I get asked all the time where I buy affordable sparkling wine that is also enjoyable to drink.  And here’s what’s funny, when I told my team this was the request, their response was,

“Don’t you only share affordable sparkling wine?”

And it’s true.  I am certainly no bubbly snob and I do find that some of my favorites and most of what I stock up on is less than $25 a bottle.  Of course, I have a bottle (or 6) that is a higher price point, but it’s not my norm to stock up on these.  

And here’s the most important party of all of this.  It does not matter the price of the bottle.  Whatever you do, don’t save it for the “special occasion”….promise me that!  

Bubbly Side of Life Philosophy

You of course, know that is the philosophy of Bubbly Side of Life.  I was having a conversation with someone who is vaguely familiar with the brand and she says to me, 

That is so important because anytime I’ve waited til something felt monumental to celebrate, nothing ever got celebrated!

Which is exactly why Bubbly Side of Life is here.  To make sure all the moments get celebrated.  

Ok…back to the affordable sparkling wine you came here to read about.  So, we tend to stock up on bubbly from wineries we visited and very rarely do I stock up with lots of grocery store, big brands.  There is nothing wrong with that, at all, in fact I did an entire blog post on that as well, I just love bringing home and supporting local, small, family owned wineries whenever possible. 

Winery Reviews

Now, one of the easiest ways to find my favorite sparkling wine that might be local to you or with a great shipping deal is to check out our winery reviews.  In the report card, I do grade the winery on the value of their bubbly.  

Bubbly Side of Life Winery Review report card

Here’s the grading scale, if you will, on the report card for the cost of sparkling wine:

Under $20 = 5 glasses

$20-40 = 4 glasses

$40-60 = 3 glasses

$60-80 = 2 glasses

$80+ =1 glass

Now, not every winery I visit gets a full blown report card so this is a good starting point.  

Affordable Sparkling Wine

I’m going to break this down for you by region of places where I personally have been and tasted their bubbly.  

The thing to always watch out for is shipping specials.  So if you find a winery you want to order from, sign up for their email list and get ready for some amazing Black Friday specials!


St. Julian Winery

This is definitely a favorite and one I always have in stock.  Run don’t walk for the penny shipping deal!  Yes!  One cent shipping.  And when you buy a case, you also get 10% off.  

Michigan Brut Champagne is a great bubbly to stock up on at $12.99 a bottle.  It’s so easy and enjoyable to drink on its own, makes a great mimosa or bubbly cocktail. 

American Spumante is one I have ready for the holidays as I create some bubbly cocktails.  Since I don’t love sweet bubbly, I wouldn’t just drink glasses of this, even though this isn’t overpoweringly sweet.  Another $12.99 bottle that’s great for holiday morning mimosas.

St. Julian champagne an affordable sparkling wine to stock up on!


August Hill Winery | Illinois Sparkling Wine

When online shopping here, some of their sparkling wine is located under the Illinois Sparkling Wine section and their infused bubbly is located under August Hill.  Check out their complete review for the difference.

I am not seeing any shipping deals as of the date of the post, when you buy a case of my favorites, it’s all affordable sparkling wine under $20/bottle (because there’s a case discount). 

Under the Illinois Sparkling Brand, our favorites are Brut Ombré Rosé, Pét Nat, and Brut.  If you’re thinking about mimosas for the holidays, the brut is perfect for that.  And the Pét Nat and Brut Ombré Rosé have the most perfect colors and honestly would make a great pre-dinner bubbly.

Since we’re talking holidays, you need to get the Almond Infusion and Cranberry Infusion from the August Hill brand.  These are perfect to add to your baking or for creating bubbly holiday cocktails.  

Illinois Sparkling Wine + August Hill Winery affordable sparkling wine options


Sokol Blosser

I have talked about Sokol Blosser so much and I know many of you love them too.  In case you don’t know, they named Bubbly Side of Life and they have the best labels on their sparkling wine.  

Evolution Brut Sparklingand Evolution Sparkling Rosé is always an affordable sparkling wine I stock up on because they are enjoyable by themselves, great in a cocktail and make a great gift!  

You can order 6 bottles of their sparkling wine and use code SHIP6VICKI for free shipping, but honestly, I’d order 12 bottles, get the free shipping AND a 10% discount.  And you will not be disappointed!  

Evolution Sparkling Wine an affordable sparkling wine from Sokol Blosser.


Wilson Creek

If you can wait until Black Friday I do recall last year they had an amazing special.  As one of my favorites with so many affordable sparkling wine options, you will have so much fun creating bubbly holiday cocktails and themes.  

Their Almond Sparkling Wine is probably my favorite.  And anyone I have shared it with (even the non-bubbly lovers in my life) love this one as well.  I have baked with it too and it just makes everything so much better.  

Their Orange Mimosa Sparkling Wine and the Peach Bellini Sparkling Wine are absolutely perfect to serve with your holiday breakfasts.  And the Sangria Sparkling Wine is a fun one to use in bubbly cocktails.

Affordable sparkling wine by Wilson Creek


I’m including this on here because one of my most favorite sparkling wines is available on here at a very affordable rate.  And if you use code NEW2020, you get $20 off your first shipment.  And the promo code almost pays for your shipping.  

Argyle Brut 2015 is available here at $23.99 a bottle (at the time I’m publishing this blog post) and Argyle is one of my personal favorite Oregon wineries and one I never miss when I go back for a visit!  This is a must try at a fabulous price!

Argyle Winery in Oregon

To find out more about any of these wineries or full reviews of their sparkling wines, check out their actual blog post review.

It’s the Holiday Season

With the holiday season quickly approaching it’s time to stock up on affordable sparkling wine…after all it’s sometimes the way we make it through, right?  

And to help you enjoy your holidays even more, Mara from Joyful Hostess and I teamed up to give you 10 tips to make your holidays easier and more enjoyable AND a complete bubbly-ized Thanksgiving menu.  You download your free copy of that right here!  

And if you’re looking for a gift for someone that is hard to buy for, grab a Bubbly Spoon and a Bubbly Label and voilà, the perfect unique gift!

Holiday bubbly bottle label in the Bubbly Side of Life shop

Let me know which of these affordable sparkling wine options is your favorite!  And as I find more, I’ll keep you posted.

The BEST sparkling wine that is budget friendly and perfect for holiday gift giving! My favorites and most of what I stock up on is less than $25 a bottle. Learn more here! #sparklingwine #giftideas