As Bev canned wine was flooding my Instagram feed I became more and more curious.  I needed to know more about this zero sugar canned wine that is a little fizzy and, of course, their zero sugar sparkling wine that is extra fizzy.  

And you know that I was beyond excited to taste these as well because it’s my mission to normalize bubbly cans at every BBQ, picnic, pool party, etc.  And in doing this, I’m determined to find delicious canned bubbly that deserves to be cracked open in celebration. 

Bev canned wine, a great 0 sugar sparkling wine option.

Canned Bubbly

We have been doing all sort of taste testing research for you because one thing is clear, not all canned bubbly is created equal. 

Now to be fair, not all sparkling wine (or wine for that matter) is created equal either.  And everyone has a different palate so just like anything it’s important to find someone who has similar taste as you do and follow them for recommendations. 

Here are a few things we learned on our canned bubbly quest:

  1. It often times tastes better when poured into a glass.  This, however, defeats the purpose of easy, on the go, crack open a can at an outdoor get together. 
  2. Canned wine typically tastes better when they add a little fizz to it so it’s not completely a still wine.  Four of the Bev flavors have a little bit of fizz while the two sparkling have considerably more fizz.

Bev Philosophy

One of the coolest things about Bev is the philosophy of this women owned company.  Bev is a brand that promotes female empowerment in business and beyond.  

The mission of Bev

Do it different,

Do it better.

Break the glass.

Now you can interpret that last line that they are breaking the glass bottle with their innovative cans.  And for Bev, it simply symbolizes breaking barriers down and building people up.  

After learning all about this female owned and operated company, I was even more excited to try their canned wine.  

Bev Canned Wine

Bev canned wine

There are 6 varieties of Bev Canned Wine and we tasted them from the can and then poured them into a glass to see if there was a difference at all.  

I think it’s important to note that zero added sugar wine/sparkling wine is definitely not for everyone.  For those who follow a zero sugar diet, these are a good option.  

The only thing added to any Bev canned wine is bubbles!   Bev has 0% sugar, 160 calories, only 3 carbs, and 11% ABV.   Additionally, each can is 8.4 oz which is about 1 1/2 glasses of wine.

Now for the taste test.

Let’s start with the sparkling Bev:

Glam-Extra Crisp + Extra Fizzy

Bev Glam, Sparkling Rosé wine

This sparkling rosé is definitely crisp, dry (not sweet, truly dry) and I don’t get very distinct fruit notes but subtle red berries.  

Now I will say, this isn’t my favorite sparkling rosé, but I have had several cans to come to this conclusion.   And I was trying to figure out why and I have to wonder if it’s passionfruit.  You see I don’t love the flavor of passionfruit and that is the first note written in the description for this sparkling rosé.

Glitz-A Lil’ Fizzy

Bev Glitz, Sparkling White Wine

This is a good no sugar added bubbly.  While the description says it’s extra dry, I didn’t necessarily get that from this can of Bev.  To me it wasn’t too sweet at all, it was more of a perfectly crisp pear.  

Ok…now let’s chat about the other Bev canned wines in order of our favorite to our least favorite:

Noir – Edgy + A Lil’ Fizzy

Bev Noir, A fizzy California Pinot Noir

I don’t know about you, but I love a pinot noir….when it’s cold outside.  So I was super curious to try a fizzy pinot noir served cold.  And it was pretty good. 

This would pair well with a BBQ.  And for all my red wine drinkers looking for a summer version, give this a try.  

Bev Rosé – Dry + A Lil’ Fizzy

Bev California Rosé Wine

True to its description, this is truly a dry rosé.  An enjoyable rosé if you like a dry rosé.  

Gris – Bright + A Lil’ Fizzy

Bev Gris, a fizzy California Pinot Grigio

This truly tastes like a fizzy pinot grigio.  If you like pinot grigio, you will love this! 

Blanc – Zippy + A Lil’ Fizzy

Bev Blanc, a fizzy California Sauvignon Blanc

I think I should warn you that I don’t like sauvignon blanc at all.  Not even a little bit.  So I really didn’t enjoy this one.  From the smell to the taste, this one we actually dumped out.  

I did ask some people who actually like sauvignon blanc to taste it because that is only fair.  So I gave a can to my sister who actually just drank, loved and bought a sauvignon blanc when we were in Oregon and nope, she didn’t like it either.  And I tried again with another friend who loves sauvignon blanc and this was a no go for her as well. It’s the only one none of us enjoyed at all.

Bev Delivered to Your Door

Are you ready to give Bev a try?  Or do you already love it and need to stock up on it?  I’m so excited to be working with them to give you 20% your Bev canned wine purchase.  

Order any canned bubbly and use code BUBBLYSIDE20 and you will get 20% off your entire order and you will receive it in 2 days (shipping is included!).  

Unfortunately, the code won’t work on Bev Glitz, but here’s the good news….it’s already 20% off because it’s a monthly subscription.

Your new favorite delivered straight to your door summer wine!

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As you probably have seen, Bev has so many fun options for canned wine. We did the work and tested each variety to help you choose which Bev canned wine you should buy for your next pool party, summer picnic, beach trip, summer party, or any occasion! Check out the blog post for the full review on Bev and a discount code to use for your next Bev purchase. Follow along here for all things bubbly!