We met the awesome people from Eola Hills Winery at Bubbles Fest, which is my most favorite event of the year in Willamette Valley, Oregon in February.  

Eola Hills Winery Legacy Estates Tasting Room

The best part about Bubbles Fest is that you get to visit with 10-15 wineries each day and taste their bubbly, but the downfall is they each only bring 1-2 to pour, so if they have more bubbly, you have to go visit the tasting room (it’s hard work, I know!).  

So, off we went to visit the great people of Eola Hills at their Legacy Estate Vineyard.  

Eola Hills Winery – Legacy Estate Vineyard

Pulling up, the grounds are absolutely stunning with views for days.  With 72 acres, it’s just absolutely beautiful and so easy to just take an entire day here and soak up all the ambience. You’re just surrounded by grapevines and beauty, you’re immediately calm and relaxed ready to enjoy all the bubbly.  

Eola Hills Winery grounds

The tasting room is super cute inside.  Keep in mind, we were here during/after COVID, so there was no seating inside, it was all outside.  But there was a lot of outdoor seating, both in the sun and the shade.  

Eola Hills Winery Tasting ROom

Now the day we went was a perfect cloudless day and 90+ degrees, so we were very grateful for the seating areas in the shade, but they had plenty of areas all over their grounds.  

With the grounds being so massive, we were so excited to take a hike around them which is something they offer on a regular basis.   

Wiking Trails

Wine + hiking = wiking…yes, we loved this too! Now, since it was so hot, we decided to take the very shortened version of this which was just to the lake and back.  

Eola Hills Wiking Trails

Armed with trail map, we set off and managed to take some wrong turns.  Here’s the good news, you can’t really get lost.  You’ll just see more of the grounds with a few wrong turns, so not a bad detour at all.  

Enjoying some bubbly on the dock at Eola Hills Winery

We finally made it down to the lake and that area is perfect for any special event you want to have. It’s absolutely beautiful. And you can even grab a chair and hang out there for a bit which was really cool.

Eola Hills Winery Grounds

This is so cool and I would highly recommend this.  But definitely plan to stay enjoy a hours here when you combine wiking and then your tasting after.  

The Bubbly

Excited to try their bubbly because it’s been months since we met them and tasted it at BubblesFest.  

Eola Hills Winery Sparkling Rosé of Pinot noir

We started our tasting with the Sparkling Rosé of Pinot Noir made using the traditional method. This sparkling rosé was a little fruity, think strawberries, but so delicious and perfect for a hot sunny day!

Next up was the Sparkling Chardonnay made using the traditional méthode champenoise method.  It’s an unoaked chardonnay and we definitely tasted lemon.  Very enjoyable bottle especially for hot summer months which, of course, we had to take a bottle back with us to enjoy with our dinner that evening.  

Next up was the Sparkling Müller-Thurgau which (no matter what), I hesitate because they’re typically sweet and fruity.  This was definitely fruity and we could taste apricot, but it wasn’t overpoweringly  sweet.  This is made using the traditional méthode champenoise method as well.  

The Sparkling Müller-Thurgau was one we tasted at Bubbles Fest and it was referred to as the “breakfast of champions” because it would make a great morning cocktail if you’re looking for something different than your typical mimosa.

Last up we tasted a Semi-Sparkling Muscat which he paused when he introduced it because it’s semi-sparkling, but I think we all know that if there are bubbles of any sort, I’m ready to taste. Again I was skeptical of the sweetness level, but this would be very enjoyable for one glass, think of more like a dessert bubbly.  It’s super juice, peach flavor with a sweet enough, but not crazy sweet flavor.  This would be great to use to create an amazing dessert.

Eola Hills Wine Tasting

Eola Hills Experiences 

If you are planning a special event or are in search of a creative, unique experience, then you must check out their events page.  From local to international, there is something for everyone to enjoy!  And talk about taking celebrations to the next level…because you know there is always a reason to celebrate! 

And if you want an experience unlike any other, inquire about their Elevated Tasting.  Get dropped off at the top of the hill, enjoy a unique flight or pairing and then make your way down the hill, through the vineyard, taking in all of the views.  

Eola Hills Wine Club

With so many wine club options, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs.  Now, I usually only taste sparkling wine when I am out and about exploring wine country, but when you’re in Oregon, you must taste Pinot Noir!  I’m pretty sure it’s a rule.  

So, while they don’t have a sparkling only wine club to join, trust me, you will not be disappointed with their other wines

Eola Hills Wine Cellars Tasting Room 

Eola Hills Winery has a second tasting room location in Rickreall and I am kicking myself for not making a stop there.  Open daily from 10-5, this tasting room looks super cute.  This is a great alternate option as it’s open longer and you still get to taste all of their amazing wine!  

Eola Hills Winery Report Card

Eola Hills Winery Report Card from Bubbly Side of Life

It’s no surprise that Eola Hills Winery earned an A on the Bubbly Side of Life winery report card.  From the moment we met them at BubblesFest, we knew we were just going to love the winery experience.  

And here’s the best part of Eola Hills Winery, they truly create a wine tasting experience for you that is just truly unforgettable.  And their amazing wine and bubbly, just makes the whole experience complete.  

Now, I know they have some more bubbly coming and to say I’m excited to try it would be an understatement.  Our favorites from what we tasted were the Sparkling Chardonnay and Sparkling Rosé for enjoying multiple glasses.  Now the Sparkling Müller-Thurgau and the Semi-Sparkling Muscat, we could definitely see using with special meals or desserts.  So I can only imagine how much I’ll love what’s coming.  

Eola Hills Winery Vines

When I visit the Willamette Valley, there are a few wineries who I make it a point to visit every single time.  And I can confidently say that Eola Hills Winery has been added to the list!

Side Note

While Eola Hills Winery did host us and provide complimentary tasting, we did pay for all of the wine/bubbly that we left with.  I was under no obligation to write this blog post.  

We visited in September, so they have been re-opened for a few months.  And while COVID is still very real, we felt very safe visiting.  They took all the proper precautions with social distancing and mask wearing.  And while it was crowded, we were seated nowhere near anyone else.  

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