Tis the season to be bubbly!  And we have the best holiday bundle to make it even bubblier.  Included in this holiday bundle is the most perfectly curated sparkling and still wine perfect for Christmas and New Year’s.  

Eola Hills and Bubbly Side of Life Very Bubbly Holiday Bundle

A Reason to Celebrate

We know the holidays might look a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be celebrated just the same. 

You know the philosophy at Bubbly Side of Life is:  There’s always a reason to celebrate.  And we firmly believe that.  

No, 2020 didn’t go as anyone expected.  And it looks like this may trickle into 2021 as well.  But if there’s ever a time for the celebration effect, it’s now.

Celebration Effect

The Celebration Effect is simple:  turning everyday moments into bubbly moments.  You don’t have to wait for a near-catastrophe to be averted, or amazing news to land in your lap to open a bottle of bubbly and celebrate. You pop that bottle now and enjoy every moment.

At the Bubbly Side of Life, this is our way of life.

Bubbly Side of Life + Eola Hills 

When we met the staff of Eola Hills at Bubbles Fest, there was an instant connection.  They are 100% on board with the philosophy and we knew we were going to have to create some super fun things together.  

I finally got to visit their vineyard and tasting room in September and then all the fun began to come to life.  And with our first co-creation, we introduce, A Very Bubbly Holiday Bundle. 

A Very Bubbly Holiday Bundle

Very Bubbly Holiday Bundle with Eola Hills Pinot Noir and Sparkling wines.

This holiday wine bundle is nothing short of amazing!  First of all, there’s literally something for every wine lover included.  Yes, the Bubbly Side of Life included still wines in a holiday bundle for a couple reasons.  

First, not everyone around the table loves bubbly.  And I know for my family, I am the only bubbly fanatic and will enjoy it before my dinner, with my dinner and after dinner.  

And if you have known me for some time, you know that while I have always loved wine and bubbly, when I lived in Oregon that’s where my love turned to LOVE.  I learned so much about wine from wine tasting my way through the Willamette Valley, that it only seemed fitting to include some Pinot Noir.

So let me break these two holiday bundles down for you.  

When we were curating this perfect holiday wine bundle for you, we envisioned 3 bottles for Christmas and 3 bottles for New Year’s Eve.  

Christmas Wine Bundle

Christmas Holiday Bundle with 2 Pinot Noirs and 1 sparkling rosé of Pinot Noir

For Christmas, our focus was on Pinot Noir.  Oregon is known for their Pinot Noir and Eola Hills has some of the best I have ever had (and I’ve had lots!).

Pinot Noir is a very refreshing red wine that goes well with everything you eat and is equally good by itself making it a great before or after dinner drink as well.  There are two Pinot Noirs in the Christmas portion of this holiday bundle.  

2018 Fossil Block Pinot Noir which happens to be my personal favorite Pinot Noir.  It’s the perfect blend of fruit forward with a bit of earthiness and oak and is oh so smooth.

2017 Pinot Noir Barrel Select Reserve is definitely a premium Pinot Noir with the earthiness I love from an Oregon Pinot Noir along with bright fruit flavors.  

2018 Sparkling Pinot Noir Rosé might be one of my all time favorite sparking rosés!  It’s the perfect combination of fruitiness (think strawberries) with just a little bit of tartness.  

New Year’s Eve Bundle

You can't ring in the new year without some Bubbly!  It's our New Year's Eve holiday bundle from Eola Hills!

For New Year’s Eve, our focus was 100% on bubbly!  I mean, it is the sparkling wine holiday of the year, right?

On New Year’s Eve, you’ll be popping the following bottles:

2016 Sparkling Chardonnay is a brut style that is perfectly crisp and zesty.  You can really taste the lemon in this one so if you’re thinking you’re not a fan of oaky chardonnays, then you will like this.

2019 Blanc de Blancs is a very unique bubbly.  You can really taste the peach in this one and while it is sweeter than the sparkling chardonnay, it’s not overly sweet.

2019 Sparkling Marechal Foch, a delicious sparkling red wine.  It reminds me of the holidays with a bit a cranberry and tartness.  

To accompany your sparkling wines, you will receiving a downloadable tasting placemat so that you can host your own Bubbly Tasting party on New Year’s Eve.  If you’ve been around a while, you know that we absolutely love having tasting parties especially when trying a variety sparkling wines from the same winery.

Tasting mats to accompany your New Year's Eve Holiday Bundle

Order your Holiday Bundle

This holiday wine bundle is almost too good to be true.  Shipping directly to your door with the perfectly curated combination and Pinot Noir and Bubbly to celebrate the holidays.  

You will get all 6 bottles, a Bubbly Side of Life spoon to keep your bubbly bubbly, the downloadable tasting mats AND shipping for $199.  The value of this entire package is  over $254 (+ shipping) and the only way to get this savings is to order this bundle directly right here.

To guarantee your holiday wine to arrive before Christmas, you must place your order by December 15th.  And if you want this for New Year’s, you must place your order by December 21st.

Bubbly Pairs Well With

Not only do we love creating out own tasting parties, but we also love creating pairing parties.  We have done several this year and we’re closing out the year with one more paired with our Eola Hills Sparkling wines for New Year’s Eve.

Included with this bundle, is a pairing mat for Popcorn!  Why is this the perfect pairing?  

According to Food & Wine, Salt and fat both love champagne (and vice versa)—the sparkling wine’s high acidity and the prickle of those bubbles are the ideal combination for salty snacks.

This is also why we’ve done pairings with foods like potato chips and macaroni and cheese.  Check out the popcorn pairing blog for everything you’ll need to pull this off.

Bubbly pairing mats with popcorn.

Holiday Bundle

And don’t delay…this special is only good until the end of December and with shipping and weather across the country, we don’t want you to miss out.  

Remember to click right here to get this bundle at this price before it sells out!  We can’t wait to virtually ring in the holidays with you.

The very Bubbly holiday bundle!  Don't miss out!