On our Instagram stories, I asked if you wanted me to review can koozies and over 90% of you said yes.  So, we did what we always do, went to Amazon and ordered up the most popular regular can koozies and slim can koozies and we learned some very important lessons.  

Last year we did similar experiments with wine tumblers and champagne tumblers and you might need to go check out the results of those when you learn what we learned about can koozies.  

The final 3 can koozies.

Why Use a Can Koozie?

Hard can koozies are so popular and I feel like the slim hard can koozies are even more popular maybe because slim cans have really made a splash in the marketplace.  

A few perks of using a can koozie:

  • The obvious, it keeps your drink cold
  • It’s an easy way to identify which drink is yours
  • It a great way to “disguise” what you’re drinking

All of these hard can koozies are so much better than those neoprene koozies we used to use.

Hard Slim Can Koozies

Ok, so we learned the hard way that none of the slim can koozies work with slim wine and bubbly cans like Bev and Babe.  These cans are smaller than other slim cans like White Claw.  So all of our slim can koozies were a big fail!  

So you don’t make the same mistake we did, here’s a list of the slim koozies that will not work with slim wine/bubbly cans:

  • Swig Life Skinny Can
  • BrüMate Hopsulator Slim
  • Maars Skinny Can Cooler
  • Reduce Can Cooler

I will say that I tried to make it work so that I had a way to keep my skinny bubbly cans cold, but it made way more of a mess than it was worth.  I will continue the hunt, but for now, I came up with no winners.

Regular Can Koozies

At first glance, a can of wine looks about the same size as a can of soda or sparkling water or hard seltzer.  But, it’s not.  

Canned wines are bigger, therefore, don't fit into most 12 oz can koozies.

All regular can koozies fit 12 oz cans which cans of soda, hard seltzer and sparkling water are.  But canned wine and bubbly is actually 12.68 oz which is just enough that it doesn’t fit into most of the regular can koozies.  

We did find 3 out of 7 that we bought that do work, so we put those to the test.  But first, let me tell you what not to buy:

  • Swig Life Combo Can & Bottle
  • Reduce Can Cooler
  • Tahoe Trails 
  • Koozie Triple 3 in 1
These can koozies will NOT fit a wine/bubbly can.

Now for the results of the cans that “fit” and you should note it’s definitely not a perfect fit, but it didn’t bother me and it still worked for what we needed it to do.  

The Can Koozie Experiment

For this experiment we: 

  • Took the initial temperature of the canned bubbly and then 2 more readings every 15 minutes
  • Sat outside and kept the can in the shade
  • Tested when temperature outside was between 85-90 degrees
  • Drank the bubbly just as you would if you were sitting outside enjoying a beverage

BrüMate Hopsulator Trío

Brumate Hopsulator Trip, our number one pick for can koozies if you want comfort.

What I liked about BrüMate:

  • It had indentations on the side making it very comfortable to hold
  • It was easy to slide the can right in
  • When you’re done, at the top you can unscrew the gasket making it easy to get the can out

BrüMate Results:  

  • The first 15 minutes, the temperature increased by 4.5 degrees.
  • The second 15 minutes, the temperature increased by 6.4 degrees.  

Simple Modern Can Cooler

Simple Modern can koozie.

What I liked about Simple Modern:

  • Very easy to slide the can in

What I didn’t like:  

  • There was no way to unscrew the top, so you had to remove the can by pulling on the tab

Simple Modern Results

  • The first 15 minutes, the temperature increased by 1.6 degrees.
  • The second 15 minutes, the temperature increased by 8.9 degrees.  

Maars Standard Can Cooler

Out of the 3 can koozies, Maars keeps your drink the coldest for the best value.

What I liked about Maars:

  • $13.99 price
  • Very easy to slide the can in
  • You can unscrew the top for easy can removal 

Maars Results

  • The first 15 minutes, the temperature increased by 1.6 degrees.
  • The second 15 minutes, the temperature increased by 4.5 degrees.  

Final Thoughts

  • The Maars Standard Can Cooler is a great price point and will keep your drink the coldest.  
  • BrüMate Hopsulator Trío is very comfortable and more versatile if you use it for larger cans or bottles.
  • I wouldn’t buy the Simple Modern can cooler mainly because it’s not easy to get the can out.

I’m curious, am I the only person who just discovered that the size of slim wine/bubbly cans and regular wine/bubbly cans are different than every other “normal” can?  

We did put the three cans that worked in the Bubbly Side of Life Amazon store for easy shopping.  You will also find the tumblers from our experiment last year if you’d rather not bother with can koozies.  

Find out which hard can koozie will keep your sparkling wine the coldest at your next pool party, summer picnic, beach trip, camping trip, summer party, or any occasion! We tested several can koozies to determine which is the best for the price and fit, as well as which keeps sparkling wine the coldest on a hot summer day. Check out the blog post for the full review on the koozies and follow along here for all things bubbly!