Danza del Sol Winery

Danza del Sol Winery absolutely knows how to create the perfect wine tasting experience from beginning to end. Starting with being greeted with a glass of their sparkling wine! There really isn’t anything much better than that, is there?

Starting with their only bubbly in the collection, Espumosa, was a great way to kick off our visit. This sparkling wine, made the using the traditional method is is super crisp, easy drinking and very enjoyable and was the absolute perfect companion on our winery tour.

Now what was also very fun is I was showing my friend, Wendy around Temecula (who had never been before) and this truly was the BEST place to bring her for her first wine tasting experience in Temecula!

Wine Tasting Room 

The tasting room is very inviting and you can just tell a lot of fun happens here.  Their staff is so friendly and informative that you will not want to leave…trust me, we almost missed our next appointment!

Danza del Sol Winery tasting room

When you go, you will be so lucky if you get to do a tasting with HB.  She is one of the friendliest, most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met and her excitement and passion is absolutely contagious. Truly, HB helped to create the perfect wine tasting experience for us.  

We walked right up to the bar of the tasting room and were able to enjoy our tasting right there.  There are also several tables that you can sit at, but they also have a great outdoor area where you can enjoy your wine, the beautiful weather and even a snack if you get hungry.

Danza del Sol winery

They have a very cute shop with some fun wine themed gifts for purchase as well.  

The Grounds

While enjoying our bubbly, we hopped on a golf cart and had a great tour of the vineyard.  Of their 40 acres, 35 of them are planted with grapes of 10 different varietals.  Opened in 1980, it’s the oldest winery, but some of the vines are as old at 1972 and in fact they are the oldest vines in the Temecula Valley.  

Danza del Sol Winery Outdoor Tasting area

On our tour we stopped by the member’s lounge which is the cutest area and was the original home of Dr. William Filsinger who founded the winery in 1978.

Danza del Sol Winery Member's Lounge

Wine Tasting

One cool fact I loved is that all of the grapes they use in their wine are Temecula fruit, they never outsource any grapes.  I love that when you are tasting their wine, you are truly experiencing the fruit of the land in the area.  

I’ve mentioned before how much I love to experience vintage wines because you are truly tasting the land of that particular year.  Well this to me is similar in that you are truly tasting the grapes of this area and not other areas with different climates, different soil, etc/.

Danza del Sol Winery, sparkling white wine, Espumosa

No surprise here that when I go wine tasting now, I stick to just bubbly.  Let’s be clear, I do love wine, but in staying focused, I typically only taste bubbly.  Now that doesn’t mean the people with me do the same thing. 

One of my favorite wine tastings was one that we randomly created.  We tried the rosé and it was just a tad too sweet for me, and the perfect amount of sweet for Wendy, so I asked HB to add a bit of bubbly to it and it made the perfect sparkling rosé.  So much so that I had to buy bottles of both of those to create that combo at home. 

Wendy tried many more of their wines and she definitely enjoyed them.  She, of course, tried their Cabernet Sauvignon and enjoyed it.  And she tried the Orange Muscat and we even tried the bubbly trick in that one as well, but didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as our sparkling rosé.

And I am beyond excited to go back and try their Pinot Noir Rosé…both with and without the bubbly.

Wine Club

Welcome to Danza del Sol Winery

To join their wine club, you simply need to commit to 2 shipments and then can cancel at any time…not sure why you’d want to though.  Each shipment is 3 bottles and ranges from $60-90 depending on the wine selection.  

And here are all of the other perks that go along with being a member of the club:

  • 4 Complimentary Tastings each visit (Members plus guest. Total 4 people)
  • 50% discount on two additional guest.
  • 20% discount on wine purchases
  • 10% discount on merchandise
  • Quarterly Pick-up Party
  • Special Events By Invitation Only
  • Complimentary wine club glass (can I just add that this glass alone is worth it!)

Danza del Sol Winery Report Card

It goes without saying that this is truly a new favorite of mine even though they only have one bubbly option.  Quite frankly that bubbly is a great bottle to have in stock in your home at all times.  It’s enjoyable by itself and, of course, with their rosé to create the perfect sparkling rosé.

Danza del Sol Winery Report Card

Personally, I’d put this winery on a ‘Must Visit’ list even though their grade is a B+.  As all good teachers do, they have a set criteria for their rubric, so unfortunately the quantity of bubbly selection brought this grade down.  But as I said, that combo we created of rosé and bubbly, is so worth it and I did count it as another selection (because it’s my report card, and I can do that!). If you’re curious how Bubbly Side of Life evaluates wineries to arrive at a score checkout this post. 

From the super friendly staff to the welcoming atmosphere, you are sure to have a great time and enjoy some delicious wine.  

The experience here was nothing short of fabulous so when you do go, you need to do the Beyond the Bottle Tour.  It will truly complete your visit.  

COVID 19 Side Note

We visited Danza del Sol pre-COVID 19 and I purposely waited to post this because right after our visit, they had to shut down due to the pandemic.  We paused our review posts until they were able to re-open again.  

Now, they are open again, but in a limited capacity.  So please check their website for the hours, reservations, guidelines, etc. before heading out there.  And if you’re wanting the full experience with the Beyond the Bottle Tour that I shared, then definitely keep your eye out for when they start their tours again.