When you’re sitting in front of the ocean, soaking up the Vitamin D and want a champagne cocktail, but they don’t have one on the menu, what do you do? Create your own, of course.

Let me introduce you to The Bubbly Side…it came to life at Ko`a Kea Hotel & Resort when my friend asked me to take one of their cocktails and add bubbly.

So, up to the bar we went, to order our new cocktail creation.

It was delicious, so officially, that cocktail was named The Bubbly Side.

The best part of this resort are the people…especially the bartenders and the waitstaff (particularly the restaurant waitstaff, but we had some great pool staff too). And obviously, we’d meet new staff members since we were there a full week.

And this was my favorite part…

All we had to do as the week went on was push this button (that we referred to as the Bat phone) and a staff member came over and he knew exactly what The Bubbly Side was!

And then we decided to experiment a little bit more…and we tried one frozen. Guess, what…it was just as delicious, just a bit foamy instead of bubbly.

I am hoping when I go back I will see The Bubbly Side officially on their menu! Now THAT would be amazing! So, go and ask for it and report back if they remember how to make it.

Pro Tip: Bring your own tumbler to keep your drinks cooler longer when you’re soaking up all the rays you possibly can.

We were celebrating my friend’s birthday this week, so I knew she had to have the perfect tumbler for the occasion. And let me tell you, this one exceeded my expectations.

You can buy it here on Amazon. I bought a different (cheaper) tumbler for myself because I always bring one with me and the differences were HUGE! This tumbler was higher quality in every way. Do yourself a favor and pick one up!