How food bloggers have positively contributed to the social landscape.

Many of you know the story of how Bubbly Side of Life came to be, but in short it was to encourage people to celebrate all moments of life, big and small.  There is never a reason that you should not celebrate and so often we think it has to be a big formal, official occasion, but that should never be the case. 

Since eating and drinking and get togethers is all about the social interaction and the connection it creates, it’s the perfect excuse to celebrate any occasion, right? If anyone knows how to do that, food bloggers certainly do!

Food bloggers Photo Courtesy of:  Karime Chimal @theweekendmeals
Photo Courtesy of: Karime Chimal @theweekendmeals
Food bloggers - Mandy Gleason of Replica Surfaces that make it so easy for food bloggers to create the perfect shot
Photo Courtesy of Mandy Gleason @replicasurfaces

Sharing the Celebration

The main reason I created the virtual tasting room, Bubbly Side of Life, (other than the massive push from my friends) is to create and share that actual experience with others.  And yes, if you didn’t know, one day there will be an actual Bubbly Side of Life tasting room sharing all of my favorite bubblies that I highlight on this website now.  And of course every day will be a celebration….if for no other reason, just because.  

Now I have to say that every once in a while, I see people complaining about people posting food and beverage pics on Instagram or Facebook.  I know for me capturing that shot with my current glass of bubbly is time stamping a memory.  But if we go back to the social connection of get togethers and parties, it’s only logical that we share those on social media.  Check out this article where Forbes dives deeper into this.

Capturing the moment of drinking cava in Spain at the winery.

When I started this virtual tasting room, I mapped out my vision, of course, but also asked people who would constantly ask me my opinion about wine tasting, where to go and what bubblies to stock up on.  This is the fun part to me…when I can actually answer or create a resource specifically for something you ask about.

Food Bloggers + Bubbly Pairings

It goes without saying, that bubbly and food pairings are some of my most favorite things to do .  Now, we all know that I am no expert…I love bubbly and I love food.  And I love to try new bubbly all the time.  And since bubbly is a natural palate cleanser, why not try different pairings with it?

Since I am not an expert (and have never claimed to be), it’s no wonder that when I proposed a bubbly and pizza pairing for my birthday and had a sommelier lead the pairing, she said that this was “not normal” and not really the type of pairing she would ever do with bubbly.  Oh well, I loved it and I had fun and that’s all that matters.  

Champagne and Pizza Pairing and Champagne and Cake Pairing

So, where do I get my inspiration from on the types of food and bubbly pairings I want to do?  Other food bloggers, of course.  

Jenny Cookies inspired the pairing of char-treat-erie board with bubbly and another pairing to come…stay tuned.  

Just like a charcuterie board but for treats.  Inspired by Jenny Cookies.

Grazing Theory is another account that provides food for thought (pun intended) not only as I create content, but what I’d like to feature in my actual tasting room, when that comes to be.

Basically, filling my Instagram feed with all sorts of food bloggers like these not only helps me to branch out but inspires me to try new things (and they also make me want to hop on a plane to experience their food first hand, but you know that’s not a stretch for me).

Now you know that I love all things bubbly…whether it’s alcoholic or non, the more bubbles the better in my opinion.  Which is why in every cocktail and mocktail recipe we create, there is always a bubbly beverage…wether it be soda, seltzer water, or sparkling wine, you can count on there being something fizzy and fun!

Bubbly Beer?

So I wasn’t surprised when people asked for a series of hard seltzer reviews (which is on the calendar, do not worry), but I was surprised when people asked me for my input and resources on beer.  

Now, I for one have NEVER been a beer drinker, nope, not even in college.  My sister on the other is primarily only a beer drinker (and she’s not such a fan of anything bubbly…which breaks my heart), so we have joked that she should become the beer part of the Bubbly Side of Life.  

Since we clearly don’t have our beer act together (and who knows if we will ever do that), how about you follow someone who does? Jennifer Alexander is your go-to girl for all things craft beer…including reviews, fun collaborations, events and even apparel.

Jennifer Alexander, craft beer expert and influencer.
Photo from @jenniferthebeerdedlady on Instagram

Thank you for being a part of the Bubbly Side of Life and following along on this adventure. I love hearing from you, so please comment or email me and tell me what food bloggers you love and what else you want from me!