Celebrating the bubbly side of life doesn’t have to be limited to grand events.  Even small moments of joy and appreciate can make a significant difference in people’s lives.  

Wine Tasting Experience with a pop up bubbly bar or an educational walk through the tasting with you.

At Bubbly Side of Life we want to help you do just that.  Let’s embrace that everyday moment and turn it into an extraordinary moment by simply adding a wine tasting experience that includes bubbly at your next celebration.

How often do we celebrate the little milestone?  The honest truth is not often enough.  In fact, I was chatting with someone explaining the fundamental principles on which we created this business and his response was, 

One of the things I’ve noticed is that people are moving so fast these days they rarely slow down and celebrate what they’ve accomplished… it’s just “Ok, now on to the next”. Celebrating our wins is so important!

So we’re putting all of our effort into helping you, assisting you and creating for you the perfect celebration for your milestone, win, everyday moment.

Special Occasions

Special occasions are so very important and should be cherished.  I mean I celebrate my birthday each year like it may be my last.  

Whether it’s one of those “major milestone” birthdays or anniversaries, an engagement party, a bridal or baby shower, a bachelorette party, or a holiday, why not add a special bubbly experience to the occasion?  

Business Functions

Some of the first collaborations Bubbly Side of Life ever did was with businesses.  We’ve co-presented at countless sales presentations where bubbly truly is the star of the show, but it gives the sales people a great reason to follow up.  

We’ve also hosted bubbly tastings for networking events and as a ‘thank you’ to volunteer boards for networking groups.  

Business functions don’t have to be all business, they truly can be sparkling.  Let us wow your customers or prospective customers.  Let us appreciate your staff.  Let us help you to build that camaraderie among your team.  

Because There’s Always a Reason to Celebrate

You’ve heard us say it a million times, there really is always a reason to celebrate.  And at Bubbly Side of Life, we do make you come up with a reason.  

But we really do believe that the more you celebrate the little moments in life, the more moments you will find to celebrate.  We call this the celebration effect.  

It doesn’t need to be a big monumental occasion, heck, we have weekly celebrations on my deck to celebrate good friends and good bubbly.  

And there’s nothing we like more than to create a fun random celebration that involves a bubbly tasting or bubbly cocktail making session.  

Wine Tasting Experiences

Educational Tastings

This wine tasting experience is anything but boring.  Although we will be walking through the wines together, we will share fun tips and tricks along the way.

Now before you think this is going to be boring, think again.   I started my career as middle school Spanish teacher and if you remember your Spanish teacher, she was probably a lot of fun. Well that’s what you can expect from an educational bubbly tasting.

The  most fun thing for me about bubbly is all the fun facts, tips and tricks.  It’s not necessarily what you should be tasting when you indulge in a certain wine, although we will touch on that that too if you want.  

Bubbly tasting is all about the experience and the togetherness it brings about.  Wine naturally brings people together and you know I say, “everything is better with bubbly” so, of course it’s more fun this way.

We can do this as formally with tasting mats and palate cleansers or as informally as you want.  After all, this is your experience.  

Bubbly Pop Up

Hosting a bubbly pop up can be a super fun way to add a unique twist to your next celebration.

Nothing says fun like a bubbly pop up at any event.  A bubbly pop up is a sure fire way to take your event from ordinary to extraordinary.  

A bubbly pop up is perfect for any larger gathering you may have where you want to offer your guests a pour or two of bubbly.  What’s fun about this is we can do a side by side tasting.

Bubbly pop ups are a great way to allow those who want a bit more education to get one and those who want to just take their glass and mingle to do just that.  

There really is no wrong choice here.  It’s all about cultivating a positive uplifting environment where individuals can embrace their happy selves, enjoy some good bubbly and be surrounded by great people.


How do you book a wine tasting experience?  

We have made it simple to book any bubbly tasting experience.  Simply click Book My Wine Tasting Experience burro and we will get back to you to discuss all of the details.  

Do you only offer bubbly for the wine tasting experience?

No, actually, we don’t. While bubbly is our favorite, our wine tasting experiences are truly customized for you. If you want wine, we are WSET 2 certified and happy to share our fun wine facts with you as well.

How far do you travel? 

We are based in the Chicago suburbs.  We do travel (charges may apply) and host these experiences virtually as well.  

What do you bring to an in person experience?
We bring all the glassware, tasting mats, and palate cleansers.  

Everything you need to host your next wine tasting experience.

How does a virtual experience work?
We send all the bubbly to you directly.  If all of your guests will be virtual, we will ship the bubbly directly to them as well.  (Restrictions do apply as wine can not be shipped to all 50 states).  We will send you the tasting mats to print out and have on hand.  

How much does it cost?

It depends which type of wine tasting experience you choose.  We’re happy to discuss pricing options with you and you can also find an overview of our starting rates here.

How long does it take?  

An educational experience is 60-90 minutes and for a bubbly pop up, we start with a 2 hour experience which is perfect for a happy hour.  

How far in advance do I have to book an experience?

We book on a first come basis.  So if you know your date, you will want to book as soon as possible to secure your date.  

What if I have more questions?

We’d love to chat with you.  Feel free to email us at hello@bubblysideoflife.com.

We can’t wait to celebrate with you!  

Wine tasting with a bubbly pop up bar is perfect for your next event.

Want more?

We have gathered supplies for our celebrations from several places.  Dollar General and Party City are usually two of our go-tos, but we also frequent Amazon and have put together our favorite items for you in our Bubbly Side of Life store

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