Two Champagne Glasses in front of the ocean

You can always find a reason to Celebrate

You wanna know the question that drives me berserk?  Like legit makes me crazy!

Now keep in mind, I was a middle school teacher for years, but I don’t think they ever asked me a question that made me just spiral out of control.

And since I left the corporate world, I feel like I hear this question every single week.

I generally consider myself a patient and understanding person, I mean I taught middle school for years. But there is 1 thing that just drives me crazy! I cannot stand when people ask if their reason is good enough to celebrate.

At least once a week I hear someone say:

Is this (insert reason here) a good enough reason to celebrate? 

YES!  The answer is ALWAYS YES!  

Celebrate the Big Moments

Whether any one else believes they are a big moment or not CELEBRATE because they are big to you! Sometimes the biggest moments that need celebrated are the ones we don’t often acknowledge. The ones that go “unseen” by the world.

So whether it was getting that gross corner of your house finally sparkling clean (come on we all have that ONE corner) or you accomplished something as simple as getting your whole team at work to turn in their paperwork on time. Those can be personally momentous feats that deserve your celebration. Whether any one else realizes how momentous those occasions are or not.

Celebrate the Small Moments

I know you have heard this 1000 times before but I am going to say it again for you. Celebrate every moment in life. It could be the smallest simplest thing but life itself should be celebrated.

We always think that the best years and moments are still to come but at some point you look back and realize that you spent so much time looking forward to the “best” years that you missed all the best years that are behind you.

I see you mama struggling with the weight of caring for little ones. Barely able to find the time to care for yourself, let alone find a moment to celebrate. Take a moment, even if that’s all you have, and celebrate the strength you have caring for all the little needs that demand your attention all day and night.

I see you working woman trying to push through the stereotypes or just trying to prove that you are amazing at what you do. I see them brush you aside or ignore your accomplishments. Take time today and celebrate something that you are proud of. No matter who thinks you should be proud of it. Take just a few moments to relish the feeling of a job well done.

Check out our Celebration Calendar for something to celebrate every day!

And all the Moments In Between

Whether you made got the new job or promotion, watched your team score the winning touchdown, or celebrating a date night, it is all the moments in life that we enjoy that matter most. When it comes to our memories we tend to remember the times that we were happy and enjoying life. Celebrating every moment of life is one way to guarantee you have a lot of happy memories when you look back.

If you aren’t sure how to celebrate and you only have a few minutes we have a few ideas for you.

Did you eat breakfast today? No, ya for intermittent fasting! Yes, yay way to start your day with the most important meal!

3 Ways to Celebrate in 3 Minutes

1. Pop Open a Bottle of Bubbly (Of Course)

Whether it’s the “good stuff” or just good stuff pop open your favorite bottle and have a glass.

Bubbly Side of Life popping open a bottle of bubbly

2. Enjoy a Bubbly Treat

Maybe you aren’t exactly in an environment where you can just pop open a bottle of bubbly. Why not try a bubbly treat instead. Whether it’s a scrumptious looking champagne cookie, or a champagne flavored treat you can’t go wrong having your bubbly and eating it too.

Check out these adorable champagne cookies that you can order on Amazon!

Pink Bubbly Champagne cookies perfect for celebrating any occasion

3. Enjoy a Bubbly Scent

If neither of the above options is available you can always indulge a few minutes in a bubbly scent to help you celebrate life’s little moments. Champagne scented candles and soaps can take you away to a place of relaxation even if it’s just for a few moments.

Champagne Toast scented candle to grab a few minutes of celebration during the day

3 Ways to Turn any Dinner into a Celebration

1. Serve it on the “Good” Plates

Whether “the good plates” are regular plates when you are more paper kind of people or you’re busting out the fine china your grandma gave you for your wedding, anyone can jaz up dinner by simply swapping out the dinner plates. I once had beautiful gold Tinker Bell plates that I never enjoyed because the occasion was never special enough.

2. Add Some Garnish

This one might require a little planning ahead. Simply adding a little garnish to your mean can not only make it look more appetizing (heck there is a reason restaurants add it) but it adds a touch of fanciness to your meal as well. Sometimes the smallest extra efforts can go a long way in turning a “regular” dinner into a celebration.

Champagne Glasses with Garnish

3. Use the Champagne Glasses

Even if you aren’t popping open a bottle of bubbly (which we of course highly recommend you do!) just setting and using the champagne glasses adds that bit of extra specialness to dinner. Drink juice or heck even drink water out of them. The extra touch to do something out of the ordinary can make it special. If you have them set your wedding toasting glasses for an extra special test that will bring back the memories.

The Aftertaste

See, there is always a reason to celebrate!  And it doesn’t have to be this huge momentous reason…it can be any moment in your life that you are proud of and want to celebrate.

Everything is simply a matter of perspective.  And do NOT wait for someone else to get on board or acknowledge your accomplishment.  

If it means something to you, then it is worth celebrating.    The End.

And because I am asked all the time to give people “permission to celebrate” consider it given.  

However, you choose to celebrate the point is that you DO! Whether it’s something as simple as taking a moment to just enjoy a relaxing scent or putting together a just because celebration dinner, get out their and celebrate life’s moments both BIG and small.

POP the cork, enjoy the moment and CELEBRATE!

You deserve it.  You earned it.

Now own it and go CELEBRATE!

And if you still need a reason to celebrate…I’m here for you.