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Personal Branding-The 7 Ways You Captivate others and may not even know it!

I created Bubbly Side of Life to help others who were in a similar situation as me: an overworked, underpaid corporate employee who knew there was more and in order to achieve that, I had to create it myself.

And with that, Bubbly Side of Life was born…ok it wasn’t quite that simple and it you want to know more about the how Bubbly Side of Life came to be or how to get there and what that looks like once you’re there…these are two great posts to read.

While I didn’t truly understand the importance of personal branding when I left my corporate job, once I discovered this, I never looked back and my brand and business took an exciting turn.

But this is all about YOU and learning exactly how the world sees you so that you can be more of yourself AND get ahead in business.

Do you know how you WOW?

Personal branding - how do you wow others?

Now, you may read through that and think you know exactly how you WOW, but do you really know?

You see, people perceive you in some way and may have no clue how others truly see you, but the reality is…their perception of you is reality, so you better figure out exactly what that is.

You have 7 Seconds…

And with distraction rates being 7 seconds (or less), you need to showcase your differences immediately to gain and hold their attention in the most natural and authentic way possible.

The internet being what it is, is setting a high bar that you must leap over in order to capture your audience’s attention so that your message will have impact.

If we fail to fascinate and fail to create these moments of intense focus, then we are far less likely to persuade them to follow us let alone buy from us or work with us. 

People will get distracted by the next shiny object and move on.  Need proof?  Take a look around next time you’re out to dinner.  Or the next time you’re watching TV.  

And you may know from experience, shiny object syndrome is real. As real as FOMO. So don’t give anyone the option to look for the next best thing.

You need to WOW your potential clients/customers or you will fail.

How to Fascinate

When I learned about the book How to Fascinate by Sally Hogshead, I was truly fascinated! In fact, I was so fascinated, that I became one of the Fascinate Certified Advisors.

Fascinate Certified Advisor - How to Fascinate

Let me tell you more. I use this on every single one of my clients because the system is designed to show you how the world sees you and not the other way around.

This means, you bring more of your natural, authentic you to your business or corporate life in order to:

  • Gain more clients/customers
  • Close more deals
  • Increase your influence
  • Ensure others will listen to you and take action on what you say

But here’s the problem, most of us don’t even realize how the world sees us and we’re busy trying to fit into a “box” of how we should be seen in order to advance in our careers.

And that’s completely backwards. In fact, every single person I chat with about this whole idea is truly fascinated…so much so we begin working thru the process together so that they are armed with their Advantage to truly communicate effectively and WOW any audience they’re in front of (whether they know they’re watching or not). 

Think about it…every time you post a video on social media, you have no clue who is going to watch it or fast forward it.  Every time you are presenting or conducting a meeting, you have no clue if they are engaged or enjoying their daydream. So how can you make sure they stay engaged past the 7 second mark?

7 Ways to Captivate ANY Audience

Let me share more of the 7 different ways you can captivate your audience

  1. If your go to is PASSION, you seek out ways to connect with them on an emotional level. It’s not only about the rational data, you find ways to make them feel strongly about your topic.
  2. Using POWER to fascinate your audience means you present your organization, or yourself as an authority…and there’s no reason to look elsewhere.
  3. When you call on PRESTIGE to create a fascinating experience you’ll elevate the perceived value of your participants’ experience…there’s no such thing as ‘good enough’ here.
  4. You can fascinate your audience by building curiosity and intrigue, using the MYSTIQUE Advantage.
  5. Use the ALERT Advantage and highlight the severity of the problem that you’ll solve. You will command your audience’s attention and keep them engaged.
  6. The INNOVATION Advantage is a way that you can change the game for your participants…always thinking out of the box with presentation or meeting formats.
  7. Using the TRUST by creating a predictable pattern to capture your audience’s attention. They will feel comfortable in the familiar framework.

When looking to create more engagement, command attention in a board room, expand your brand and elevate your influence, you need to utilize your Fascination Advantage to heighten the experience of your ideal clients/customers or employees. 

Talk about a game changer.

How do others already see you?

Now I must tell you about my very informal study, but one that has proven to be 99% accurate.  When I introduce these 7 advantages to my clients they almost always guess wrong as to which is their primary.  Why is that?

Because here’s the deal, this is not how we want to be seen or how we want our brand to come across, this is how others already see you and your brand.

So if you want to gain that clarity and use it to your advantage…your first step is to find out exactly how others see you. And that can be done in a very simple less than 5 minute quiz.

And then it’s your choice whether or not you want to dive in deeper to that and understand exactly what that means for your professional career.

If you’re a business professional or entrepreneur wanting to effortlessly stand out among the crowd, I can’t wait to work with you.

If you’re an IAW Member wanting to know exactly how others see you and how you can use it to your advantage, then I’ll see you over here for some in depth and very fun work!