Ok, let’s be real. When I order a mimosa, my ideal ratio or juice to bubbly is about 1 tablespoon of juice and the rest bubbly. To me, if you can’t see thru your champagne glass, they made it wrong.

When my sister bought me these mimosa sugar cubes from Uncommon Goods, I was intrigued.

It says on the packaging that one cube lasts 2-3 drinks so we decided to test it out.

And it’s as simple as it sounds. Drop sugar cube in the glass and fill with bubbly.


  • Super bubbly
  • Adds just a hint of flavor (which for someone like me who doesn’t like a lot of juice in her mimosa, that’s perfect)
  • It’s just fun…and pretty. The specks of fruit are released making for a speckled, fun drink.
  • It’s simple! No more forgetting the juice (or in my case wasting the juice) at the store.


  • When you get to the end, it’s ALL sugar.
  • If you like more of the juice flavor, this will not do it for you

Definitely a fun way to make a bubbly cocktail. And if you’re a beer drinker, they also have a beer cocktail sugar cube trio.