I am a huge fan of champagne tumblers at the pool, at the beach, really anywhere outside.  And if you have ever vacationed with me, you know I love to bring along personalized tumblers on every trip to transfer drinks to so they stay cooler longer.

So I decided to put some tumblers to the test.  I bought 4 different champagne tumblers with lids from Amazon, filled them with the same amount of sparkling water and let them sit outside for 2 hours, taking the temperature every hour.

Now, of course, I know it would be crazy to think that a drink would last 2 hours in these tumblers, but for this experiment that’s what I did.  And just think, now you’ll know if you happen to fill up your tumbler then go for a swim exactly how long you’ll have before your drink is no longer at the optimal temperature.  

It was 84 degrees when I started the experiment and 85 when I finished.  The champagne tumblers were all outside, but not in direct sunlight.  

Champagne Tumblers

Champagne tumblers put to the test:  Obstal, Swig, BruMate and Simple Modern

I bought all of these from Amazon for a reason:

  • I didn’t have to pay for shipping and if I ordered from their sites directly, I would have had to pay shipping (with the exception of one)
  • They came within 48 hours and ordering directly would have taken longer
  • I wanted to see how they came packaged for gifting purposes

So let’s put these tumblers to the test and see which one really does keep bubbly beverages the coldest the longest.


This was my “off brand” Amazon champagne tumbler with lid to compare as this tumbler is only $8.99, so I wanted to have an inexpensive option to offer.  

Obstal champagne tumbler as shipped from Amazon

Here was the description on Amazon:  Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler – Double Wall Vacuum Travel Mug for Coffee with Straw, Slider Lid, Cleaning Brush

This tumbler did NOT come with a straw, slider lid or cleaning brush.

So right away, we’re not off to a good start as their description does not match the product that was sent.  

This is a 6oz tumbler, so it likely wouldn’t last 2 hours with one bubbly cocktail, but here are the results:

Starting temperature:  37.7 degrees

After 1 hour:  41.1

After 2 hours: 46.7

Obstal Champagne tumbler

So technically it’s still in the range of the temperature that you should drink sparkling wine (check this out for temperature ranges), but after 1 hour, the temperature went up 4 degrees and if you still had some bubbly in their at the 2 our mark, it was up another 5.6 degrees.  


Another 6oz champagne tumbler with lid and on Amazon this tumbler is $20.95.  On their site it was $17.95, but I would have had to pay $5.95 for shipping and wait longer to receive it.

Swig champagne tumbler as shipped from Amazon

From their website:  Our triple insulation technology allows our stemless flutes to keep drinks cold up to 3 hours and hot up to 1.5 hours.

The results:  

Starting temperature:  39.7 degrees

After 1 hour:  44.6

After 2 hours: 49.6

Swig champagne tumbler

So in direct comparison to the Obstal brand, the other true 6oz champagne tumbler, it’s pretty comparable.  After one hour, the drink was almost a full 5 degrees warmer and another 5 after the second hour (which with a 6 oz tumbler, it would never make 2 hours, but those are the results).  


Since I was specifically testing champagne tumblers with lids for this, the Brumate champagne style tumbler is 12 oz which let’s face it, is a lot nicer meaning less trips to get refills.  

BruMate champagne tumbler as shipped from Amazon

But for me, I hated this flip top lid.  If you don’t have a straw that would make drinking from this tumbler very awkward.  

On Amazon, this tumbler was $17.50 and directly from BruMate it’s regularly $19.99 currently on sale for $14.99 but I would have had to pay $5 shipping.  

According to their website, 20x colder than a normal glass and 5x the bubbles.  They also talk about their BevGuard technology that eliminates the metallic taste and keeps your drink always cold and refreshing. 

Now I did 2 experiments with BruMate since it was a bigger tumbler.  The first one was the exact same amount of water as their first two tumblers and here are the results:

Starting temperature:  39 degrees

After 1 hour:  42.8

After 2 hours: 47.3

BruMate champagne tumbler

So after 1 hour, your bubbly beverage was 3.8 degrees warmer and after 2 hours another 4.5 degrees warmer.  

And since has 12oz capacity which meant I could fill it with 11oz of sparkling water, I did that too.  Now what’s interesting is during the 2 hours for this experiment the tumbler did get some sunlight, not 100% sunlight is probably more of what it would be like poolside for sure.  

When filled with the full capacity, after 1 hour it was .9 degrees warmer and after two hours it was 4.8 degrees warmer.  So this tumbler is clearly more efficient when it is filled to capacity.

Simple Modern

And lastly, this Simple Modern champagne tumbler with lid is 16oz.  So I did the exact same experiment I did with the BruMate tumbler for comparison.  

Simple Modern Spirit champagne tumbler 16oz

On Amazon I paid $15.99 and directly from them it’s $13.99 (with free shipping) which is very reasonable considering the size of this tumbler.  The only reason I didn’t order directly is so that I could compare packaging directly from Amazon since that is where the other tumblers were ordered from.  

From their website:  Made from durable stainless steel, the Spirit Tumbler is double walled and has a vacuum-sealed insulation.The 16oz Spirit Tumbler is 6.3 inches tall; weighs 8.6oz; keeps drinks cold for 10 hours or hot for 4 hours; and does not fit cupholders.

With the first experiment, testing the exact same amount of liquid as the first two 6 oz tumblers:

Starting temperature:  37.9 degrees

After 1 hour:  42.8

After 2 hours: 48.5

Simple Modern champagne tumbler

After 1 hour, your bubbly is almost 5 degrees warmer and then another 5.7 degrees after 2 hours.  

Now, when I filled this to the capacity it could hold (which is 15oz), your bubbly would get .3 degrees warmer after 1 hour and 4.7 degrees after 2 hours.  And keep in mind, this part of the experiment got more sun, not 100% of the time, but that final temperature was taken when the tumbler had been in direct sunlight.

The Winning Champagne Tumbler….

Honestly, out of all of these champagne tumblers, Simple Modern would have to be my choice.  Not only is it the biggest (although they do have smaller ones one their website), but it kept the liquid the coldest for the longest amount of time.  

Not to mention, their prices are super reasonable and you only have to spend $5 to get free shipping on their website.

Champagne Tumblers with Lids

Now I was surprised that none of these tumblers came with a straw.  I don’t know about you, but I love drinking my bubbly and bubbly cocktails from a straw when I have a fun tumbler.  So needless to say, I was a little disappointed with each of these.  

Champagne tumblers with lids

The Simple Modern tumbler did come with a coupon inside that you can order a free lid with straw from their website directly, so that kind of made up for the fact that none of these had a straw, but it was an extra step and an additional order.

Bubbly Beverages

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Up Next?

Next we’re going to put four different brands of wine tumblers to the test. Following the same process we did here, we will soon know who the winning wine tumbler is. Stay tuned!


Simple Modern and BruMate Face Off

Simpler Modern Champagne Tumbler with Lid vs. BruMate Champagne Tumbler with Lid

So after I posted this, one of my followers asked me to conduct a taste test to see if indeed BruMate’s claims about their BevGuard technology is really true. So, we tested it out with sparkling water and bubbly.

First I tried the sparkling water and while there is definitely not a big difference at all, and no metallic taste in either, the BruMate tasted “crisper” to me. I will say for me, it’s not that big of a difference to spend the extra money on BruMate.

Next up, bubbly…to get a good comparison, I tasted the bubbly from a champagne flute, then from each of the tumblers. For me, the difference in taste is so negligible that if I didn’t know otherwise, I would probably not have noticed anything at all.

Final thoughts

Last thought on these two champagne tumblers with lid since I made a comment about the lids above. I think I would really enjoy the Simple Modern tumbler with the lid and straw that you get a coupon code for a free one inside your box. And with BruMate, it is helpful that the lid does flip all the way down so it’s not quite as awkward as I thought it might be.

champagne tumbler with lid

So, for me, I would still rank the Simple Modern champagne tumbler with lid as the winner of this experiment. For the price, the lid with straw (that you can get after the fact) and the very little difference in taste (and I do mean very little), it would be my choice for sure.

Tested Obstal, Simple Modern, BruMate, and Swig Bubbly Tumblers from Amazon. Put to the 2 hour temperature test to find the best wine tumbler. Read more to find which champagne tumbler stood up to the test! Champagne Tumbler | Wine Tumbler | Bubbly Tumbler | Poolside Tumbler | Summer Tumbler | Wine Gift Ideas | Tumbler Gift Ideas | Tumbler with Lid | Tumbler Cups | Bubbly Side of Life |