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How 10K Gold Tinker Bell Plates Changed My Perspective on Life

Sometimes it’s not a “barely escaping with your life” event that drastically changes your perspective on life. Many times it’s a little thing. A moment we suddenly realized was gone before we remembered to treasure it. Or a change in our routine that causes us to pause for a moment and realize that life is passing us by. And sometimes it’s a 10k gold Tinker Bell plate packed up in a box, never used, and just biding its time. 

As I walked through the Disney Store my eyes fell on the most beautiful plate set. 10K gold Tinker Bell plates. They were so simple and yet elegant. Exactly what my younger self just knew I had to have for all those special moments that would fill my life. Birthdays, Christmas, all the romantic dinners my husband and I would have by candle light. Not only were they elegant but who doesn’t love Disney? I needed these 10K gold Tinker Bell plates from the Disney Store. I waited until after Christmas so that I could at least get them 50% off since I couldn’t actually afford them. I was only 24 years old, a teacher, making $40,000/year. 

10k Gold Tinker Bell plates that changed my perspective on life

I was so proud, I grabbing 4 dinner plates, 4 salad plates, 1 platter.  And they were so beautiful.

And I was so excited that I wrapped them up really carefully, placed them in a box ready to make their debut for the most perfect occasion.  

And guess what….

The Moment Never Came

Those plates moved from house to house to house, from state to state to state.  Yes, they probably were moved at least 9 times and none of them had even have so much as one chip. But they never saw the light of day either.

With every move, I would look at them longingly, as I carefully rewrapped them, and say, “hopefully you’ll come out soon.” 

You see, it had never been the PERFECT occasion.  There was always something I wasn’t happy about.  The occasion was never special enough to warrant the Tinker Bell plates coming out. It was just another birthday. Just another dinner. Just another Christmas. Just … just … just. 

And so they sat in that box, wrapped in bubble wrap just waiting. I had no idea at the time that if I had changed my perspective I would have learned to enjoy life a lot more.

The Plates Today

I wish I could say that I finally learned to appreciate the small moments and I used those plates and it was the most perfect occasion. 

But I didn’t, and they ended in the Goodwill pile.  


Well, because I was moving yet again, to another state and needed to downsize…and I mean majorly downsize.  Like condense my life into one suitcase. I never did find the perfect occasion to use them. 

So, off they went…brand new, never used, gorgeous plates to be sold for a few cents at Goodwill.  

I finally changed my perspective

As sad as that moment was to send those plates off without so much as using them once, my story has a happy ending. I learned a valuable lesson as I packed them up that final time. And oh what a lesson I learned from those plates…

NEVER will I ever save anything ever again for the “perfect” occasion.  Because you know what… there’s no such thing as perfect.  

I never let myself enjoy those plates. I never allowed myself to proudly serve them. I never found joy in them because I was waiting for something that was impossible, the “perfect” moment.  When the time came to finally donate them, I didn’t even want to keep them because they were now this memory of me lugging them around for 20 years (yes 20!) waiting for perfection.

It wasn’t until I changed my perspective on what perfection was and how I viewed perfection that I was able to find the joy in celebrating again.

I should have been using those Tinker Bell plates for every single dinner for 20 years.  Because…

Every dinner that I made at home was perfect and special. 

Every holiday I celebrated was perfect and special.   

Every get together I ever hosted was perfect and special. 

Lesson learned! I changed my perspective and it changed everything.

Don’t let moments drift away.  

The Bubbly Side of Life celebrating the everyday

CELEBRATE all the moments 

Pop the good bubbly on a random Tuesday night.  

Use the good champagne glasses just because.  

There is no reason too small to celebrate.

And you certainly do not have to wait for the perfect occasion to celebrate the big moments.  

CHEERS to all the reasons, big and small, that deserve a celebration!

Need a little inspiration?

woman with confetti celebrating the everyday

10 Reasons to Celebrate

  1. It’s Monday!
  2. Take a moment to think of something you are thankful for, now celebrate because of it.
  3. It’s NOT Monday!
  4. You’re home from work.
  5. The kids didn’t die or kill each other today.
  6. You survived another day at your …
  7. You are NOT Karen (or maybe you are but you’re not THAT Karen) (meme?)
  8. You are amazing!! (Yes! You are!)
  9. It’s Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday
  10. It’s sunny, rainy, snowy, spring, summer, fall, winter, etc. 
  11. Bonus: You changed your perspective and plan to celebrate something this week!

Lesson learned!

CHEERS to all the reasons, big and small, that deserve a celebration!

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How 10K Gold Tinker Bell Plates Changed My Perspective on Life and 10+ ways to celebrate everyday