Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, right?  I happen to believe that especially since in my family, we celebrate March 19 which is St. Joseph Day.  But there is something I just love about an Irish Pub…and in case you’re wondering, yes, I order bubbly there too!  Sometimes sparkling wine and sometimes vodka + soda water….either way, it has bubbles!

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, we put together the perfect St Patrick’s Day Cocktails gift for everyone on your list. Whether you need want to add a little bubbly to your coworkers day or a special dinner treat for kids (simply swap out for sparkling cider of course).

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Add a Little Sparkle to your Bubbly

Inspired by Sokol Blosser’s glitter bottles for Valentine’s day, we decided to do one for St. Patrick’s Day.  

Would I say this craft is easy?  Technically, yes.  But you do need a bit of patience and a lot of clean up. It doesn’t take much crafty skill but I highly suggesting doing it outside if you live somewhere the weather is nice enough. Or if you love glitter feel free to do it inside, by Christmas all the left over will fit right in.

You can use a normal size bottle or a split (the small “individual” size bottle for this project.  We actually tried both and preferred the split. It was a bit easier to keep the mod podge tacky enough for the glitter to stick.  My favorite splits are at Wilson Creek and they do deliver (if you live in a state that allows it, of course).  And I love them because you can get the Brut or Almond.  And you might know that Wilson Creek Almond Bubbly is absolutely one of my favorites.

If you want to just head to your local liquor store, they usually have a decent selection of 4 packs of bubbly you can use for this project.


Now that you chose the bubbly bottle, here’s the rest of the supplies you’ll need:

  • Mod Podge
  • Paint Brush
  • Glitter

Before you begin, make sure you have something down on the table that is easy enough to pick up and put the unused glitter back into the container.  We used a paper bag that we cut into two pieces.  This made it easy to fold the bag in half and pour the excess glitter back into the bottle.


Step 1:  Apply the mod podge to a section of the bottle using the paint brush.

Step 2:  Sprinkle with glitter covering the mod podge completely.

Step 3:  Continue around the bottle until it’s completely covered.

Step 4:  Let dry for 1 hour.

Step 5:  Repeat steps 1-4 until you can’t see any more of the glass bottle.

Step 6:  Add one final coat of mod podge to seal it.


  • Extra fine glitter is not nearly as forgiving as chunky glitter.  With extra fine glitter, you will be repeating the process many more times than with chunky glitter.
  • When you finish Steps 1-4, put the wine bottle on the other half of the paper bag, then take the paper bag with all the excess glitter and pour it back into the bottle over a garbage can.

For a bit of extra fun, we add some gold stars to the top of the bottle as well because it’s a twist off cap.  If you’re going to do this, only add to the very top.  This will help when opening the bottle. If it has a cork with a foil wrap over it this isn’t as much of an issue. 

To finish, attach a glass straw to the bottle and you’re set! If you want to get really fancy you can do a gold and green glitter ombre like this mug from jenniferperkins.com. This is the perfect pair for your St Patrick’s Day Cocktails as well if you want to gift a bigger St Patrick’s Day Gift set instead.

5 Other Times to Use this St Patrick’s Day Cocktails Gifts

  • They make the perfect hostess gift
  • Put them on a bar cart to greet your guests either as they come in…they can grab it for their welcome cocktail
  • Give these as a party favor as guests leave
  • Give these to your kid’s teachers (yes people gave me wine all the time!) or their coaches
  • A fun girl’s Night In project
  • If you swap this out for sparkling cider teens and tweens alike will think your the best mom, aunt, grandma, whatever EVER!

If you feel like going the extra extra mile package up some of the Brew Glitter® in individual baggies and attach them to the bottles as well.

St Patrick’s Day Cocktails

We wanted to make these simple and fun! Since most people don’t want to spend their entire night mixing drinks for others we kept this super quick and easy.  Thinking along the same lines as green beer, where you add 1 drop of green food coloring to beer and voilà, we wanted something that would take a split second but still wow the crowd. We knew we could do a little bit better than that since this is the Bubbly Side of Life. 

And we did.  I found Brew Glitter® which is absolutely perfect to add some sparkle to your sparkling wine. And a little goes a long way, so you’ll have this for a while. The listing says the 4 oz jar makes about 20 drinks.

Easy St Patrick's Day Cocktails using brew glitter

And it’s just as simple as the green beer recipe….pour your favorite sparkling wine, then add a small amount of glitter and voilà St Patrick’s Day Cocktails.  The bubbles will actually help the glitter to keep moving but you can give the glass a swirl too….just not too hard or you will lose your bubbles.

Green St Patrick's Day cocktails

Shamrock Bubbly

Brew glitter in the St patrick's day cocktails

Use the green glitter for an instantly perfect St. Patrick’s Day drink. No need to drink something you don’t enjoy just because someone it’s a specific holiday.

Bubbling Green St Patrick's Day Cocktails

If you turn up the volume you can hear the fizzy fun as the sparkle spreads through the St Patrick’s Day Cocktails.

The best part about this… you’re picking your favorite bubbly. This will not change the flavor at all! I used Wilson Creek Almond because it really is one of my go-to bubblies, but it truly doesn’t matter…it’s just changing the color and making it super fun! 

Pot of Gold Bubbly

Gold St Patrick's Day Cocktails
Gold St Patrick's Day Cocktails with brew glitter

If you’ve read our post on different types of glasses, I’d use a flute for this for sure so that you keep those bubbles taut and bubbling!

You can add the brew glitter either before or after you add your favorite bubbly to the glass. If you add it before the sparkles move upward with the bubbles and if you add it after you can see in our video the color spreads downwards. Just depends on which effect your going for.

And if you really want to have fun with your guests…add it to the bottle before they arrive so that it already pours out green or gold.

St. Patrick’s Day Party Needs

Party Fun

If you want to add a bit more pizazz to your St Patrick’s Day cocktails, use these fun gold glasses.  If you’re using these, I’d use the green brew glitter.

For some extra fun, serve this with a paper or glass straws on hand so that your guests can give their drink a swirl when needed. And we love to drink our bubbly from a straw…it reminds us of summer when you enjoy a canned sparkling or sparkling out of a tumbler.

This set of plates and silverware are really sturdy. So sturdy that when I used the Fall version for Thanksgiving a few years ago people put them in my sink thinking they were not disposable. They are made of plastic verse paper and perfect if you want to set something a little nicer than paper plates but still don’t want the hassle of washing up after everyone. Someone like me who loves the extra special touch but is also lazy.


Every themed party needs a good t-shirt, wouldn’t you agree?  Themed St Patrick’s Day cocktails are fun but they are even more fun in a St Patrick’s Day shirt.

We created this custom design just for the occasion! Isn’t it going to be the perfect T-shirt?  We think so too (and so did our Instagram community, so you can find it in the store now!

Shop now to get in on time for St. Patrick’s Day!

We also found a Drink Green Champagne tshirt over at Tipsy Elves which would be perfect if you’re making our themed bubbly drinks.  

And of course, we rounded up some fun ones on Amazon for you and linked them on the St. Patricks Day page with everything else you need to re-create this post. 

We want to see how you celebrate!  So be sure to post on Instagram and tag @bubblysideoflife!

2 super easy st patricks day cocktails plus a grownup gift idea