Our first stop on our very first weekend out once wineries started opening up after COVID (with restrictions, of course) was to Red Top Winery and it definitely lived up to the sign we passed on the way to the tasting room:  Red Top is Daringly Different

Red Top is Daringly Different

Red Top Winery set the stage for our first weekend of bubbly tasting and it was quite fun to start out at a place that truly was different.

The Tasting Room

Driving to Red Top Winery, you couldn’t help but notice a building with a giant red roof.  It was like a beacon guiding us straight to the tasting room.  And while many (us included) think that is where the name of the winery comes from, it’s not.  Red Top Winery is actually named after the owner Allison who is a redhead.

Red Top Winery Tasting Room

Red Top is only 4 years old and the tasting room is fresh and new and lots of fun with lots of great places for photo opps.  The decor is not your typical tasting room decor which makes it feel so laid-back and fun.   

Red Top Winery Tasting room

Their tasting room is huge and with lots of space to spread out and enjoy a tasting.  We visited on a Friday so we just walked right up to the bar to enjoy our sparkling wine tasting there.  

Red Top Winery Tasting Room

Outside is set up with lots of furniture with couches, Adirondack chairs and picnic tables to enjoy your sparkling wine and what’s great is that there is a garage door that opens up to the outside making it feel all inclusive. 

Outside Red Top Winery

They’re pumping fun music throughout the tasting room and on Saturdays in the summer they have live music too. You can’t help but be in a good mood while enjoying your sparkling wine in their tasting room.

Why is Red Top Winery Different?

First of all, all of their wine (sparkling and still) and cider is all served on tap, yes you can buy a bottle (or multiple), but your tasting is straight from the tap.  Yes, the wine is made from grapes right on the property in barrels, but it’s served from kegs. 

Second, to make your tasting selections, they give you 6 guitar picks to mark the wines or ciders you want to taste.  Definitely a fun and different way to make your selections.  

Red Top Winery tasting menu

And they definitely don’t mind experimenting with grapes and blends which is very cool and means you won’t get the same thing here that you will everywhere else.  In fact, some of their wine is aged in barrels that were used for bourbon, rum, tequila or cognac.  

Sparkling Wine Tasting  

We tasted 5 sparkling wines and 1 cider.  You make your choices with the guitar picks and pour your first taste and what’s great is that glass is yours to keep.  And they rinsed it between each tasting which is definitely something I appreciate especially when you’re about to taste 6 different sparklings.  

Tastings are $12 per person, but that fee is refunded if you purchase 3 or more bottles (which we definitely did).  

In order of how we tasted, here are our thoughts:

Pinot Grigio Sparkling was surprisingly sweet even though it only had 3% residual sugar and was good.  It had a butterscotch taste which I absolutely love in a bubbly (and regular wine too for that matter).  And yes, a bottle of this came home with us.  

Peach Traminette Fizz was sweet with 5% residual sugar, but it wasn’t too overwhelming.  You could taste a bit more citrus with this one to help balance out the sweetness.  

Lake Effect was super fun because apparently this was the very first day for tasting this new batch.  The color is a lot of fun reminding you of serene blue lake water and you could really taste guava.  

Red Top Winery Lake Effect Sparkling Wine

Caribbean Twist is the sparkling wine version of a piña colada.  Think of it as “vacation in a glass.”

Rock ’N Red is a sparkling red wine that would absolutely pair well with dark chocolate.  With 6% residual sugar, we didn’t think it was crazy sweet and were surprised at how much we enjoyed it.   We had to bring a bottle home to create some holiday cocktails with as I think it will be perfect.  

And lastly we had to try a cider so we tried the Cucumber Basil Cider and it tasted like “going to the gym.”  It was very refreshing and even felt healthy.  

Red Top Winery Report Card

This was a really fun winery to visit and I would definitely come back again, so it’s no surprise they earned an A on our visit. 

The tasting room and the outdoor area is just so inviting and I love that you’re drinking super fresh bubbly and cider (and all of their other wines) straight from the tap.

Red Top Winery Report Card from Bubbly Side of Life

Their tasting room staff is so knowledgeable telling you as much or as little as you wanted to know (sadly, the person we had who was a wealth of information is gone) but everyone we interacted with was very friendly.  

Gravity Winery

We also visited their sister winery on this trip, Gravity, to taste their 2 sparkling wines and you can read our thoughts about that visit here. 

I realize they are owned by the same people, but when I reached out to Gravity, they made me aware of Red Top Winery and wanted to make sure I came over to Red Top to get an even better bubbly experience since that’s what I am interested in.

Bubbly Cocktails 

Now I mentioned that I grabbed the Rock ’N Red bottle to make some bubbly cocktails with and if you want to get your hands on some other bubbly cocktails and have first access to any and all new ones we create, you can sign up right here and you’ll be the first to be mixing up some devious bubbly cocktails!

Red Top Winery outdoor fun

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This post is not sponsored in any way.  We paid for our tastings and the wine we brought home.