We, much like everyone else, have been concocting easy ways to boost your immune system, from supplements to mocktails, we’re going to do everything in our power to stay healthy.

Protect Your Immune System

Here’s the thing, I never used to be that person.  I used to hop on 8-12 flights per week when I worked in corporate and never gave it a second thought.  

And then January of 2020, I came home from a quick weekend trip to Oregon and I was so sick.  And while I didn’t blame the travel necessarily, I did vow from that moment forward to do whatever I could to protect my immune system to stay healthy while traveling. 

And now, I am known for creating the Stay Healthy Travel Pack for any type of travel at any time of the year.  Whoever is traveling with me now just expects it and I always have the ingredients for the kit on hand.  

Stay Healthy Travel Pack

These are the key ingredients for the travel packs to protect your immune system.  All of these items can be found on Amazon, but I also get some of these items at Costco too for extra savings.  

Stay healthy travel pack to stay healthy on all trips.

Here’s what I put in them:

  • Wet Ones-to wipe down all areas: the tray table, seat belt, heat vent, arm rest, head rest, window cover…you name it, we disinfected it.  These are also great to have on hand when you need to wash your hands and there’s no sink handy.
  • Liquid IV-no one will be dehydrated on my watch!  And if we’re going on a trip, you know drinking bubbly will be involved, so Liquid IV is mandatory…sometimes even twice a day! 
  • Emergen-C Immune Plus-to take every morning (If I pack the Tangerine Liquid IV, I don’t pack these because the Tangerine Liquid IV is also an immunity booster).
  • Airborne Immune Support Gummies-to take every night.
  • Yogi Echinacea Immune Support Tea-just in case we needed more immune support.
  • Nature’s Way Sambucus Elderberry Zinc Lozenges-As needed immune support lozenges.

The pro-active Stay Healthy Travel Packs are great to protect your immune system, but I also had some reinforcements should any of us feel like we were starting to come down with something.  

I swear by these…they kept me on the road and functioning clearly for those years I was traveling like a maniac.

  • Zicam Cold Remedy Nasal Swabs
  • Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy Lozenges
  • Alka Seltzer Cold & Flue Tablets

Of course, we also have our own Champagne Toast Anti-bacterial Hand Gel, hand cream and individual make-up wipes because you want to have everything handy no matter where you’re at.

Protect your immune system with these items in the travel pack.

NOTE: I am not a medical professional! Please consult your doctor if you have questions about any of these items. This is simply what I do to boost and protect my immune system. It works for me and my doctor approves.

Boost Your Immune System with Mocktails

A fun way to boost your immune system is with these tasty bubbly mocktails.  These mocktails have ingredients to boost or protect your immune system and will keep you hydrated in a more fun way!  

Elderberry Fizz

  • 5 oz Sparkling Water (Lemon Flavor) 
  • 3-3.5 oz Lemon Elderflower Soda 
  • 1T Elderberry Syrup
  1. In your favorite glass, combine chilled sparkling water and soda.  
  2. Add elderberry syrup and enjoy.  
Protect your immune system with this delicious mocktail!

TIP: Add the syrup at the end and it makes the prettiest drink!

Liquid Sunrise

  • 8 oz Liquid IV Tangerine 
  • 4 oz Orange juice
  • 4 oz Sparkling Cranberry Clementine Water 
  • 2 t Cherry Syrup or grenadine (optional)
  • Oranges to garnish
  1. Make Liquid IV according to directions on the package.  
  2. Pour 8oz of the Liquid IV, orange juice, and sparkling water into your favorite glass.
  3. Add cherry syrup and enjoy. 
Protect your immune system with this delicious mocktail!

TIP: Add the syrup at the end and it makes the prettiest drink!

Want more?

We’ve created lots of mocktail recipes, not necessarily to boost or protect your immune system, but if you want more of a variety, check these out.  (And stay tuned, we’re coming out with an entire collection of Liquid IV mocktails very soon!)

If you’re stocking up on Liquid IV, remember that code BUBBLYSIDEOFLIFE25 always gets you 25% off and Free Shipping.  For me, even though I drink water all day long, this is the easiest way to boost my immune system (I’m drinking tangerine daily) and get some additional vitamins I’m not currently taking.

Liquid IV an essential to protect your immune system!

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