When Scout and Cellar’s bubbly arrived at my door, I was so excited to try it create some fun bubbly cocktails with it.  

Scout & Cellar

If you missed my unboxing on Instagram, one of the coolest things is they ship your wine with ice packs inside the box.  Now they were not still cold (and the note said they shouldn’t be), but they were there to ensure your wine doesn’t go through the major temperature fluctuations as often happens when shipping.  

To be honest, I have seen Scout & Cellar all over Instagram and never ordered it.  So when Jennifer McConnell reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to receive some to make some bubbly cocktails with, I was beyond excited.  

Low Sugar Bubbly

You may recall, I did an entire blog post on how much sugar is in your bubbly in response to a lot of questions I was getting about recommendations for trying to watch their sugar intake. 

Scout & Cellar Clean Crafted wine

Scout & Cellar is a clean crafted wine where they add zero grams of extra sugar to their wine…no matter if it’s sparkling wine or still.  Additionally, this wine is low in sulfites.  Many people attribute their wine headaches to the sulfites in the wine, so I’d recommend trying Scout & Cellar wines if this is something you suffer from.

Bubbly Cocktails

Just like when you start adding juices and other sugary drinks to your cocktails, the sugar level will increase when you add those same types of things to bubbly cocktails.  

Of course there are ways to avoid this, but when you start with a bubbly like Scout & Cellar that has such little sugar to begin with, you can add the lemonade and not feel so guilty.  

Bubbly Cocktails

Galivant Bubbly White

It’s no surprise I liked this when I opened it, look at what they say about it: 

Perfect on its own or with appetizers, and for raising a glass to everyday moments of celebration!

This bubbly is 100% Sauvignon Blanc with .05% of residual sugar.  It’s a carbonated wine which I like to refer to as the “just add bubbles” method.  

This bubbly is very crisp (which is how I think all Sauvignon Blanc is) and easy to drink.  You definitely get some green apple notes as well.  If love Sauvignon Blanc, then you need to grab a bottle of this for sure!

They describe the bubbles as fine and fizzy and I am here to tell you that you can keep that bottle open with just placing my handy Bubbly Side of Life spoon in the bottle and you will have bubbles for days!

This bubbly is good on it’s own (especially if you’re a Sauvignon Blanc lover), served really cold while you’re hanging outside on a nice warm day.  Or you can turn it into a bubbly cocktail like we did!

End of Summer Cocktail

End of Summer Bubbly Cocktail recipe make with Galivant Bubbly White

This super easy bubbly cocktail is light and refreshing.  If you’re really trying to reduce your sugar, feel free to cut back the lemonade, grab a low sugar lemonade, or replace the lemonade with lemon juice. 

14K Bubbly Rosé

First of all, how cute are these cans?  When I saw the name of this bubbly, I knew we were going to have some fun creating the perfect bubbly cocktail. 

Scout & Cellar 14K Sparkling Rosé cans

Now here’s what’s funny about that.  My association to 14K was jewelry…and I knew just how to make that come alive in a bubbly cocktail.  But take a look at what the 14K really refers to. 

Straight from Scout & Cellar:  

While we certainly think this bubbly rosé is worthy of a gold medal, the “K” is for kilometer. 14 kilometers is the distance between the two original Scout & Cellar locations in North Texas: the Celina Fieldhouse and the Prosper Warehouse.

14K is also the scientifically quantified distance defined as “from here to there”.

We’re all about the journey, whether it’s a geographical length or one of the many from-here-to-there moments life throws our way. These handy-dandy Clean-Crafted cans are ideal for celebrating all those little milestones, wherever they may be. Share a pack. Sip one solo. Take them places other wines just can’t go.

This bubbly is 100% Zinfandel and very fruity with the absolute perfect bright red color.  

14K Cocktail

Bubbly Cocktail make with 14K Sparkling Rosé

Needless to say, I still made this bubbly cocktail all sparkly because, well with a name like 14K, I had to.  

We used brew glitter in this bubbly cocktail which I have used several times before.  The cool thing about brew glitter is that the bubbles do all of the work, so your bubbly cocktail is always sparkly!

Get Your Own Scout & Cellar Bubbly

If you want to try these bubbies or any of their other clean-crafted wines, shop them here.  They will arrive at your door in no time and you can enjoy completely guilt free!