Last year, by request, we created a nine mocktail recipes. We were shocked by just how popular these original mocktails were, so we went back to the kitchen. In case you missed the original mocktail recipes, here they are.

Original Bubbly Mocktail Recipes

And now you have nine new mocktail recipes to add to the mix. 

How Mocktails Evolved

When I was a kid, the only mocktail was a kiddie cocktail also known as a Shirley Temple.  It was basically 7Up with a splash of cherry juice garnished with a cherry.  And, of course, when you’re little, the maraschino cherry is the very best part.  

With the variety of sparkling waters, sodas and juices on the market, it’s a lot of fun creating new and different mocktail recipes that can be used for any of your celebrations or just to create a fun drink on a random Tuesday night….since there’s always a reason to celebrate!

Bubbly Mocktails

Since we are Bubbly Side of Life and I truly do love all drinks we bubbles, when we received the request from someone who also loves bubbly as much as we do, we knew every mocktail recipe had to contain a bubbly type of beverage.  

So, when we prepare for a day of mocktail recipe testing, we stock up on sparkling water, sparkling juice and soda to ensure that we have enough of a bubbly variety to make these mocktails the perfect bubbly beverage.  

Mocktail Recipes

We created 9 new mocktail recipes….here are a couple of our favorites.  

Since cold and flu season is upon us (along the the ongoing COVID pandemic), we thought we better create a mocktail that would help boost the immune system as well.

Elderberry Fizz

Immune boosting mocktail recipe.
  • 5 oz Sparkling Water (Lemon Flavor)
  • 3-3.5 oz Lemon Elderflower Soda (Trader Joe’s)
  • 1T Elderberry Syrup
  1. In your favorite glass, add soda and water.  
  2. Stir.  
  3. Add Elderberry syrup.

Liquid IV Mocktail Recipes

You know how much I love Liquid IV, so we decided to create some mocktail recipes using it.  And here’s the best part, you can enjoy this bubbly mocktail while hydrating since every packet of Liquid IV is like drinking 32-48 oz of water.  

This mocktail recipe uses the new Tangerine flavor that is not only a hydration multiplier, but an immune booster as well.  

Liquid Sunrise

Bubbly mocktail containing Liquid IV for more immune boosting power.
  • 8 oz Liquid IV Tangerine
  • 4 oz Orange Juice
  • 4 oz Sparkling Cranberry Clementine Water
  • 2 t Cherry Syrup or Grenadine
  • Oranges to garnish
  1. Prepare Liquid IV according to packet. 
  2. Combine 8oz Liquid IV,  OJ and sparkling water.  
  3. Add grenadine.  
  4. Garnish with an orange.

And remember, when you need to stock up on Liquid IV, you can always save 25% and get free shipping when you use code: BUBBLY.

Here are the rest of the mocktail recipes.  You can download this for easy reference or if you are on Pinterest, you can save this image to your Mocktail Board so you have it handy for your next celebration.

NEW bubbly mocktail recipes!

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Mocktails to Celebrate

Mocktails are the perfect drink to create when you’re celebrating with kids or with those who aren’t drinking for whatever reason.  

From birthday parties to baby showers, to holidays, mocktails are the perfect way to include everyone in enjoying a very special drink.  

And you can make them even more special with fun garnish, sugar rimmed glasses, or adding brew glitter to make your drink truly sparkle. 

Our Favorite Places to Shop

  • Trader Joe’s – they have a great selection of sparkling juices that are different than you find at a local grocery store.
  • Whole Foods – this is where we get ingredients like the Elderberry syrup for the Elderberry Fizz Mocktail.
  • Pete’s Fresh Market (if you’re in the Illinois area) – we call this store mocktail heaven! I have never seen so many options of non-alcoholic bubbly beverages.

We also have gathered some of our favorite supplies for both cocktails and mocktails in the Amazon Bubbly Side of Life shop.  

Want More?

If you love strawberries, you will want to check out this collection of strawberry mocktail recipes.

One of our favorite things to do is to create a mocktail base and turn it into a cocktail by simply adding your favorite liquor and topping it with bubbly.  Check out these two recipes where you can do just that.  

Tell Us!

We want to know….which mocktail recipe is your favorite?  

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New Mocktail recipe alert! Last year, by request, we created a nine mocktail recipes, and we are back to do 9 more drink recipes for you guys today! Check out our easy mocktail recipes here! Mocktails are the perfect drink to create when you’re celebrating with kids or with those who aren’t drinking for whatever reason. Create your perfect mocktail drink here!