with a dessert, make sure your riesling is sweeter than the dessert.  

German Regions for Riesling

Today, riesling is produced all over the world, but it’s probably most well known in Germany.  Out of the 3 most popular regions, we tasted four new (to us) sparkling rieslings from two of them:


From this region, you will typically get lighter body rieslings thanks to how far north it is.  They are typically are about a medium on the sweetness level and have very high acidity.


From this region, you will typically get a dry, medium body riesling.  This region is so close to the French border, it can be considered an extension of the Alsace region of France.


We didn’t taste any from this region, but if you do, you will find it has more body than riesling from Mosel and is drier.  

If you’re a true riesling lover, Germany is the place to be to indulge in this rich tradition of growing and making riesling.  And, when we turn a still riesling into a sparkling riesling, in Germany, that’s referred to as Sekt, a German sparkling wine.  

Real German Sekt

I should really call this section:  The Aromatic Sparkler because the aroma on all of these sparkling wines was amazing.  I could sniff them all day long.  

Von Winning Riesling Extra Brut Sekt

This winery was founded in the late 1800s and has been producing wine from its cellars since early 1900s.  This extra brut sekt is made in the traditional method which is where the second fermentation happens in the bottle just like how champagne is made.  

With fine bubbles, you’ll enjoy tart citrus, nectarine, green apples with no sweetness whatsoever.

Fitz-Ritter Riesling Extra Trocken Sekt

The first thing I noticed which always makes me happy were the persistent bubbles.  I admired them for a while before my first sip.  

The Fitz family was the second in Germany to start a sparkling wine production in the same method as champagne is made, the traditional method.  

This sekt received a score of 90 from Wine Enthusiast magazine noting its crisp citrus and apple flavors in this glass.  

Markus Molitor Riesling Sekt

This winery has been in the Molitor family for 8 generations.  Using careful and strict selection process of grapes, each of their wines is a true expression of the vineyard.

This wine matures in stainless steel tanks and then had its second fermentation in bottle, using the traditional method. 

You’re going to enjoy aromas of grapefuit, pear, apple, stone fruit and minerality in this sekt. 

Dr. Loosen Riesling Extra Dry Sekt

The Dr. Loosen estate has been in the family for over 200 years. If you’re looking for clean sparkling wines, you will want to pick up some Dr. L sparkling riesling.  

When German winemaker Ernst Loosen took over in in 1998, he chose to restrict crop size, prohibit chemical fertilization and implement a very strict protocol for harvesting grapes because he’s so focused on quality over quantity. 

This bottle of sekt, is made using the traditional method.

Wine Enthusiast magazine gave this a score of 90.  In this glass you will enjoy notes of green apple and crisp stone fruits.

Where to Buy Sparking Riesling?

I did not see many bottles of sparkling riesling in my local grocery store or my go-to liquor store.  So I ordered these bottles from Wine.com.  I do find that wine.com is a often times a more affordable way (thanks to all their deals and coupons) and has a massive selection.  So if you’re looking for something specific like this, that’s a great place to start.  

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