Let’s talk about calories in sparkling wine because it’s a question I get all the time.

I think by the end of this, you’re going to be very happy and ready to pop that bottle in celebration because you can drink your sparkling wine without any guilt!

Sparkling Wine Serving

A typical serving of wine is 5 oz which means each bottle will serve 5 people.  So for the basis of this post, all of the calculations are on a 5 oz pour.  However, it’s important to note that some champagne glasses, specifically the flute,  may only hold 4 oz of sparkling wine.  

And if you’re looking for the champagne flutes we love and use all the time, check out Catvonle and Crate and Barrel as they have a 5 oz capacity.  

Our favorite sparkling wine flutes for a 5 oz pour.

And if you have checked out our post all about champagne glasses, you know my favorite glass to enjoy my bubbly is the tulip. It holds 5 oz of bubbly (and maybe a little more which is my favorite type of pour) and gives a full experience with aroma and taste.

5 oz serving size for the perfect pour for the amount of calories in sparkling wine referenced here.

Sweetness Levels in Sparkling Wine

Last year we talked about the amount of sugar in sparkling wine for all those wondering if they could drink bubbly on a low sugar diet.  You can check out the post here, but let me give you a quick recap.  

The levels of sweetness are marked on the bottle with terms like Brut Nature, Brut, Dry, etc.  There are images in the low sugar blog post that show all the terms for the various types of sparkling wines.  

If you’re like me and don’t like a sparkling wine that is too sweet, then you grab a brut nature, extra brut or brut bottle of bubbly.  These will also have the least amount of residual sugar which of course, will save you some calories and carbs.   

Sweetness levels in sparkling wine.

Here’s a quick guide to the most popular types of sparkling wine.  

  • Extra-Brut: up to 0.9 carbs per serving.
  • Brut: up to 1.8 carbs per serving.
  • Extra-Dry: 1.8 to 2.55 carbs per serving.
  • Dry: 1.8 to 2.55 carbs per serving.

As with most alcoholic beverages the calories are in the mixers because most of those contain a lot of sugar, like juice. And if you have ever heard me talk about ordering mimosas for color and not flavor, that definitely doesn’t add too many extra calories.  

Here’s the bottom line, when you want to order a glass with the least amount of calories in sparkling wine, basically, stick with sparkling wine with the least amount of residual sugar.

Calories in Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wines are a pretty good choice for the calorie-conscious drinker.  

When calculating the calories in sparkling wine in addition to the 5 oz serving size the other consideration is sparkling wine that is 12% ABV (which most are).  

  • Extra Brut has 91–96 calories per serving
  • Brut has 91–98 calories per serving 
  • Extra Dry has 98–101 calories per serving 
  • Dry has 101–111 calories per serving
  • Semi Dry has 111–121 calories per serving 
  • Sweet – has more than 121 calories per serving
Calories in sparkling wine per 5 oz serving cheat sheet.

Calories in Red and White Wine

So for reference, I thought I would include the calories in red and white wine. The amount of calories in a glass of wine depends on the ABV% which varies from 9%-16%. The lower the ABC %, the lower the calories. And just like calories in sparkling wine, it depends on the sweetness level of the wine.

A glass of dry red wine ranges from 72-127 calories based on ABV%. And sweet red ranges from 100-157. As for whites, dry ranges from 90-145 and sweet ranges from 92-178 calories.

Extra Brut and Brut Nature Sparkling Wine

Extra Brut or Brut Nature are pretty hard to find, in a normal grocery store and even liquor store, but when you can, be sure to grab them because every glass will be less than 100 calories and less than 1 carb.  

If you want a new bubbly to try, we recently tried Bellisima Zero Sugar Prosecco and I would definitely buy it again.  It was the only one at the liquor store, but they have a Zero Sugar Sparkling Rosé as well.  

When monitoring the amount of calories in sparkling wine choose a brut nature or extra brut sparkling wine.  This Bellisima Prosecco has zero sugar added and is a great option.

The Bottom Line

As you know, we are all about popping the bubbly to celebrate any moment big or small.  So, needless to say, we do not feel guilty when popping the bubbly to celebrate even the most generic everyday moment.

Moments deserve to be celebrated and you should never feel guilty to do so.  We totally respect a healthy lifestyle and are sharing this information in the hopes of helping out those who are counting calories and/or carbs.

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