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Bubbly Party Ideas

4 Tempting Bubbly Desserts You Need To Try

Eat an extra dessert day…now that is a holiday I can get behind.  And what better than bubbly


Everything You Need for an Amazing Bubbly Picnic

A bubbly picnic is the perfect way to host a low key, socially distant bubbly party that is


A Simple & Delicious Bellini Brunch-Your Guests Will Be Begging for Seconds

Peach season is here and how do you pair peaches with brunch…well, you make a Bellini, of course!


5 Mac and Cheese Dishes Paired with Bubbly-Including the BEST Mac and Cheese Recipe

Bubbly and mac and cheese? Wine and cheese is a natural pairing we all know and love.  And


The Best Frosted Sugar Cookies-Bubbly Style!

What better way to celebrate National Sugar Cookie day than with some homemade buttercream frosted sugar cookies! I


Best Canned Sparkling Wines for Summer-Putting 4 Canned Sparkling Wines and 4 Sparkling Rosé Cans to the Test

It’s finally time to BBQ, go to baseball games and relax poolside, and canned sparkling wine makes it