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Bubbly Celebrations

Tasting 6 Popular Prosecco DOC to Celebrate National Prosecco Day

All bubbly is sparkling wine and Prosecco DOC is no different, it’s wine with bubbles, and the difference


Celebrate National Watermelon Day with Delicious and Refreshing Bubbly Beverages

Since National Watermelon Day is August 3, we had to feature it and, of course, celebrate it, right?


A Simple & Delicious Bellini Brunch

Peach season is here and how do you pair peaches with brunch…well, you make a Bellini, of course!


5 Mac and Cheese Dishes Paired with Bubbly-Including the BEST Mac and Cheese Recipe

Bubbly and mac and cheese? Wine and cheese is a natural pairing we all know and love.  And


The Best Frosted Sugar Cookies-Bubbly Style!

What better way to celebrate National Sugar Cookie day than with some homemade buttercream frosted sugar cookies! I


Best Canned Sparkling Wines for Summer-Putting 4 Canned Sparkling Wines and 4 Sparkling Rosé Cans to the Test

It’s finally time to BBQ, go to baseball games and relax poolside, and canned sparkling wine makes it