What better way to celebrate National Sugar Cookie day than with some homemade buttercream frosted sugar cookies!

I have such a sweet tooth, as does my bubblyologist, Matthew…you can meet him here if you haven’t already, so rather than our normal mocktail and cocktail creations in the kitchen, it was sugar cookies!  

Sugar Cookie Recipe

The sugar cookie recipe comes straight from Jenny Cookies.  Jenny Keller aka Jenny Cookies makes the BEST and cutest homemade sugar cookies ever.  

Last year, I was lucky enough to meet Jenny in person at a cookie and wine pairing at Chateau Ste. Michelle winery in Woodinville, Washington for the launch of her second book, Cookie Class which is where the recipe can be found. By the way, if you go to her website and search ‘sugar cookie recipe’ you will also find it there.

Launch party for Cookie Class at Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery in Woodinville, WA with a cookie and wine pairing.

Now I have to pause here because it would be completely wrong of me to not acknowledge Jenny and the inspiration she has been to me and Bubbly Side of Life.  I actually met her before the event as I was at the winery bubbly tasting and she was doing her walk through.  She was so incredibly kind and stopped to chat with me and really gave me the encouragement I needed to move forward with some ideas I was really debating on and doubting.  

Meeting Jenny Keller, founder of Jenny Cookies

So back to sugar cookies.  Now, let’s be very clear….I am an excellent baker, but not a good, heck not even mediocre decorator.  So needless to say, we used the Jenny Cookies homemade sugar cookie recipe, but took the easy way out and created circles so we didn’t have to do any fancy icing.  

And since we were only being as fancy as circle shapes, what better cookie cutter to use than a champagne coupe or a wine tasting glass from one of our favorite wineries…so really we have bubbly shaped cookies.  

The best sugar cookie recipe using a champagne coupe as a cookie cutter

Bubbly Buttercream

Because sugar cookies would not be complete without the buttercream icing, we used the Jenny Cookies buttercream recipe for one batch and then tweaked it a bit, to bubbly-ize it, of course.

Frosted sugar cookies with buttercream frosting from Cookie Class

To make our frosted sugar cookies, we created a sparkling rosé frosting and a sparkling almond frosting.  And to do so, we basically removed the vanilla and heavy cream from the recipe and replaced it with bubbly.  Super easy swap to make and it didn’t change the consistency too much.  

The major difference is that with buttercream, you can easily stack them (after a bit) and not ruin them much quicker than the bubbly buttercream.

Taste Test

The bubbly buttercream did not taste overly rosé or overly almond.  In fact, the general consensus was that adding the bubbly made it less sweet and more enjoyable.  And the #1 vote was for the bubbly almond buttercream.

Frosted Sugar Cookie + Bubbly Pairing

We couldn’t just bubbly-ize the buttercream and call it good for National Sugar Cookie day, could we?  We had to do a pairing with it, of course.  

Now some people think that sweets and bubbly don’t pair well, but you know me…everything pairs well with bubbly in my opinion.  

At the Cookie Class launch party, Jenny actually made different flavors of both the sugar cookies and the icing to pair with various Chateau Ste. Michelle wines.  For our celebration of National Sugar Cookie day, we just played with the buttercream frosting. 

Almond Sparkling Frosted Sugar Cookie + Wilson Creek Almond Sparkling

No surprise here.  What better way to compliment the flavor of the almond sparkling in the actual frosting recipe than with the actual bubbly used.  

If you like sweeter bubbly, you can try a semi-seco cava, semi-dry sparkling wine or demi-sec champagne.  

Sparkling Almond frosted sugar cookies with Almond Creek Almond Sparkling Wine

Rosé Sparkling Frosted Sugar Cookie + Brut

While I love the idea of pairing this with a sparkling rosé, it just didn’t work for me.  I would pair this with a brut or even the almond sparkling for that hint of sweetness.  

Sparkling rosé frosted sugar cookies with Drink Babe bubbly.


You know over here at Bubbly Side of LIfe, we can always find a reason to celebrate!  And for us, that always means popping open a bottle to do so!  

If you’re looking for ideas of how to pair bubbly with your next cake, check out this post. 

And we want always want to know what you’re celebrating.  So please tag us on Instagram and let’s celebrate together!  CHEERS!

What better way to celebrate National Sugar Cookie day than with some homemade buttercream frosted sugar cookies - and a little bubbly added in of course! Bubbly Drinks | Sparkling Wine | Rose all Day | Bubbly Cocktails | Champagne drinks | Prosecco drinks | Bubbly recipes | Virtual Happy Hour | Girls Night Ideas