What good are wine tumblers that don’t keep your drink chilled or are way too hot to handle once they’ve been in the sun?

It’s summertime, we’re outside more and we want our bubbly beverages to stay chilled.  We already put 4 popular champagne tumblers to the test, so we decided to get 4 different brands of insulated wine tumblers and put them through the same test to see which one really keeps your drinks the coldest the longest.

Now, I don’t know about you, but no matter the time of year and especially on beach vacations I love to put my bubbly beverages in a wine tumbler with lid for so many reasons:  It makes it easier to drink, you’re less likely to spill, and of course, since it’s an insulated wine tumbler, your drink will stay chilled.  

In this experiment, all of the wine tumblers we selected were 12 oz (which was not the case when we did our champagne tumbler experiment), so each insulated wine tumbler each had the exact same amount of sparkling water throughout 2 different experiments.  

As with the champagne tumblers, I ordered all of these tumblers off of Amazon so that I could see how they would come packaged (thinking for gifting purposes) and so I didn’t have to pay individual shipping costs or wait days for them to arrive.  

The 4 Wine Tumblers

The Insulated wine tumblers with lids we tested.

All of the wine tumblers I ordered are insulated and come with a lid, but sadly none come with a straw (which you know is my favorite).  

Wine tumblers with lids, but no straws

Here are the 4 insulated wine tumblers we put to the test…2 tests actually.


I selected this wine tumbler because if you ever shop on Etsy and ordered a customized tumbler, many of the shops use the Maars brand.  And there was a time when I bought many  Maars insulated wine tumblers to create personalized wine tumblers for beach vacations and they always did the trick.

Maar Insulated Wine Tumbler

Here’s the description on Amazon:  

Hot and Cold Temperature control feature keeps hot beverages warmer and cold drinks chilled longer. Thermal copper lining keeps hot liquids toasty for 1-3 hours while icy drinks cold for 6-9 hours

Modern Technology: Double walled and vacuum insulated body is durable, made from premium material, prevents cup sweat and prevents fading and chipping

Maar wine tumbler with lid

On Amazon I paid $9.99 and while it shipped from Maars, I could not find a way to order directly through them.    


Corkcicle is a very popular wine tumbler option and you can find it in many tasting room gift shops.  They also have canteens and champagne tumblers as well.

Corkcicle insulated wine tumbler

From their website:  Triple insulated for the perfect chill, cool for 9+ hours, hot for 3, shatter-proof crystal clear lid

Corkcicle wine tumbler with lid

On Amazon, I paid $24.95 and if I would have ordered directly through their website, I would have paid the same price plus $6.95 for shipping, however, if I signed up for texts I would have gotten a free straw.  

Chillout Life

A very popular Amazon item, this insulated wine tumbler has 4.7/5 stars.  Both on Amazon and their website you can order these in 2 packs and 4 packs.  And when you do that, they do come packaged with a lid and straw.

Chillout Life Insulated wine tumbler

From their website: Double wall vacuum insulated perfection in a stemless wine tumbler made from lifelong Stainless Steel! Set off on your refreshing picnic, hiking or camping adventures with your water, wine, or cocktail icy-cold for 9 hours or your coffee and tea scalding-hot for over 3 hours! sweat-free convenience! Use it as a wine glass tumbler or stick your straw in your refreshing drink through the straw-friendly lid!

Chillout Life wine tumbler with lid

On Amazon, I paid $11.99 and directly from them, it’s $13.95 and it looks as if free shipping as well.  


Another Amazon find with fewer reviews, but a 4.7/5 rating, nonetheless, I could only find this wine tumbler on Amazon.  

Sipworks insulated wine tumbler

The Amazon description:  The double walled, vacuum insulated Sipworks Wine Tumbler keeps your beverages chilly for up to 9 hours or scorching for over 3 hours – all while its exterior stays cool and condensation-free!

Sipworks wine tumbler with lid

On Amazon, I paid $15.99 and it was fulfilled by Amazon.  

The Experiments 

Since it is summer and I typically take these insulated wine tumblers to the beach with me, we decided to do two different experiments to get a true picture of just how chilled our bubbly will stay and for how long.  

We began by getting a reading of the sparkling water in its own container before pouring 12 oz into each wine tumbler.  The sparkling water was 39.3 degrees.

We tested the sparkling water temperature when we poured it into each tumbler and then after 1 hour and again at hour number 2.  Of course, with 12 oz wine tumblers, it’s highly unlikely your bubbly beverage would last 2 hours, but just in case, we tested it anyway.  

Experiment #1

For this experiment the wine tumblers were outside but not in direct sunlight at all. The outside temperature during the first hour was 86 degrees and the second hour was 87 degrees.  

Sipworks wine tumbler with lid in the middle of our experiment

The Results: 


Starting Temperature: 40.8

After 1 hour: – 46.4 ↑ 5.6 degrees

After 2 hours: – 51.4 ↑ 5 degrees


Starting Temperature: 41.5

After 1 hour: – 47.7 ↑ 6.2 degrees

After 2 hours: – 52.3 ↑ 4.6 degrees

Chillout Life

Starting Temperature: 42.9

After 1 hour: -47.4 ↑ 4.5 degrees

After 2 hours: – 52.8 ↑ 5.4 degrees


Starting Temperature: 38.4

After 1 hour: – 45.6 ↑ 7.2 degrees

After 2 hours: – 52.3 ↑ 6.7 degrees

Experiment #2

Hour 1 it was 87 degrees outside and the wine tumblers were outside, but not in direct sunlight.  And hour #2, it was 88 degrees outside and the wine tumblers were in direct sunlight.  

Maars wine tumbler with lid in the middle of our experiment

The Results: 


Starting Temperature: 44.7

After 1 hour: 51.4 – ↑ 6.7 degrees

After 2 hours: 62.9 – ↑ 11.5 degrees


Starting Temperature: 45.8

After 1 hour: 50.9 – ↑ 5.1 degrees

After 2 hours: 63.8 – ↑ 12.9 degrees

Chillout Life

Starting Temperature: 47.8

After 1 hour: 51.9 – ↑ 4.1 degrees

After 2 hours: 63.5 – ↑ 11.6 degrees


Starting Temperature: 39.5

After 1 hour: 48.3 – ↑ 8.8 degrees

After 2 hours: 62.2 – ↑ 13.9 degrees

Wine Tumbler Conclusion

#1 & 2 Maars and Sipworks

Honestly, if I were choosing among these 4 wine tumblers, I would choose either Maars or Sipworks.  

It’s no wonder why so many custom wine tumbler creators choose Maars for their product.   And there are LOTS of colors to choose from as well.

With Sipworks, Something I find interesting is that the starting temperature of the sparkling water was 39.3 degrees and it was the only of the 4 insulated wine tumblers where the liquid stayed relatively close to that temperature when poured into the tumbler.

At the end of both experiments, these two insulated wine tumblers kept the bubbly the coldest and quite frankly, you can’t beat the price on either one.

#3 Corkcicle

For as popular and as expensive as this wine tumbler is, I am not overly impressed with the results from the experiments.  

#4 Chillout Life

If I ignore the actual temperature readings in this experiment, here are some other observations we made that actually moves this wine tumbler to my ‘do not buy’ list.   This had the most awkward lid of all the wine tumblers.  It was hard to get on and definitely more bubbly overflowed onto it than any of the other tumblers.  Also, I will say, during our second experiment that had this wine tumbler in the sun for 1 hour, this was VERY hot to the touch while the others while warm, were not hot.  

The Perfect Wine Tumbler Gift

Not a Day Over Fabulous wine tumbler found on Amazon.com

Not a Day Over Fabulous Wine Tumbler can be found in the Bubbly Side of Life Amazon Shop and it is a great gift!  Now, I did not officially test this insulated wine tumbler, but I bought it for a gift and was extremely impressed with the quality of it.  When you take it out of the box, you can feel the quality and it comes with a lid, straw and straw cleaner.  It was used for 1 week straight while soaking up the Hawaiian sun and was awesome.  

Tested Corkcicle, Sipworks, Maars, and Chillout Life Tumblers from Amazon. Put to the 2 hour temperature test to find the best wine tumbler. Read more to find which wine tumbler stood up to the test! Champagne Tumbler | Wine Tumbler | Bubbly Tumbler | Poolside Tumbler | Summer Tumbler | Wine Gift Ideas | Tumbler Gift Ideas | Tumbler with Lid | Tumbler Cups | Bubbly Side of Life |