Anyone can enjoy these original twists.

I seriously love bubbly.  All bubbly.  And not just alcoholic bubbly, sparkling water is like dessert to me.  

Any drink with bubbles is a treat to me, so immediately when it was requested that I create bubbly mocktails, I was excited to play with all the bubblies to see what we could come up with.

And even more fun, if you haven’t met my bubblyologist yet, let me introduce him to you.  But first, can we chat about this word that isn’t a word but I think it should be?  Let’s define it.


1. A person skilled in making bubbly drinks

Ok, back to my bubblyologist.  He’s my 13 year old nephew, who loves opening bottles of bubbly. He might be the only kid I know who puts down his phone, and stops watching TV to come and open a bottle of bubbly to make some cocktails.  He’s also the kid who would love an entire closet of our BUBBLY sweatshirts because they’re so darn cozy!

Matthew was so excited when I explained to him what mocktails are and what we had to do that day.  His response, “so I get to drink them?”  And he did.  Every single one…even the ones that went straight down the drain. 

Bubbly Mocktail Preparation and Creation

Gathering Supplies

So together we went to the grocery store to gather ingredients.  Not really having a set plan we wandered the juice aisle, sparkling water section, produce, and the frozen food aisle loading up the cart.  $65 later, we had a lot of beverages and no clue what the recipes even were.

mocktail ingredients

Our next stop was a small candy and popcorn shop that has been around since I was a kid.  It’s in downtown Wheaton, IL with a red awning reading Popcorn Shop and inside it’s as wide as the doorway.  We grabbed any fun looking candies that our hearts desired, like Pop Rocks and Rock candy, Twizzlers, and Fun Dip. Then we headed home to go concoct some mocktails. 

little popcorn shop

Putting Ideas Together

And concoct we did.  

Now, first off, I bought Matthew an official cocktail muddler because if you have seen any of our Instagram stories, he’s had to muddle fruit with a whisk.  And while that works, it’s not exactly the most efficient. He seemed very pleased with his new tool.

using a real muddler

So now that we have official tools, we began to experiment.  

Our Top 3 Favorite Bubbly Mocktails

The Celebubbly

The first drink we made was a mocktail of the almost famous cocktail The Bubbly Side that was created on my last trip to Hawaii.

Fun tip:  It’s good both frozen and on the rocks so go ahead try it and transport yourself to island life.  

Celebubbly Mocktail

And here’s our mocktail version.  It was definitely tasty and refreshing. We called it the CeleBubbly because we figured we should name it after something in the Bubbly Side family. Since my bubblyologist loves his BUBBLY sweatshirt so much and it comes in the original Celebubbly Box, we thought it might be an appropriate name to start with.

Celebubbly mocktail recipe

M2 – The Matthew

We made lots of other fun mocktails and, of course, one of them had to be named in honor of my bubblyologist, Matthew.  I let him choose which one he wanted named after him and I was honestly surprised at the one he chose.  

m2 the matthew mocktail

This was the one of the last we created and we both thought it wasn’t going to be anything special at all.  And needless to say we were both shocked!  

m2 the matthew mocktail recipe

When Matthew chose this one to be named after him, I had to ask why.  Now his response didn’t surprise me, in fact, I have a great story with him from when he was just 3 years old…I’ll have to share that one day.  But basically, Matthew said because he wants people to be wow’d and shocked at just how awesome this beverage is when they may have doubted it by looking at it.  Maybe just a little bit like a teenager I know.

the matthew mocktail

Strawberry Breeze

This one might have earned it’s spot in our favorites because we used a Twizzler straw to drink it from and that was just plain fun.

cherry on top mocktail

We liked this particular drink for it’s ability to be translated into a large punch bowl or dispenser. A perfect way to jazz up that boring lemonade you planned to serve to the kids at your next party. Plus, it will look as pretty in a serving dish as it does in a glass.

cherry on top mocktail

This drink also earned a top spot because of how easy it is to swap out the flavors. Simply swap the cherry juice for just about any other and you can customize this drink to fit your party theme and colors.

cherry on top mocktail recipe

All 9 of Our Bubbly Mocktails

Take a look at all our creations from that day. Even better join the Bubbly Side of Life mailing list to snag a printer friendly version of them.

Bubbly Mocktails by Bubbly Side of Life

Our Top 10 Reason to Have a Bubbly Mocktail

In case you need any inspiration for having a mocktail instead of a cocktail we came up with 10 Reasons/Celebrations where bubbly mocktails might be a better consideration.

mocktail recipes
  1. You’re participating in Dry January (or any other dry month for that matter)
  2. You’re hosting a party and kids are invited…now you can have a themed drink for both the adult and kids’ beverages
  3. A Sweet 16, don’t forget to serve them in champagne glasses (plastic if you prefer) to give it that extra grown up touch.
  4. A candy themed party. How fun to drink out of Twizzlers or or Fun Dip rimmed glasses or with a side of rock candy!
  5. Baby showers or any event where you’ll have expecting mommas.
  6. Work/Networking event where you prefer not to drink.
  7. You absolutely love bubbly beverages but don’t necessarily want alcohol in them all the time.
  8. You’re the DD. At least you can have a little fun and drink something other than water.
  9. It’s a weekday but you’re out of your “regular” bubbly. These tasty drinks can make any day feel special.
  10. Any party! Spritz up those boring “group” party drinks of lemonade and iced tea or plain soda. You won’t regret adding a bit of fancy to the day.