“Which champagne glass should I use?”

This is a question I get asked all the time.

And while there is no right or wrong answer, there is definitely a difference in the main 3 types: champagne flutes, champagne tulips and champagne coupes.

Which champagne glass should you choose?

Why the Right Glass Matters

This may come as a surprise….but I do drink other wines besides sparkling!  I love learning about the whole process of wine making, but clearly have a soft spot for all things bubbly.  And bubbly truly is my favorite and my go to!

champagne glass with pink champagne - In a perfect world, everyone would have a glass of champagne every evening - Willie Glucksternubheading

And if you have been here for a bit, you already know that there is always a reason to celebrate! ALWAYS! In fact, join us over on Instagram and every Friday we’re always celebrating!

If you have ever done a tasting and they switch out the glass for the specific type of wine, you probably experienced a different taste. 

My first experience with this was when I lived in Oregon and we were tasting Pinot Noir.  When you drink it out of a glass with a wider bowl and a bit of a lip, you will have a different experience than if you drink if from a glass designed for a “normal” red wine glass.

The same holds true for bubbly. The taste is affected by the shape of the champagne glasses.

FUN FACT: There are approximate 1 million bubbles in each glass!

Champagne Glass Types

Let’s explore each champagne glass and its unique features.

Champagne Flutes

Champagne flutes, the most common of all the types.

Champagne flutes are fun. Flutes are stylish and let’s face it, they make a great photo!  They are tall and slender and certainly fun to clink…making any celebration official.

Champagne flutes keep bubbles more taut, keeps them more present. The flute will definitely give your sparkling a bit of oomph with more bubbles that of course are rising to the top.  Because of the narrow top, you won’t get as many aromatics as you do with wider mouth champagne glasses.

If you’re someone who LOVES bubbles and believes the bubblier the better, then the champagne flute is the glass for you.

Champagne flutes a staple in everyone's collection.

Champagne Tulips

Champagne Tulips - the best champagne glass for an avid bubbly lover.

Champagne tulips are elegant.  The tulip is the perfect combo of a flute and a coupe:  a narrow top like a flute and a wider bowl like a coupe.

This allows you to experience more of the aromatics and keep the bubbles.  The wider bowl allows your bubbly to aerate and release the flavors and aromas and the narrow rim allows for the perfect amount of bubbles with every sip.

Champagne tulips are my personal go-to glass to enjoy a glass of bubbly because they are the perfect combo of the flute and coupe.

Champagne tulips, the most perfect combo of a flute and coupe.

Champagne Coupes

Champagne Coupes - the best champagne glass for bubbly cocktails.

Champagne coupes are the vintage and timeless champagne glasses. Just think:  The Great Gatsby

Champagne coupes are also known as the saucer because they allow the bubbles to disperse more quickly really allowing for you to experience both the flavor and aromas of the wine. 

If you like your sparkling wine with a lot of bubbles and are drinking out of a coupe, you will need to drink it more quickly.  Because of the wide mouth, your sparkling is exposed to oxygen which allows the bubbles to dissipate faster.  On the other hand, if you don’t like a lot of bubbles, champagne coupes are the perfect choice because they will disappear much faster than if you’re using a flute or tulip.

Champagne coupes are my go-to champagne glass when I am making bubbly cocktails.

Champagne coupes are perfect for bubbly cocktails!

Will the Champagne Glass Really Make a Difference?

The short answer is yes! How drastic the difference will depend on the age and type of bottle, but you will taste one for sure. Now, of course, there are many other reasons other than the type of glass like the temperature or how it was stored, but let’s just chat about the particular champagne glass at the moment.

There’s so much science that goes into the actual making of the wine, but also the type of champagne glass as well. So, the bigger bowl (champagne coupes) will allow for more oxygen to reach the wine and release more of the aroma. Not to mention, there’s a lot more room for your nose in the glass, so you’ll get to experience the aroma for sure. In doing so, specifically for sparkling wine, the bubbles disperse and you will get the aroma and the taste of the wine.

The more narrow (champagne flutes), will not release much aroma which results in the focus being on the taste alone.

And the when you have a glass with a wider bowl and a narrow mouth (champagne tulips), the oxygen reaches the bubbly and allows the aromas to be released, however because of the narrow mouth, the bubbles will not escape at a rapid rate giving you a nice aroma and taste.

There is no wrong way to enjoy your glass of bubbly! Heck a white wine glass is even an acceptable way and usually what tasting rooms will sample their sparkling wine in. So grab your favorite glass, pop that bubbly and celebrate!

Is a white wine glass a perfectly acceptable champagne glass?  The answer is yes.

Experience Each Champagne Glass with a Bubbly Tasting Party

One of my favorite types of bubbly tasting parties is to take one bottle of bubbly and pour it into champagne flutes, champagne tulips and champagne coupes and allow the guests to try one of each.

This is fun for so many reasons, but especially for someone who enjoys sparkling wine, but maybe doesn’t drink it on a regular basis. It will for sure illustrate the difference in taste, but also tell them which type of champagne glass they prefer.

Which champagne glass is your favorite?

People ask me all the time which champagne glass to buy and stock up on, but really it’s which do you prefer and this is one way to figure out if it’s the champagne flute, champagne tulip or champagne coupe…or you could be like me and have them all!

My Champagne Glass Stock

I have had many requests for my specific champagne coupe which Camille Long Stem Champagne Coupe Glass from Crate and Barrel and there are so many more beautiful glasses to choose from!

I also get requests for my Bubbly Side of Life glasses which have been given as gifts to me over the years. Yes, one day we will sell them and you will, of course, see them in the tasting room when that opens. But these in particular are from EpiCut.

Bubbly Side of Life champagne flutes coming soon!

And we’ve rounded up some other ones in our Bubbly Side of Life shop on Amazon. You will find a section for champagne flutes, champagne tulips and champagne coupes and also lots of options if you’re hosting a party and need more than just a few.

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Which champagne glass should I use? While there is no right or wrong answer, there is definitely a difference in the main 3 types: champagne flutes, champagne tulips and champagne coupes. Learn more about the 3 different types of champagne glasses in my recent blog post! Follow along here for more bubbly tips! | Champagne Glass | Champagne Glasses | Champagne Tulips | Champagne Coupes