Curly fries + glass of sparkling wine

Steak fries + a glass of sparkling wine

Sweet potato fries + a glass of sparkling wine

Crinkle cut fries + a glass of sparkling wine

Pairing French fries and Exigeante French bubbly.

Yes, it really is the perfect pairing.  And not just because I absolute love any type of french fries and all things bubbly, but because science proves it!  

According to Food & Wine, “Salt and fat both love Champagne (and vice versa).”  The high acidity in the glass of sparkling wine and those perfect bubbles are the ideal preparation for each and every bite of the delicious fatty, salty food.  

One of the reasons bubbly pairs so well with french fries is because the salt helps balance out the acidity of the bubbly. It helps cut through that tang just a bit making you crave more of both the sparkling wine and the french fries.

And since we love nothing more than creating fun pairing parties, we gathered several different types of french fries and a few varieties of French sparkling wines and truly enjoyed every bite and sip.

Exigeante, a French Sparkling Wine 

A French sparkling wine for unapologetic women.  

The perfect pairing French Bubbly + French Fries

I have been following this brand since before the sparkling wine had even been released.  And I am beyond excited to use this French bubbly to create the perfect pairing.  

Wine is all about connection.  Connecting to the stories behind the bottle or the winery, Connecting with the people we choose to pop open a bottle with.  

And after you hear all about how Exigeante came to be, you will want to connect with them.  

Exigeante was created for women by a strong, bold woman encouraging every woman to not apologize for who she is, but rather, celebrate who she is and truly embrace exactly who she is.  

Exigeante is a mindset:  Go after exactly what you want and don’t let anything get in your way.  Exigeante celebrates all women, empowering them to truly be themselves.  

Translated, the word Exigeante, means demanding.  This sparkling wine was created for all women who have ever been called bossy or demanding.  Let’s embrace that, celebrate that and raise a glass together.  

Exigeante, a sparkling wine that should be popped to celebrate empowered women all over the globe!

Imported from France, made using the tank method (same as a Prosecco) with 3 varieties, I know you will find the perfect bottle to pop in celebration with your girlfriends. 

Exigeante Brut

Exigeante brut pairs well with salty French fries.

We really enjoyed this bottle of brut. With hints of citrus, melon, and green apple, it’s a very refreshing bubbly that is easy to drink on a hot summer day.

Exigeante Low Sugar

Exigeante low sugar also pairs well with salty, plain french fries.

A fruity bubbly with citrus, green apple, kiwi.  Even though it’s a low sugar bubbly, it tastes like a sweeter version of the brut.  

Exigeante Rosé Frizzante

Exigeante rosé pairs well with sweet potato fries.

This is the perfect blend of of red fruits and floral.  This is not an overpowering rosé at all, it’s easy to drink and because it’s a frizzante, it is not as bubbly as a typical sparkling wine.  

Now be careful when you open up that bottle of Exigeante.  Every bottle contains a fun secret message, just for you, underneath the foil.  

French Fry Line Up

Now, you know there are a whole lot of varieties of french fries.  And it’s safe to say that I love almost every french fry I eat.  

For this french fry and bubbly pairing, we decided to go to the grocery store and buy one of every kind we could find in the freezer section.  I typically don’t ever dip my fries into anything, so we did not buy any fun dipping sauces and let the french fry and bubbly work it’s “au naturel” magic.

Here was our final grocery store french fry haul:

  • Sweet potato fries
  • Seasoned curly cut fries
  • Steak cut fries
  • Shoestring fries
  • Crinkle cut fries
  • Waffle cut fries
  • Restaurant style seasoned fries

French Fries + Bubbly Pairing

French fry + French bubbly pairing

There is no right or wrong way to create a pairing event.  And there’s no right or wrong way to enjoy a pairing.  

We like to make it as simple, but as fun as possible.  So we certainly don’t create anything fancy to document our preferences, but we do love to compare and see how it all played out in the end.  

Creating this simple chart and marking it up with something simple like +, -, |, or happy face, sad face, neutral face.  Could we go into greater detail, of course we could, but most of the time, we just do this for fun and for something different.  And let’s be real, we love bubbly so much and really love pairing our favorite foods with bubbly.

How we track our favorite pairing combinations

Our Favorite Pairings

Brut + Unseasoned fries with salt

Low Sugar + Unseasoned fries with salt

Rosé + Sweet potato fries

While we do love the curly fries and the restaurant style fries, neither of these were our favorites paired with bubbly.  Interestingly enough, even though the curly fries and restaurant style fries listed the same seasonings, we enjoyed the restaurant style paired with brut more than the curly fries.  No idea why.

Who is ready to gather their tribe of girlfriends together and POP some Exigeante to celebrate each other?

Want More?

We have had so much fun creating pairings in the past.  They are fun, easy and just make for a different type of fun girls’ night or get together,  They don’t have to be fancy and there is no right or wrong way to host these pairing parties.  Check out the other ones we’ve done:

And hopefully you’ve been following us on Instagram or the blog and have seen the custom charcuterie board of the month that we have been creating since the beginning of the year.  

What’s next….we’re thinking we need to do a fast food french fry and bubbly pairing…what do you think?

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