Does a champagne spoon really keep your bubbly bubbly?

While some people think putting a spoon into your bubbly bottle to save the bubbles is an old wive’s tale, I am here to tell you that it actually works! 

Now, let’s face it, there are millions of bubbles in a bottle of sparkling wine somewhere around 49 million actually.  So the second you pop the cork, you’re already losing bubbles naturally.  

And there are several ways you can keep your bubbly bubbly after you pop the cork, for us over here, there’s nothing easier and more fun (and safer) than a champagne spoon.

Science Behind Champagne Spoon

There, of course, is science behind this champagne spoon trick, it’s not just random.  But it’s quite simple: take a spoon and put the handle inside the bottle and put the bottle in the refrigerator just like that.  The metal from the spoon helps to cool the air inside the bottle and because of that, the air is more dense creating a blanket over the surface of your bubbly so that your bubbles can’t escape. 

How to Use the Spoon

This champagne spoon “trick” is so easy and will work on your open bottle of bubbly for up to 3 days.  So once you open your bottle and pour your first glass, take the spoon, put the handle into the bottle and place your bottle in the refrigerator. 

The spoon does not have to be touching the liquid, it simply just sits in there creating the blanket over the surface.  And contrary to popular belief, there’s no “magic” spoon, any metal spoon that fits inside the bottle will work.

I personally use my champagne spoon over a champagne stopper that locks 99% of the time.  Why?  Well, remember all those bubbles I mentioned, let me just say that there has been more than one occasion when I removed the champagne stopper and it went flying and ricochetted off of the ceiling, oven hood, and walls…barely missing light fixtures.  

While that gave us quite the laugh, it was also quite scary because corks fly out at upwards of 45mph, I can only imagine how fast that was going, so needless to say, it could hurt someone for sure.  

Champagne Spoon

The Gift for the Person with Everything

If you have a bubbly lover in your life, then the champagne spoon is the PERFECT gift and probably one she will not have.  

  • For the bride to be-this makes the perfect engagement gift, wedding shower gift or bachelorette party gift.  Couple it with her favorite bottle of bubbly and I promise you will give the most unique gift.
  • Hostess gifts-Do you ever struggle with what to bring to a dinner party or a holiday get together?  Well, not only can you come with your favorite bottle of bubbly, but a way an easy to keep it bubbly all night long!  
  • For the new mom-What a perfect gift for the new mom who wants to enjoy a glass of wine after the baby goes to sleep, but doesn’t want to waste any bubbly.
  • Housewarming gift-I don’t know about you, but when you move into a new house, of course you appreciate all the gifts, but it’s more to put away.  Well, how easy is it to put away a spoon!  Couple it with a bottle of bubbly and there’s no better way to relax after a day of unpacking.

Of course, this spoon makes a great gift for birthdays and Christmas as well…especially for those people who have everything! 

Spoon + Custom Wine Labels

Now, if you really want to create the perfect customized gift that will never be duplicated, take one perfect Bubbly Side of Life spoon and add the perfect custom gift label.  All you need to do is buy their favorite bubbly and put the new label on and the perfect gift is ready!  

Birthday Girl

Bubbly Side of Life Birthday Label for a bubbly bottle

Bride to Be

For all the brides to be...the perfect custom label for their favorite bottle of bubbly!

New Mom

Bubbly Side of Life new mom label for bubbly bottle

Holiday Season

Because everybody's holidays need some bubbly...this custom bubbly bottle label from Bubbly Side of Life is perfect.

I don’t know about you, but the holidays are the perfect time to pop bottles on repeat!  Between the shopping (online, of course), wrapping, dinner planning/prepping, decorating…oh my gosh the list just keeps going…you’re for sure going to need a spoon to keep your bubbly bubbly night after night.

Just Because

Because there is always a reason to celebrate, Bubbly Side of Life created the perfect label for it.

How fun is this label that you actually get to fill in the reason you’re celebrating!  Quite frankly, it’s my favorite part!

These labels are available to be purchased by themselves or in a bundle with the spoon in the Bubbly Side of Life Shop.

Don’t Forget

I can’t wait for you to try this champagne spoon “trick” for yourself and when you do, I sure hope you tag us on Instagram!  We love to see these posts and celebrate with you!  

Learn how to keep champagne from going flat with the bubbly spoon! This champagne spoon “trick” is so easy and will work on your open bottle of bubbly for up to 3 days. So once you open your bottle and pour your first glass, take the spoon, put the handle into the bottle and place your bottle in the refrigerator. Learn more here! #champagne #sparklingwine #tips