We have been reviewing wine cans for years sometimes you just don’t want to be mixing up cocktails all the time and I, for one, hate beer.  

Now, if you’re a wine enthusiast, you probably have a strong opinion either way about the quality of the wine in the cans, but we love it more for convenience than anything else. 

Canned wines, I feel like were much more popular years ago.  At least the selection at the grocery store seems to have dwindled tremendously. 

But we still love it to grab and go and when you just want a glass (or 2) and don’t want to commit to opening a whole bottle.  

I have made it my mission to normalize bringing canned bubbly to a BBQ or backyard party just as you would a case of beer.  Who is with me?

Canned bubbly chilling in our favorite way....a baby pool.

Pros of Canned Wine

  1. No glass.  So not only do you not have to worry about broken glass at the outdoor gatherings, but you can easily get the cans into places where glass simply isn’t allowed.
  2. 375 mL cans = approximately 2 glasses of bubbly and 2 cans = 1 standard bottle of wine.  The perfect solution when you only want a couple glasses of bubbly. 
  3. Easier to chill.  My refrigerator, of course, is set up to ensure I can stand up lots of bottles of bubbly, but not every refrigerator lends itself to that.  And with cans, you’ll never have to worry about it.
  4. Better for the environment.  They are lighter, take up less space and are completely recyclable.  

I find myself grabbing canned bubbly when I have been invited over to someone’s house and I know they are beer drinkers.  Easier than grabbing a bottle is to just grab a couple cans, toss them into my bag and go.  Now I know I will have something I enjoy drinking.

Canned Bubbly Is Perfect For:

  • BBQs 
  • Pool parties
  • Picnics 
  • Tailgates
  • Sporting Events
  • Camping
  • Book Club
  • Campfires
Canned bubbly, perfect for any outdoor gathering.

Canned Bubbly Tasting

Just as all sparkling wine is not necessarily pleasing on the palate, neither is all canned sparkling wine.  This is very much a trial and error tasting just as a bottle of bubbly would be, but the good news is, if you don’t like it, it’s only 1 can and likely a few dollars down the drain instead of an entire bottle and lots more dollars. 

So once again, we put canned sparkling wines to the taste test for you. 

Of course, we know the purpose is a convenient can and being able to drink it when it isn’t exactly handy to whip out a champagne flute.  It’s important to note that when we tasted these, we used our little Bubbly Side of Life tasting glasses.

For this round of canned sparkling wine tasting, we decided to simply scour the grocery stores and not go into a liquor stores.  And I know, each grocery store gets to decide what they carry, but we went to 5 different grocery stores in the Illinois suburbs.  Here’s hoping you can find these at your local grocery store to try.

Our first order of business was to taste through the sparkling white wine cans because they were all brut and less sweet and fruity than sparkling rosé

Sparkling White Wine

House Wine Brut Bubbles

If you have been around, you know House Wine is our go-to canned sparkling wine.  So, of course, we had to put it to the test once again.  And it’s tried and true, light, refreshing, and well balanced with beautiful acidity.

Bonterra Bubbles

This organic sparkling wine from responsibly-farmed vineyards comes from California.  We felt like this one was the least bubbly of all the cans we tried.  It was very fruity and would make the a great topper to a white wine sangria with fruits like peaches, apricots, or lemon.

Underwood Wine-The Bubbles

From Union Wine Co in Oregon, we thought this sparkling white wine had a bolder flavor (not in a bad way) than the House Wine Bubbles.  A dry sparkling wine with floral notes and citrus notes.

Provisions Brut Bubbles

This canned sparkling wine comes from Walla Walla, WA.  It’s bright and bursting with flavors of green apple and lemon.  

Our Favorites

We were torn in picking a winner between House Wine Brut Bubbles and Underwood Brut Bubbles.  The were both great for different reasons.  If you’re looking for something lighter and more refreshing, pick up the House Wine.  If you’re looking to give your taste buds a bolder flavor, grab the Underwood Brut Bubbles.  

Sparkling Rosé Wine

House Wine Rosé Bubbles

This sparkling rosé wine is very fruity and juicy with bold red fruit flavors.  

14 Hands Rosé Bubbles

This blend of blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah out of Eastern Washington has good red fruit flavor, but wasn’t all that bubbly.

Underwood Rosé Bubbles

This sparkling rosé out of Oregon was quite refreshing.  With notes of grapefruit and red berries and watermelon, it reminded us of classic Oregon Rosés. 

Provisions Rosé Bubbles

This sparkling rosé is crisp and bright with notes of fresh red berries and a touch of citrus.

Our Favorite

The clear favorite of the sparkling rosé cans was the Underwood Rosé Bubbles.  It was by far the most refreshing of the four with the best flavor profile. 

Previous Year Reviews

McBride Sisters SHE CAN

McBride Sisters She Can Wine Spritzers

First of all, the name of this can, you have to buy it and love it!  

The fun, fab and award-winning SHE CAN collection of premium wines and spritzers reminds you that SHE CAN do anything. 

And with your purchase of SHE CAN wine and spritzers will go toward their professional development fund.  So enjoy the spritzer and do some good at the same time!  

It looks like they have new wine cans from our previous review, but we enjoyed them and, no surprise, also incorporated them into fun bubbly cocktails.

Stoller Canned Oregon

Stoller Canned Oregon makes a great canned bubbly easy for transporting.

I saw this in the grocery store on one of my many trips back to Oregon. And since then Stoller has come out with even more wine cans also worth checking out.  But here’s the review we did a few years back on the sparkling rosé.  

Canned Oregon Rosé Bubbles

A fruity rosé with hints of red berries and watermelon.  While it is fruity, it is not a sweet rosé. It’s very light and refreshing making it

A to Z Bubbles

A to Z Wineworks canned Bubbles just as good as their bottle of Bubbles.

First of all, how cute are these cans?  

Of course, we grabbed these on our last trip to Oregon and was super excited to see if they’re as good as the bottle.  And they really are.  It’s the perfect rosé with notes of all your favorite red fruits:  strawberry, raspberry, cherry and watermelon.  A very clean, crisp, easy drinking rosé. 

Day Drinking by Little Big Town

Day Drinking by Little Big Town a canned sparkling wine spritzer.

Honestly, I bought this because of how cute the can is and I was pleasantly surprised.  If you’re not a fan of watermelon, this is not the can for you, but if you like watermelon you have to give this a try.  

It’s a very refreshing, bright wine spritzer with the perfect amount of bubbles and great flavor.  They have 5 different flavors, but I have only seen this one in my local stores, but wouldn’t hesitate to try the others with how good this one is.  


Bev canned bubbly and wine with zero sugar.

We did a full review of all 6 Bev canned wines on a separate blog post.  What we love about Bev is they’re owned and operated by women with a powerful mission.  And their canned wines aren’t bad either.  In fact, there’s only one we don’t recommend.

Which canned bubbly should we try next?

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