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Personal Branding For IAW Members

How to Leverage Your Personal Brand to Gain an Advantage in the Marketplace

Whether you are seeking a career change or want to grow your business, your personal brand is an essential element of success. By showcasing yourself as an expert, you are better able to attract the attention you need to move forward. 

Wouldn’t you love to be able to finally be able to answer these questions:

  • What kind of first impression do you create?
  • How do others see you?
  • How are you most likely to impress others?
  • How do you influence others?

Once you know those answers, you’re ready to walk into any meeting or interview with a relaxed confidence and know that you’re going to impress them by being your natural, authentic self.  How awesome would that be?

Discounted IAW Member Packages

No matter which package you choose, you will learn:

  • How to fine-tune your personal brand in order to improve communication and fascinate your clients/customers
  • How to leverage your Advantage to create a brand that stands out among the crowd
  • How to build more powerful relationships and connect deeper and more easily with your potential clients/customers
  • How to increase your influence and positively impact your potential business relationships
  • How to improve communication so that your clients/customers are crystal clear on what you have to offer

Assessment + Customized 1:1 Session-$147

First you will take the full Fascinate Assessment (valued at $55) and then, we will virtually meet to have a 1:1 session (Valued at $497) that is truly customized to you and your results.

You will also get complete access to a recording that goes over all of this in detail and with worksheets to adjust your Anthem when needed.

You will:

  • Learn exactly what your results mean in both your personal and professional life
  • Learn how to apply your Fascination Advantage® to influence your potential business relationships
  • Be able to leverage your Advantage to create a brand that stands out among the crowd 
  • Improve your communication for fascinate your audience so that they take immediate action
  • Create your anthem (tag line)

Feel free to reach out with any questions:

Next Steps…

After your purchase:

  •  You will receive an email with a one time use code for the assessment.  This assessment is very quick and easy to take, but make sure that you have 5 uninterrupted minutes dedicated before accessing it.
  • Print the assessment and review it.  (I find the downloaded version much easier to use).
  • Book a session on my calendar for your customized 1:1 session.  Please plan for a solid 90 minute session.   This session will take place on Zoom.

Fascinate Quiz + Customized Session + Additional Coaching Sessions-$497

This package is for the business professional who wants to learn exactly how the world sees you AND how to use that to your advantage in business.

First, we complete everything listed above. Once you have all of that information, we will go into detail on how to transfer that into you business/career to use it to your advantage.

These additional coaching sessions (Valued at $994) will focus on how to:

  • Use your advantage to attract clients/customers
  • Create influence over your market

Fascinate Quiz Only-$47

Are you just curious how the world sees you? Purchase the assessment (at a discounted rate) and you’ll receive a full report only (no coaching session). In addition, I will send you a recording with an overview along with worksheets to complete your anthem (tagline) (Valued at $97).

Why should you learn how the world sees you?

Penny Kelley, Founder of Marketing Profit School and IAW Influencer says:

“Work with Vicki if you want to:

  • Get clarity
  • Identify how you’re different and how that sets you apart from everyone else
  • See how others see you and how to use that to help you move your business further, faster
  • Take empowered action that you know is within you”