Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktails

With all of the other heavy lifting you’re doing to put together an awesome Easter spread, it’s easy to forget about making the day extra special for adults too. Instead of just throwing some punch in a bowl, we have some gorgeous, and EASY, Easter cocktail recipes for you. Plus, a fun way to put a bubbly (and adult) spin on the egg hunt.

Easter Bubbly Hunt

Why should the kids have all the fun hunting eggs this year? Flip the tables and let the kids hide eggs for some grown up egg hunt fun.

Last year I was invited to an Easter Beer Hunt where we brought our favorite beer, hard cider, or hard seltzer, gathered around a big table with lots of fun supplies like stickers, decorative tape, etc, and decorated our bottles/cans.  When we were done, the kids took them and hid them around the yard while the adults stayed inside. Then it was time to find them.  Let’s just say those kids got even for all the times we hid their eggs in a hard to find spots!  

Decorating “Eggs”

It was so much fun!  So why not continue the tradition….bubbly style!

Wilson Creek Split in Purple Easter Egg

I changed things up a bit and quite frankly made things a bit easier. But I could have gone all out and decorated my bubbly splits with glitter like we did for St. Patrick’s Day. All the supplies you will need to do we actually found at the Dollar Tree or on Amazon.

And the good news is, it doesn’t take too long to dry.  When we decorated our cans and bottles, we immediately had the hunt, and you could almost do the same with the glitter bottles.  I would probably have a big glitter decorating party, eat some appetizers or dinner, and then do the hunt just to be sure it was all dry.

Wilson Creek Winery Split inside Purple Egg

I took the easier (and cleaner I might add) route and bought these 8” eggs and added any normal size split or bubbly can (we like to call these champ cans), will fit inside this egg.  And as you can see, it blends right in. LOL

Green grownup easter egg filled with champagne split hidden in a tree

Stuffing Grown Up Easter Eggs

To mix it up a bit, I also stuffed eggs with my favorite bubbly themed candy.  Now these eggs, you might actually be able to hide.  I stuffed the eggs with:

Seattle Chocolate-Champagne (I love their Pink Champagne too) and these chocolate truffles actually have pop rocks inside making them so much fun!

Project 7-Champagne Dreams & The Brunch Club Gourmet Gummies which fold up nicely to put into a bit bigger size egg (3” or larger).  You can snag these at Whole Foods.

Jelly Belly-Bubbly flavor Jelly Beans which also come in a cute bubbly bottle or you can dump them out into the eggs if you don’t have an egg big enough. 

Grownup Easter Egg Hunt Goodies - Champagne Gummy bears, Bubbly jelly beans, and champagne chocolates

Have fun with it and let yourself get into the spirit of hunting. We are all about celebrating on the Bubbly Side of Life and this is the perfect way to get the adults in on the fun part of the celebration too.  

Pro Tip: I was the cool aunt who always did the Easter egg hunt for my niece and nephews when they were little.  And since I put money in their eggs, I needed to make sure one of them didn’t find all the eggs with the big bills.  So I would pick a specific egg design for each kid and that’s the exact egg they were looking for.  This is a great idea if you’re having both the adult and kid’s hunt at the same time. Of course, always do a quick double check of kids baskets to make sure they didn’t accidentally snag an adult egg.

Bubbly Easter Cocktail Recipes

You’re going to need a mimosa while you stroll about the yard looking for bubbly treats. We don’t expect you to wait until you find your bubbly to enjoy it. Be sure to have extra bubbly on hand to make these super easy Easter cocktail recipes before hand.

Cotton Candy Champagne

Now, one of the best parts about these Easter cocktail recipes is how easy they are.  Not a lot of prep work to go into these at all.  I found these awesome cotton candy tubs at Walmart when they starting to stock the Easter stuff.  I had been on the cotton candy hunt for a while so I grabbed it right off the shelf the second I realized what it was. 

Purple Cotton Candy Cocktail

I thought this would be fun for the look and really cool when you add the bubbly, but I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t make it over the top sweet. The color changed drastically which is really fun to watch, but really it didn’t change the flavor much at all.  

How cute would this be to have them all set up on a bar cart for Easter with your favorite bubbly opened and your guests could pick their favorite color, add bubbly, and enjoy! No special mixing or bar tending for you!

Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktails with Cava

I paired this with one of my favorite Cavas, Freixenet, that is easily found at most grocery stores. Cavas are Spains version of champagne and are made with the same traditional method that champagnes from France are made with. They don’t tend to be overly sweet which makes them perfect for pairing with something like cotton candy to give it just an extra hint of sweetness.

Then, of course, Evolution Brut because they are one of my favorites, have a spot to write what you’re celebrating, and it matched the blue cotton candy. 🙂

Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktails with Evolve Extra Brut

Sometimes you just have to have matching accessories!

Personally, I wouldn’t use a sparkling rosé because usually the color of a rosé is so pretty on it’s own, I wouldn’t want to change that. Plus, you could end up with a rather wonky colored drink mixing the pink with other colors. If you want to use a sparkling rosé just keep in mind those color mixing lessons you had back in elementary art so you don’t end up with a brown drink.

Which ever way you choose to add the cotton candy it’s fun to watch it disappear into the bubbly.

Adding bubbly to the cotton candy (above) or adding cotton candy to the bubbly (below). What’s your favorite?

Easter Bubbly

Next on our list of bubbly Easter cocktail recipes is an even easier drink, if you can believe that! To be honest it’s less of a cocktail and more of a fun surprise for you guests that adds a fun twist to your bubbly.

A Brew Glitter and a bottle of bubbly is all you need. I chose the teal for it’s appeal to all guests. (Not everyone wants to be drinking pink or purples bubbly.) It turned the bubbly a beautiful shade of teal without affecting the flavor. Now, when your guests pour their bubbly, it comes out a sparkly teal color!  How fun (and maybe slightly alarming) for your guests.  

Again the flavor is not affected at all, so you can use your favorite bubbly with this one as well.  And if you read any of my other posts, you know that I am a big fan of using juice for ice cubes.  So if you’re wanting that real mimosa taste with some juice, I would pick a color brew glitter to match the selection of juice cubes you want to make.  

Cheater Mimosas

The last of our super easy bubbly Easter cocktail recipes is what I call Cheater Mimosas and I have talked about them before.  You buy these sugar cubes at Uncommon Goods and add one your your glass and top with bubbly.  

Now I will say, these do give your bubbly a bit of a sweeter flavor, so I would be sure to use a brut (unless, of course, you like a sweet bubbly).  This really is as simple as drop in a pour bubbly. 

Instant Mimosa Cube with Cava

And I like to keep my mimosas chilled by adding frozen fruit and this would be perfect for that.  Frozen strawberries, raspberries and peaches to match each of the sugar cubes and this is the perfect mimosa.  

Any which way, these are really easy and fun cocktails to make.  


Now while everyone is pouring and enjoying their bubbly cocktail, how about some fun bubbly snacks to enjoy?  I honestly could live off of snacking and it’s my favorite part of any get together.  This is a perfect pair for all of the Easter cocktail recipes above.

I could have whipped this up, but why when it’s already created and waiting for you at Whole Foods.  This champagne cheddar spread and assorted entertainment crackers (really any type of cracker you love) make a perfect, easy appetizer option.  

Champagne cheddar cheese spread with crackers

I also like to have out a variety of a nuts to snack on and when I am serving bubbly, I make sure to have almonds, cashew, and peanuts (make sure they are all salted, of course!).  These nuts are not to overpowering, plus, the salt and the crunch pairs oh so well with bubbly.  (If you want to know the science of it all, head over to our Potato Chip Pairing post and maybe add that to your Easter spread as well!)

Now you know, if you do any of these things for Easter, we want to be a part of it….virtually that is. Be sure to show us your versions of our Easter cocktail recipes  So be sure to tag us on Instagram @bubblysideoflife.

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