Shopping for the perfect gifts for champagne lovers in your life is so easy with this gift guide. 

People ask me all the time what type of bubbly to buy for their friends and family members who are true champagne lovers and that can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.  If you don’t know generally what type of bubbly they enjoy, this is almost an impossible task.

So, when you don’t want to take your chances at the liquor store to buy a special bubbly gift for champagne lovers in your life, check out these items, many of which come from small shops.

Gifts for Champagne Lovers

Thinking about shopping for bubbly themed gifts for champagne lovers, the goal was to include something for everyone. I own and LOVE many of the items on this list and if I don’t own it, it’s on my own Christmas list this year.

Bubbly Gifts for Champagne Lovers in your life


How cute is this ornament from Target. This is the perfect accessory to a bottle of bubbly for the hostess, a grab bag, secret Santa or even stocking stuffer.


This has been on my list for 2 years.  For some reason my family thinks I’d make a mess…I’m not sure why they would think such a thing 😉 From Crate and Barrel, I think it would be so fun especially if you’re hosting a small holiday party or for New Year’s Eve.


Yes, this doorbell really rings!  And I am here for it. From House of Go Lightly, this is the absolute perfect gift for champagne lovers you know. You can also buy the silent version of this doorbell.


This is my favorite mug to drink my morning coffee out of or maybe even enjoy my afternoon bubbly.  A great bubbly gift for all champagne lovers, for sure:  a teacher (yes, I loved these types of gifts as a teacher), your hair stylist, hostess, etc.  It’s from Slant Collections, but available on Amazon so I linked it the Bubbly Side of Life Holiday Shopping List.  


How cute is this But First, Bubbly towel that sits on my oven door 365 days a year.  This is one of those bubbly gifts that I don’t care what season it is, it’s on display for everyone to see.  Also linked in our Bubbly Side of Life Amazon Shop.  


This sign just simply speaks the truth, right?  It’s a Primitives by Kathy sign and sits on the bar area and sometimes has to be referenced when people question the hours in which I make bubbly cocktails.  Another product sold on Amazon that we linked to the Bubbly Side of Life Holiday List.


Oh my gosh, I love this bell so much!  Also from Slant Collections this is just so much fun and the perfect bubbly gift for champagne lovers you know.  We linked this one in our Bubbly Side of Life Holiday list as well.


This is one of my most favorite champagne flutes to use.  From Catvonle they come in a pack of two: bubbly and cheers.  I love them because they are considerably bigger than your average champagne flute and are absolutely perfect for all your bubbly cocktails.


Combining jewelry and bubbly is bound to make the ideal gift for champagne lovers in your world!  So fun and the perfect accessory for your bubbly tasting outfit. 

These come from Champagne Everyday and they do ship worldwide.  They gave me a code for you to use for 10% off your order: EXTRABRUT. She did let me know that due to COVID 19, they are experiencing some shipping delays but their typical turnaround time is 2 weeks.  So don’t wait long to purchase this bubbly gift.


For me my favorite gifts are those that are personalized with Bubbly Side of Life, of course.  Which is why I included this custom board.  

This board, from Timmy’s Wood is completely custom made.  I picked the size, the finish, the engraving…every single detail.  And Timmy is so patient.  We went back and forth a number of times until it was exactly what I wanted.  If you’re looking for a truly unique one-of-a-kind gift, this is it.  


This Champagne Soy Candle from Wax Canvas Co is the perfect accent to any table, gift for a hostess or stocking stuffer. These candles last at least 4-6 hours and make a great bubbly gift.

Bubbly Side of Life Shop

Of course, we love our shop full of super fun bubbly gifts for champagne lovers.  And in the holiday spirit, why don’t you use code Holiday2020 to save 10% on everything in the shop!

We have everything including the most cozy of sweatshirts and joggers and socks. 

Cozy bubbly gifts for champagne lovers from Bubbly Side of Life.

If you’re looking to take that bottle of bubbly and customize it, you can easily do that with our labels.  Attach a spoon to it for a gift they are not sure to get from anyone else.

The bubbly gift for champagne lovers that will never be a duplicate!

And if you’re really at a loss, you can always pick up a Bubbly Side of Life Gift Certificate…truly the perfect bubbly gift.  

Bubbly Gift certificates for the Bubbly Side of Life shop

HAPPY Shopping! We hope you find the perfect gifts for champagne lovers in your life!

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 Shopping for the perfect gifts for champagne lovers in your life is so easy with this gift guide. Does someone in your life love champagne? These champagne themed gift ideas will help you buy the perfect Christmas present! Read more about my champagne gift ideas here! #giftguide #holidayshopping #giftideas