In Oregon’s Wilamette Valley, you will find Sokol Blosser Winery.  It’s been there for 49 years and is a must stop on your winery adventures in Oregon’s wine country.

With 5 choices of sparkling wine and views to die for Sokol Blosser Winery and their Evolution series wines are right at the heart of what it means to live on the Bubbly Side of Life.

A Special Place in Bubbly Side of Life

Now I might be a bit biased, but unbeknownst to them (at the time) they named the Bubbly Side of Life.  I had already fallen in love with them before they gave me the name because of their Evolution series (which we’ll talk about more a bit later), but here’s the short version of how they named the Bubbly Side of Life.

In 2017, while at Bubbles Fest (which if you don’t know already is one of my favorite events) and I simply posted an image on social media and Sokol Blosser Winery responded back with, “You sure are living your Bubbly Side.”  I immediately asked if I could take that line and when they said yes, I called a lawyer to get it trademarked.  Not knowing what exactly Bubbly Side of Life would become, I just knew I needed that TM.  

I love sharing that story when I visit but I have yet to meet the social media person behind that comment…hopefully one day. Because I plan to give them a big hug.


The Grounds

The grounds are massive and you can walk around as you please.  There are so many places to sit and take in the views, soak up the sun on a nice day and enjoy the wine.  You’ll find cats roaming about who of course are winery ambassadors.  Harry, Sebastian, and Oscar enjoy a pretty amazing life greeting visitors as they please and enjoying the run of the winery grounds.

The Tasting Room

Truly one of the best tasting rooms when it comes to the views, the patios, the indoor tasting rooms…the whole experience.  

The tasting room itself wraps you in warm woods and boasts sustainable features everywhere you look. From solar panels to plant life that is native to the region this room exemplifies Sokol Blosser Winery’s commitment to loving people and the planet.

Huge glass windows show off the expansive views of no only their vineyards but the beauty of the Wilamette Valley. Even on a gloomy and cloudy day like the one we visited there is beauty in the rolling clouds and sprawling landscapes.


When you arrive, they will seat you as if you’re at a restaurant.  Wine club members are greeted with a glass of sparkling, which, of course, always made me happy!  Now I do think they prefer reservations (and on a nice, summer day, I’d suggest them), but I never made them and always got seated.  

You will then do your tasting at the table where the server will come to you with your next tasting and explain all about it.  I love this type of wine tasting because it gives you more of an opportunity to sit and chat with your friends and not trying to talk all in one line standing at a bar.  

It definitely adds to the overall feeling of relaxation and enjoyment. It also provides the feeling of individual service. Your sever is only speaking to your group when they come to the table. Lined up at a bar it feels like someone is always trying to listen in. The table setting provides and intimate experience without having to pay for a private tasting.

Selection of Bubbly

Evolution Series

I fell in love with this bottle of sparkling wine. I really do mean the actual bottle.  

The glass bottle generally isn’t something special (they do have fun glitter bottles as well) but if the label doesn’t invite you to pop open a bottle of bubbly I don’t know what will.

They capture perfectly the essence of what Bubbly Side of Life stands for. Life is too short to save the bubbly for “special” occasions. Rather life is about celebrating all those little moments that make it up. The breaths you take and the small moments of the everyday are what truly make up our lives. The Evolution labels are all about the idea that those are the moments we should celebrate.

The Bubbly Side of Life is all about celebrating those moments as well. We are here to help people see that any moment in life can be celebrated.

So needless to say, the bottle already had me sold, but then I tasted it.  This is one of my go-to bubblies.  For its price point, it’s absolutely an enjoyable bottle that needs no juice and you don’t feel guilty about opening a few of them on a nice summer day.

I personally have gifted this wine to so many of my friends because it’s so fun to write the reason you’re celebrating!  Think of all the occasions:

  • Expecting a baby/birth of a baby

Fun (side) story:  one of my good friends told me she was pregnant so, of course, I popped a bottle in honor of the baby (writing Baby #2 on the front) and then I sent her a bottle to POP once she had the baby.  

One of my favorite features is that they include a little box right on the label for you to write what you are celebrating. Plus they go ahead and give you some ideas in case you need one.

  • Engagement…every couple I know gets a bottle to celebrate their engagement and I write “The Future Mr. & Mrs.” in the reason to celebrate box.
  • Anniversary
  • Wedding
  • Graduation
  • New job
  • New house
  • New pet
  • Birthday
  • Promotion
  • Launching a business 
  • Break Up/Divorce…Yes, I’ve been knows to celebrate my divorce…no it’s not a bad thing or in a bad way, but it’s a great excuse to POP some bubbly!

In case you’re in need of a few more reasons you can grab our newsletter and you will get free lifetime access to our library where our celebration calendars give you a reason to celebrate every single day.

And by the way, it is a requirement if you get a bottle of Evolution Sparkling that you MUST write the reason you’re celebrating in the box.  Yes, a MUST!  

Evolution Sparkling Rosé

This sparkling is so pretty and so good.  I love that they used the same méthode traditionelle as with the Evolution Brut Sparkling and the majority of pinot noir grapes gives it this beautiful shade of pink.  It’s not too sweet in fact it has the perfect mix of sweet and tart which is my perfect version of a sparkling rosé. 

This is a great choice for bridal showers, baby showers (sorry mom to be), or just about anything with a pink theme. It pairs well with just about anything because of it’s balanced flavors so feel free to grab a bottle for any occasion.

Evolution Sparkling Brut

If you are looking for a dryer sparkling, the Brut is the way to go. With a more citrus taste this bottle is perfect for hot days when you need to a refreshing drink. It also pairs well with sweet desserts to balance out the palate.

Sparkling Red

One of the things about sparkling wine is that they are rarely reds. Most commonly a white wines turned sparkling or even a bit of a mix to get a sparkling rosé, a truly red sparkling is a rare find indeed.

And Sokol Blosser Winery did not disappoint. Their Sparkling Red is sweet and the bubbles dance on your tongue. They say it pairs perfectly with a grilled cheese sandwich. That sounds like the perfect fall afternoon to me.

Sokol Blosser Sparkling Red in glitter bottle

Sokol Blosser Sparkling

Under the Sokol Blosser Winery collection, you’ll find a couple more sparkling options.

The Bluebird Cuvée is dry like you’d expect from a brut and you can taste the minerals from the soil.  It differs from the Evolution Brut in that it focuses more on the mineral flavor from the soil versus the more citrus of the Brut. The Brut is also a bit smoother in the mouth than the Bluebird as well.

Sokol Blosser Bluebird Cuvee

Sidenote: if you have never done a side by side wine tasting of wines coming from different soil types, do so…it’s fascinating!

Sparkling Rosé of Pinot Noir is also dry and less sweet like you’d expect from a brut, but you definitely get the fruity aroma from this one. 

Sokol Blosser Sparkling Rose

One of my favorite parts about this one is that the Sokol Blosser family is still trying new things to bring out different flavors in their wine. They aged the 2015 vintage a year longer than they did the 2014 version giving it a bit more of a sourdough ripeness. They say to taste them side by side to see what the difference a year more can do.

Other Wines

Now believe it or not, I have tasted their other wines that didn’t have any bubbles!  I enjoyed them so much, I joined their wine club.  And at the time, they didn’t just have a sparkling club (I believe it’s coming, so definitely ask) so I have enjoyed my share of their Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. 

Wine Club

I loved the Sokol Blosser Winery wine club.  Their events were great…always a lot of fun. They really know how to celebrate over there. Hosting events from grilled cheese challenges to their cat wine ambassadors’ birthdays.  And something they have that most others don’t – a rewards program.  This is such a perk that I took full advantage of it.  I purchase charcuterie boards with my rewards points which of course makes any wine tasting experience complete.

They offer 3 levels to their club.

The Corkscrew Club – three 6 bottle allocations of Sokol Blosser & Evolution wines per year, 15% off wine, and 10% off food and merchandise. Up to $200 per collection.

The Cellar Master Club – two 6 bottle allocations of limited production Sokol Blosser Pino Noir per year, 20% off wine, 10% off food and merchandise, and an invitation to the Annual Founder’s Dinner after you have been a member for 3 years. $400 per collection.

Sokol Blosser Select Club – two 12 bottle allocations of Sokol Blosser winers per year, complimentary shipping on twice yearly collections, 20% off wine, 10% off food and merchandise, and an invitation to the Annual Founder’s Dinner after 3 years of membership. Cost varies based on selection.


With a range of $18 – $60 for their sparkling wines their is a Sokol Blosser wine for everyone and every budget. Their Evolution series ranges from $18-$25 making it an affordable option to enjoy anytime you want. Good news is they ship their bubbly to all states that allow it, of course.

The Grade

Sokol Blosser Winery Review Score Card

Sokol Blosser Winery earned an A and continues to do so.  This is one winery I frequent when I go back to Oregon.  And you know, you can always find a bottle of Evolution on hand for any event that needs to be documented!

The Aftertaste

From the moment you arrive at Sokol Blosser Winery and are greeted at the door to the moment you sit down, the tasting room staff is so very friendly and truly love sharing the Sokol Blosser wine and its story.  

I highly recommend you plan on spending an afternoon sitting on one of their outdoor patios enjoying sparkling wine and some snacks.  Clearly I don’t mind going whenever I am in town (as you can tell from the pictures)…we were there on a mild winter day and it was just as fabulous.  

This is not a winery that you want to run in, complete your tasting and leave.  It’s definitely a soak it all in and enjoy type of experience!