I had been back in Oregon for a few months and hadn’t been up to my normal wine tasting adventures, so when The Independence Hotel offered an overnight, I jumped at the opportunity.  

Now, I wasn’t planning a big winery hopping extravaganza, it was more of an opportunity to explore the cute town of Independence and enjoy a change of scenery for a night.

The Independence Hotel on the Willamette River

Independence, Oregon

Independence is an adorable town in the Willamette Valley with a few wineries within a quick 30 minutes.  In fact, I’ve been to several of them over the years and documented all the places where I’ve tried the bubbly.

But since this wasn’t a trip focused on bubbly drinking, I checked in and then proceeded to check out the cute little downtown area.  

Jubilee Champagne and Dessert Bar

If you followed my adventures to the Willamette Valley last summer, you know I made a point to come visit Jubilee.  And I was so excited when I saw that the Independence Hotel was within walking distance.  

So, of course, I had to pop in and pick up some bubbly for the room (if you watched my Instagram stories you saw a failed attempt at fun bubbly drink creation) and, of course, some dessert for later.  I can’t wait for the day when they have a dessert made with bubbly as you know that is definitely one of my most favorite things to do.

Melting Pot Candy

Also in walking distance to The Independence Hotel is Melting Pot Candy which I have had a whole lot of since I’ve been back.  We actually carry the truffles at the winery and the marionberry truffles pair so nicely with the grenache.  

Of course, at Melting Pot, they have many other flavors and my sweet tooth took over and I had to scoop up several different kinds.  

Now that I was armed with sweets, it was time to go back to the hotel and figure out what to eat for dinner.  

The Independence Hotel

Right inside the lobby is a super cute restaurant, Territory Restaurant.  You can eat inside, in a area that will be super fun in the summer when it can be opened up or can take it to go to your room.  (At the time, they weren’t doing room service, but said that’s the goal.)

Independence Hotel Lobby Restaurant, Territory

I ordered a glass of cava and chicken club sandwich and took it to go to my room to enjoy the views and relax.  The food was delicious and I wish I had more time to try other items on the menu.

The Osprey Suite

The best part of this room was all of the windows and balcony to enjoy the views of the Willamette River.  If the weather had cooperated, I most certainly would have enjoyed a glass of bubbly on the balcony.  

The Osprey Suite at the Independence Hotel
Balcony view from the Independence Hotel

If I was staying longer and definitely with my girlfriends, I would have really appreciated the full size refrigerator that would have been stocked with all sorts of bubbly.  And if you’ve been around for any of our previous adventures, you know we’d have some sort of themed charcuterie board idea were would pair with all the bubbly.

Osprey Suite at the Independence Hotel with full size refrigerator and great table.

The Osprey Suite also had this great large table that would be perfect to gather the girls around and enjoy an evening.  Other than that, there’s only one king size bed, so it is limiting.  

Independence Hotel Rooms 

I am anxiously awaiting my girlfriends coming for a visit so that we can take full advantage of the Squad Suite.  This suite is perfect for 6 friends with awesome bunk beds.  Honestly this would be the most fun room for a bubbly themed adventure and you wouldn’t even need to leave the room to have fun!


Fitness Center

When I was here, you had to schedule a 30 minute time for the fitness center which I kind of loved because it guaranteed that the machine I wanted would be available.  This is not a super fancy fitness center, but it definitely has everything you need for a good morning sweat session.

Rooftop Deck

Now if it wasn’t so cold out during my stay, I would have had a lot of quality time on this deck.  I can only imagine how fun this will be in the summer.  

Amazing views. 

Great ambience.  

Take your evening bubbly or morning coffee up to the Rooftop and soak it all in!

Amazing Rooftop Deck at the Independence Hotel

The Dundee Hotel

If you were with me last summer on my Willamette Valley Adventure with the my sister, we stayed at the Dundee Hotel which is actually the sister hotel to the Independence.  

These two hotels have completely different vibes and offer very different stays.  Here’s the good news, you don’t really have to choose. 

If you’re planning on bubbly tasting around the Dundee, Dayton, Newberg, McMinnville area, you will want to stay at the Dundee Hotel. 

If you’re planning on bubbly tasting around Salem, Eola Amity Hills, Rickreall area, you will want to stay at the Independence Hotel.

Overall Review of The Independence Hotel

The Independence Hotel provided me with a perfect staycation.  WIth its gorgeous surroundings, you can’t help but go into instant relaxation mode.  

Whether you want to stroll the downtown area, visit some wineries, or just enjoy the evening on the rooftop, it’s a perfect little getaway.  

Gorgeous Views from The Osprey Suite

NOTE: Even though my hotel room was comped for the evening, all opinions are my own. I was not expected to post this review in exchange for the room.