Here we go again!  More mocktails to add to your recipe book and these are perfect the perfect holiday drinks for the upcoming winter season.

Holiday drinks are key for any type of holiday get together.  And in our world all holiday drinks are bubbly, no matter if they are alcoholic or non-alcoholic.  

Now you might be wondering why…the short answer is, I love all things bubbly!  Bubbly just elevates any drink in my opinion.  

I mean think about it…water is instantly elevated to a more desirable drinking experience when you add bubbles.  Am I right?  

And wine, yes I do love a bottle of Oregon pinot noir, but if you made me choose between a bottle of wine and a bottle of bubbly, no question, it would be bubbly every time.  

Bubbly Mocktails

Now you might be wondering what’s up with all these mocktails?  Well, a couple years ago we received several requests from people who love sparkling beverages but for whatever reason weren’t drinking. So we were asked to create bubbly mocktails. 

And the entire story can be found here where I introduce you to one of my bubblyologists.  Sadly, now my bubblyologists live 2,000 miles away since we relocated to the Northwest, but because we knew that was going to happen, we made lots of mocktail recipes just for you to have in time for the holidays.  

Holiday Drinks

So here they are.  The newest 9 mocktails, all holiday drinks that are non-alcoholic but are still delicious and bubbly!

Thinking about holiday drinks and key ingredients we needed, we created a grocery list and went on a mission.  Some key things we always use are:

  • Cotton candy
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Frozen fruit (cranberries for this time of year)
  • Cherries
  • Holiday sodas
  • Simple syrups/grenadine
  • Juices

And if you’ve been around a while, you know it’s all trial and error for us!  When you have two teenage boys mixing up drinks with no preconceived notions, you are sometimes very surprised at the ingredients and how the drinks turn out.  

Holiday Cider

This is the perfect holiday cider that requires no work!  You can certainly make your own apple cider (and we have the most delicious recipe for that too) or you can buy store bought which would make this even easier.  

The perfect holiday drink for anyone who’s not drinking alcohol on Thanksgiving.  And you can make it by the glass or in a big punch bowl or pitcher.  

Holiday mocktail, the perfect holiday drink for the non-drinker.

Bubbly & Bright

One of our favorite things to do is to create a mocktail base and then have two different pathways to create a bubbly drink.  So, we’d have a non-alcoholic sparkling topper and an alcoholic addition topped with sparkling wine to make it a bubbly cocktail.  

And for this holiday season, we have our Bubbly & Bright cocktail and mocktail.  

This mocktail is perfect for either Thanksgiving or Christmas by the glass or by the pitcher.  In fact, here’s what we love to do.  We like to take the base of the mocktail (everything before the bubbly beverage is added) and then have the bubbly topper chilling in an ice bucket and the alcoholic ingredients in a different ice bucket. 

A holiday mocktail with a matching cocktail...our favorite way to make drinks.

Here’s how this would work:

  • Take the base:   pomegranate juice, lime juice and pomegranate perils and make a pitcher of that.  
  • In one ice bucket, have a bottle of sparkling pomegranate juice so guest can create a non-alcoholic drink, by topping the base with the amount they’d like and they have the perfect bubbly mocktail.
  • In another ice bucket, have Pama liquor and sparkling red wine.  Each guest would add one ounce of Pama liquor and then top with the amount of sparkling red wine they’d like.  

It’s a create your own drink bar.  Perfect so that you don’t have to keep creating mocktails and cocktails and you truly have a drink that everyone can enjoy, mocktail or cocktail style.  

Want more?  

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Which mocktail will you be making this holiday season?