Just in time for National Rosé Day on June 13 (and let’s face it….summer), and you know we turned that into National Sparkling Rosé Day here at Bubbly Side of Life.  

Summertime and sparkling rosé truly go hand in hand for me. There is something about the summer, being outside, soaking up the vitamin D that has be switch from my favorite sparkling brut to my favorite sparkling rosé.

A great list of the best sparkling rosé wines are coming up, but let me answer some questions I get asked all the time about sparkling rosé.

What gives sparkling rosé it’s pink color?

The answer to that is quite simple:  the skin of the grape.

How is sparkling rosé made?

People ask me this question all the time.  And there’s not one way that sparkling rosé is made actually.  The most popular method is when the grapes are crushed with the skin on for a period of time, from a few hours to a couple days. The longer it sits, the darker the color.  

Is sparkling rosé sweeter than other sparkling wine?

Not necessarily.  Refer to this sweetness scale when choosing your sparkling rosé.  Brut Nature, Extra Brut and Brut will have the least amount of sugar.  So, if you don’t like a sweet bubbly or are watching your sugar intake, those should always be your go to choices for bubbly.

Sweetness levels for sparkling wine.

Are dark pink sparkling rosé wines sweeter than light pink?  Or vice versa?

Not necessarily.  You can’t judge the sweetness level by the pinkness level.  The pink is a reflection of how long the skin was left on the grape.  And for sweetness levels, refer to the chart above.

Sparkling Rosé Round Up

In my opinion (and those who I have recruited to help me taste along the way), here are the best sparkling rosé wines in several different regions and, of course, if you want something quick, the grocery store.

Don’t forget, many of these wineries are shipping and have some great deals to get you stocked up on your favorite sparkling rosé wine for summer.  If you can’t get to them, they can certainly get it to you!  (If it’s legal of course to ship to your state.)

Oregon Wineries (Willamette Valley)

Sparkling rosé at Bubbles Fest in Oregon

I had the luxury of tasting many of these at Bubbles Fest where I brought my two girlfriends to help me taste and choose favorites.  

Others are tried and true favorites (along with their tasting rooms) and for those, I linked their report cards for you.

Sparkling rosé wine

Temecula Valley Wineries

It is no secret that Temecula Valley is one of my favorite wine countries.  And I am slowly making my way to all the wineries that have bubbly, but here are a two of my favorites.  

  • Danza del Sol  2019 Tres Rosé + NV Espumosa

You may we wondering what I’ve done here, but I visited Danza del Sol in February of and while I was there, I tried their Tres Rosé which was a bit too sweet for me.  So we decided to add some bubbly and see what happened and it was delicious!  Truly a new favorite home-made sparkling rosé!

Danza Del Sol Tres Rosé and Espumosa...a new favorite homemade sparkling rosé wine

Washington Wineries

While visiting the Seattle area, I had to head to Woodinville to explore some wineries.  Not a lot of bubbly can be found in that particular area, but you know I did find some.  And here are they are.

  • Chateau Ste. Michelle Domaine Ste. Michelle Brut Rosé
  • Alexandria Nicole Cellars Adulting Sparkling Rosé (comes in a can too!)
Adulting sparkling rosé in a can from Alexandria Nicole Cellars

Grocery/Liquor Store

  • Rosé All Day Sparkling Rosé (comes in a can too!)

Not only do I love a glass (or bottle) of sparkling rosé all on it’s own, I also love a good sparkling rosé cocktail.  Have you tried these yet?  

Strosé Mimosa

Sparkling rosé cocktails

Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade 

And here’s the good news, if you have a bottle of sparkling rosé open, but the recipe calls for a brut, give it a try…who knows, you might have just created a new version of a cocktail that is amazing!

So bring on the pool days, balcony nights with great sunsets and lots of sparkling rosé.  

And if you’re drinking poolside, you might want to grab an insulated tumbler (my favorite is with lid, of course).  We have a full review coming soon, but in the meantime, you can grab some at the Bubbly Side of Life Amazon Shop.  One stop shopping for all your bubbly drinking needs.

So do tell, what’s your favorite summertime bubbly?