for National Strawberry Day

Happy National Strawberry Day! 6 Perfect Strawberry Recipes

And YES, that is definitely a reason to celebrate!

With strawberries being the first fruit to ripen in the spring, it’s no wonder why we celebrate National Strawberry Day on February 27.  Cheers to this delicious fruit, warmer weather ahead, and 6 bubbly strawberry recipes the whole family will love!

Strawberry Fun!

Not only did we have a great time creating new Strawberry cocktails and mocktails, but we learned a thing or two as well.  This former teacher didn’t know most of these fun facts…

10 Fun Facts about Strawberries:

  • 94% of American households eat strawberries.
  • Americans eat 3.4 lbs of fresh strawberries each year and 1.8 lbs of frozen strawberries (pretty sure I triple that frozen number).
  • Strawberries are grown in every single U.S. state and Canadian province.
  • The flavor is influenced by weather, variety, and ripeness when harvested (much like wine!).
  • Strawberries are members of the rose family (exactly why you should stop and smell them!).
  • Strawberries at room temperature are sweeter than cold strawberries.
  • There are approximately 200 seeds in each strawberry.

And these last 3 facts will make you feel a lot less guilty about enjoying these bubbly strawberry cocktails…

  • Strawberries make the brain work better.
  • Strawberries are believed to help reduce the risk of heart disease and certain cancers.
  • Strawberries help in reducing weight too, especially around your belly.

Since we are definitely in the 94% of Americans who eat strawberries, we created several strawberry recipes for cocktails and mocktails that feature this favorite fruit.  

Bubblyologist Tips

Before we dive into our bubbly drinks we have a few tips for you from our own experience mixing up these drinks. We had another fun (and messy) day in the kitchen together to create Strawberry themed mocktails and cocktails. Now here’s what’s cool about these….

If you haven’t met my Bubblyologist yet, go check out our original mocktail post with 9 creations here.

Tip 1: In all of our cocktails and mocktails, we always use frozen fruit and thaw it for just a few seconds in the microwave before using our handy muddling tool. When we do this, we don’t have to add any ice to the drinks and they stay plenty cold.

Tip 2: We never really know what we are going to create when we have a day in the kitchen, but we always grab one of each Bubly Sparkling Water and the Simply Lemonade products because we know they will never go to waste!

Bubly flavored water for bubbly strawberry recipes

Tip 3: the base is the same for the strawberry recipes for both the cocktails and the mocktails and the only thing that changes is the type of bubbly (and some liquor) to finish it off.

Talk about making party prep a breeze! You can make a pitcher of the base and then simply add the appropriate bubbly on top.

Berry Yummy & Lead the Way

These delicious bubblies are very refreshing with the perfect amount of fruity!

Berry Yummy

Simply Lemonade for bubbly strawberry recipes

It took us many, many, many fails, we finally nailed the Berry Yummy mocktail and it’s pairing cocktail strawberry recipes. It’s not easy getting all the ingredients to balance out just right. But we finally managed to get our first drink under our belt.

Berry Yummy Strawberry recipe

If you want to mix up a bunch of drinks the ratio of berries to simple syrup is about 1 ounce of simple syrup to 1 lb of strawberries and 4 oz of blueberries.

Berry Yummy Strawberry recipe card

Lead the Way

Since the cocktail matches the base of the mocktail, all you do is add St. Germain and Vodka to the cocktail.

If you’re making these at the same party, be sure to use different glasses or have fun straws to identify which is which because take a look….here’s the cocktail version:

Lead the Way Strawberry cocktail

If you are using stemmed glasses you can attach different color tags and let people write their names on them as well.

Add a fun twist on these bubbly strawberry recipes (and make it easier to make larger batches) by blending the frozen berries with simple syrup and lemonade and then topping with the remaining ingredients.  

Lead the Way Strawberry Cocktail Recipe

Bubblyologist Tip:  You can make this a blended mocktail and cocktail…but know that when you blend the bubbly (water or sparkling wine), some of the bubbles will be gone and it will get REALLY foamy.  It’s a fun drink and very tasty.

Summer Lovin’ & Spiked with Style

Next up, the Summer Lovin’ mocktail and Spiked with Style cocktail.  Be sure to save these strawberry recipes for your summer parties.  The mint in here adds the perfect amount of refreshingness (is that a word?) to this drink.  These flavors blend so well together, you’ll just want to sit on the patio and sip away!

Bubblyologist Tip:  Smack the mint before adding it to your drink to release the smell and flavor!  We also muddled it with the strawberries to make the perfect minty drink.

Summer Lovin’

There’s nothing better on a warm summer’s day than something that’s a bit sweet and completely refreshing. Summer Lovin’ will be the hit of your next backyard BBQ or your front porch swing.

Summer Lovin' Strawberry Mocktail Recipe card

It just looks refreshing in the glass!

Summer Lovin Strawberry mocktial recipe

Spiked with Style

Much like it’s mocktail counterpart this cocktail is the perfect summer drink. Mix up a big pitcher during a playdate (oh yes we said it!) or when a girlfriend stops by on a lazy summer day. Let the kids splash around in the water, sit back, and sip to enjoy.

Spiked with Style Recipe Card

Celebubbly, Strawberry Breeze, and The Bubbly(ier) side of Life

We’ve shared some other strawberry recipes for mocktails and cocktails before and we’ve brought the out again because they are probably one of our favorite drinks!

FUN FACT:  The Bubbly Side and Bubblier Side of Life cocktails were created on my last Hawaiian vacation.  We tweaked a recipe on their menu and named it after the Bubbly Side of Life…I was forever known as the Bubbly girl with the staff for the week.

CeleBubbly & The Bubbly Side of Life

We turned our favorite cocktails into mocktails of course so everyone can enjoy. The CeleBubbly and the Bubbly Side of Life are great for sipping around the pool or pretending it’s not still cold where you live.

Celebubbly Strawberry mocktial recipe

Did you know that we share a new cocktail or mocktail recipe on our Instagram Page every Thursday?  You should go follow it so you don’t miss out 😉

The Bubble side of life recipe card

Strawberry Breeze and The Bubblier Side of Life

If you like things on the extra bubbly side these two are for you. They a bit more bubbly than others and will really get your nose tingling as you drink!

Enjoy them whenever you need a bit of a pick me up because who can stay grumpy when there is bubbles involved.

Strawberry Breeze recipe card
The bubblier Side of Life recipe card

 You requested it and we made it happen. We’ve gathered all of our favorite bar supplies to create these bubbly beverages and fun bubbly themed party supplies at the Bubbly Side of Life shop on Amazon…one stop Bubbly Beverage shopping!  

The Aftertaste

Mocktails and cocktails are a great way to include everyone in the Bubbly beverage fun!  And what a fun way to involve the kids in the making of a super fun and dare I say, healthy drink!