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How to live your best bubbly life…even in the midst of chaos.

If you have read any of the posts on why and how Bubbly Side of Life came to be, you know that I am very passionate about not putting off celebrating all the moments in your life….no matter how small or how big.  There really is ALWAYS a reason to celebrate!  It’s part of my philosophy on living your best life.

And it may sound morbid, but we’re not guaranteed tomorrow so what are we waiting for?  

The perfect moment?  

The perfect person to share it with?  

There is no such thing as perfect!  So embrace the imperfect moment and CELEBRATE!

Celebration in the Midst of Chaos

In fact, take for example our lives right now with this pandemic wreaking havoc on our normal, everyday life.  We’re not surrounded by people we love, but we very well still can be achieving major milestones in our life. 

In fact, many people are using this time to achieve things that have been on their lists for a long time but have been “too busy” with all the hustle and bustle of life to get done. They are launching businesses, cleaning out closets, spending time together as a family, turning off their screens and getting things done.

So, are we supposed to sit around and wait until it’s okay to be social again to celebrate?  NO! We can still celebrate every little and big victory along the way. Hop on a FaceTime or a Zoom Chat and CELEBRATE with those who love and support us?

What to Celebrate

You know what we say here….there’s always a reason to celebrate so you can celebrate anything you want!

Have a birthday during the lock down (I am…and stay tuned for your awesome invite to my virtual party). Grab your friends and hop on a video chat and party together! Encourage those around you to do something you enjoy in “your honor” for the day.

Celebrating My Birthday living your best life bubbly side of life

I heard about a couple that got married on Zoom with all their family and friends watching. They had just the required witnesses at their house, set up a camera, and said their vows right in their living room. When they had to push their big wedding that was already planned back thanks to all of this, they didn’t let that stop them. And they will still celebrate with all of their loved ones in person once this clears up. How great is that?!

They didn’t let the craziness of what was going on in the world around them stop them from celebrating one of the biggest moments of their lives. They even found a way to include their family and friends which I love!! They decided to live their best life even in the midst of chaos. You can make the choice to live your best life too.

Put Aside Fear

And I will be the first one to tell you things are not always rainbows and bubbly bottles over here.  I have rough days or days that I wonder how much longer I can keep the doors of Bubbly Side of Life open.  And it’s in those days that even more, we need to find that reason to CELEBRATE!

It’s kind of like practicing gratitude.  The practice of gratitude makes us happier and healthier. It strengthens your positive emotions resulting in more optimism.  And I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, what you think about you bring about, right?  Who wouldn’t want to bring about more positive energy…especially now!

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You know what else practicing gratitude does? It makes it very hard for fear to take hold. The more things you focus on that you are grateful for the less room there is for fear. That is living your best life no matter what. Pushing fear aside and saying “not today!”

How to get to the Bubbly Side of Life

Before I focused solely on Bubbly Side of Life operating as a virtual tasting room (before I can open one of my own), I used to coach entrepreneurs and small business owners on building their business with their personal brand.

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Part of that involved, of course, how to market themselves by being different than their competition, not just better than it, but also how to get through those times when you just feel stuck.  How do you break through and not give up?  How do you dig deep and find those reasons to celebrate? How do you live your best life no matter what else is happening in it?

I think now more than ever, in these uncertain and unsteady times, we are all feeling like there’s not a whole lot to celebrate.  We are being forced to work from home with our kids running around us as they’re home from school.  We’re isolated from everyone and in some cases we can’t even work from home so we are wondering what’s next and how long we’ll be in this situation. In other cases we have lost jobs and wondering how to feed our families as the time seems to extend even further each day.

If you or someone you love was left unemployed due to this crisis check out your local United Way (like this article for Washington state). They are pulling together resources and guides to help people make it through this time in addition to the help they already provide communities.

I am confident (or maybe that’s the optimist in me) that this is short term and while life might not go back to the way it was before, we will have a new normal life that we lead. And until then, how can we cope with life as it currently is and find those reasons to celebrate? Find ways to live your best life right now?

Well the easiest way to find a Reason to Celebrate is to, of course, download our free calendars that give you the most random holidays to POP the Bubbly and enjoy!  And you should probably do that anyway.  😉

5 Ways to Live Your Best Life

And after an awesome chat with my friend and Meditation & Manifestation Coach, Wendy Louise, here are 5 more ways to embrace your bubbly side and live your best life…right now!

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#1 Focus on Self Care

So, you know when life is normal and we’re all running around like crazy and we say, “I wish I just had time to _____” or “I wish I had the space to do ______.”  

How do you fill in that blank?  Self care?  Clean out closet. Journal write daily? Read new book? Start a fitness routine.  Meditate?  Watch ______ show or movie?  Bake?  Learn to cook a new meal?  

Well, good news…now is the time to embrace that and focus on yourself.  Start that task that you have been putting off because you didn’t have the time or space to commit to it.  Start creating that habit now when you do have the time so that we we re-emerge from this pandemic, you created the habit and will be a better version of yourself because of those changes you made.  And even better news, you won’t be bored if you’re doing one (or more) of these things. 

This is especially important for all those moms out there that suddenly find themselves trying to keep their families healthy, find all the things they need in stores, and home school on top of that.

Completing something off your “I wish I had time” list is worth celebrating for sure! One of the top ways to live your best life is to make sure you are taking care of yourself.

#2 Be Creative

For the first few days, it was kind of fun to sit around and binge some TV, right?  But, if you’re just being idle, you’re not creating. You don’t have to go all arts and crafts if that isn’t really your thing.

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Instead, you can focus on creating a path and purpose for the future. Sit down and create that vision. Who is the most successful and fulfilled version of me? What is she like? What are her habits? What are her beliefs & values? How do others see her? How do I see myself?

And by the way, if writing is giving you flashbacks to high school English class (and not good ones), draw it out or visualize it. The point is to be an active participant in creating the vision.

You can also start preparing something you can look forward to. Living your best life means knowing where you want to go and how you plan to get there.

For example:

-We may not be traveling right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan your next trip.  Start doing the research on the places you want to see, restaurants you plan to eat at, and bubbly you must drink. Do you want to stay at a hotel or a rental house?  Create that itinerary and get excited…it will be here before you know it.  Plus, there are tons of travel deals right now that you can be used once life starts getting back to normal.

-All races and events are currently canceled, but that doesn’t mean they will be for the rest of the year.  So, let’s say you start your new fitness routine because you have the time to do so.  And since we’re keeping our distance from one another, it’s a great time to put together that training plan for a 5K or half marathon to run in the fall.  And how awesome is that…you have plenty of time to get ready, gear up and prepare for a fun and injury free race! Running groups are still heading out as well. They are just practicing social distancing as a part of their new routine.

Now taking that initiative alone is worth celebrating!  Wouldn’t you agree?

#3 Show Kindness

Now is the time to focus on yourself 100% because if you’re not taking care of yourself, you can’t care for others.  You’ve heard many times, “Put on your oxygen mask first before helping those around you.”  That’s because you’re no help if you’re not well taken care.  

Another way to focus on yourself if through acts of kindness.  This may sound off but think about it.  Yes, the recipient of your act is bound to feel good and loved, but so will you.  This is exactly why people love doing acts of kindness.  

Additionally doing acts of kindness will raise your vibration and positive, high vibrations will attract positive, desirable outcomes…which I think is something we all want. Those positive vibes help you to live your best life no matter what else is happening around you.

The news is so full of stories right now that are scary and saddening. However, we should all be taking Mr. Rogers advice right now and “look for the helpers.” If you need some inspiration for how to show a little kindness when you aren’t supposed to look around. How are others helping? Can you sew to make masks? Can you afford to send a few groceries to the family who suddenly without jobs or a reduced income? Can you write a happy message on your windows for neighbors to see as they walk by?

Living your best life and living on the bubbly side of life is all about sharing those moments. Even when we have to share in them a little differently than we ever have before.

Not to mention, think how much you’ll learn about yourself when these acts are planned and executed…that’s worth a celebration right there!

#4 Give Thanks

I mentioned the benefits of gratitude above but let’s dig a bit deeper into how to find the things to be grateful for.  We often find the big things to be thankful:  family, job, house, arriving safely to work/home, vacations, etc.

What if we dug deeper to find those minute reasons to give thanks?

Let’s go back to basic needs and show gratitude for that.  Yes, be thankful for the roof over your head, but what about the warm water for your shower.  Or the drinking water flowing from your faucet. Be thankful for the TV to entertain you while you’re in self-quarantine.  And, of course, the electricity that keeps that TV on so you can binge watch uninterrupted.  

Another tip from Wendy’s awesome journal prompts is to be grateful for all of the things you desire in life right now, at this very minute. Yes, we know you don’t have it yet, but remember, what you think about, you bring about.

Journal Prompt: I am so happy and Grateful now that I be/do have everything I desire in my life. Use your senses to see, hear, smell, and taste your world as it is now that you are living a life you love.

Once you really start to dig in, you’ll find that it puts everything into perspective. People who are living their best life know that it’s more than being grateful for big things. It’s about being thankful for all the little things too.  And I’m certain you’ll find many reasons to celebrate! 

#5 “Get Together”

And now more than ever, it’s time to unify!  We are not one against another.  We are all going through this together and if we are going to emerge in the shortest amount of time with the fewest casualties, we need to create unity to do so.  It’s really hard to live your best life when you distance yourself mentally as well as physically from the people you love.

Instead of isolating yourself socially reach out to those you know and “get together” online. Have a girls night in and watch a movie “together.” Call up a friend you know has little one’s and read them a book, play a game, or sing silly songs with them. I promise you that mom is 1000% done singing “Baby Shark” for the 1 millionth time.

Got older kids? Partner them up with someone who has younger one’s and have them come up with a list of activities they can do through a video chat together.

We are brainstorming ways of coming together, virtually of course, to mingle, cheers with some bubbly, create bubbly cocktails/mocktails, maybe learn something new about sparkling wine, etc.  Yes, we have ideas flowing, so you definitely want to be following our Instagram page for any and all of the details.  

And if you have any ideas, please share!  We are open and excited for all ideas!

There’s a reason we say:  Bubbly Side of Life….where there’s always a reason to CELEBRATE.  We mean that.  If you are truly living your best life and on the bubbly side of life, you will always find a reason to POP that BUBBLY and CELEBRATE!  

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