Bubbly dessert recipes is how we are going to be celebrating Eat an Extra Dessert day.  Did you even know that was a “holiday”?

It’s true, there really is a holiday for everything and you know we really do love to celebrate, so naturally we’re embracing Eat an Extra Dessert Day with some easy bubbly dessert recipes that everyone will truly love.

Baking with Bubbly

Baking with bubbly is the perfect solution for every celebration.  Add bubbly to your favorite dessert recipes.

People are often surprised when I say that I bake with bubbly.  We truly believe that everything tastes better with bubbly and yes that includes desserts.  

Here’s what we notice when we take a normal dessert recipe and add bubbly, it’s typically lighter and fluffier.  And it’s often a very easy swap.

The easiest way to add bubbly to any recipe is to delete water from the recipe and to replace it with the same amount of sparkling wine.  And that is exactly what we did with this bubbly brownie recipe.  

Bubbly Dessert Recipes

The question I always get when it comes to baking with bubbly is what type of sparkling wine should I use specifically in my dessert recipes (because we also create non-dessert recipes with bubbly as well).  

There’s no right or wrong answer, but here are my favorites to use when I am creating a bubbly dessert:

  • Almond Sparkling Wine-I really like this one because depending which winery it comes from this is usually not overly sweet and the almond adds a nice flavor especially if the recipe also calls for vanilla.
  • Sweet Sparkling Wine-This means when reading the labels you should be choosing Extra Dry or Dry.  And if you like your desserts to be super sweet, you can also grab a semi dry/demi-sec/semi-seco.  (Here’s the sweetness levels cheat sheet for your reference.)
Sweetness levels in Sparkling Wines
  • Sparkling Red-We love experimenting with sparkling reds especially if you’re making a chocolate dessert recipe.  
  • Canned Wine-When we’re making a bubbly dessert and don’t want to open an entire bottle (for whatever reason), we often grab a can. It’s easy and often times the perfect amount.  
  • Brut Bubbly-When all else fails, use what you have on hand.  I have created many dessert recipes with brut bubbly because that’s what I had open or it was on day 3 in my fridge (with a spoon, of course) so I used it up.  

Bubbly Brownie Bites

A new favorite bubbly dessert recipe-bubbly brownie bites.

To make these brownie bites, I bought my favorite Ghiradelli brownie mix, the triple chocolate brownie mix from Costco.  I made the super easy swap of bubbly instead of water to the recipe and mixed it up according to the directions.  

To make the brownie bites, we simply used a mini muffin pan.  Here’s another thing we notice when we use bubbly in any type of recipe, it definitely rises a bit more than normal recipes so be careful not to make the same mistake we have a million times:  Don’t fill to the top!  

Of course, these bubbly brownie bites were delicious just as they were but we decided to add a bit more this dessert recipe for you. 

Last year we experiments with bubbly caramel so we decided to make these bubbly brownie bites with caramel two different ways.  

Bubbly Brownie Bites With Caramel 

Now, since everything is better with bubbly, you know that means we’re going to melt the caramel with bubbly as well.  We bought caramel bits that had no wrappers making it much easier (and less time consuming) to prepare, poured them into a sauce pan over low heat and added bubbly instead of heavy cream to melt these.  And they come out perfectly.  

Super easy bubbly dessert recipe with bubbly caramel.

The easiest way to add caramel to these brownie bites was to simply bake the brownies and then pour some caramel on top.  And they were delicious like just like that, but then we thought, what if we tried some caramel in the middle. 

So we did that and thanks to our not so well greased pan, they didn’t come out picture-worthy, but they were quite tasty.  Let me give you some tips though (besides the obvious of making sure to re-grease your muffin tin for round 2).  

To make bubbly brownie bites with caramel in the middle, just cover the bottom of the muffin tin with brownie batter.  Bake for about 7-8 minutes, then add caramel and more brownie batter.  Bake another 7-10 minutes.  So good and pretty easy as well.  

Brownies are by far my favorite dessert, but we have certainly spent a lot of time and had a lot of fun experimenting with other dessert recipes.  Which dessert is your favorite?

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This will be your new go-to brownie recipe. This quick and easy recipe uses your favorite brownie mix with a special substitution using sparkling wine. To make these even more delicious, we included a two-ingredient recipe for a caramel topping or filling for these brownie bites. These are the perfect finger food and dessert for your next party, holiday, or any occasion! Check out our blog for the full recipe and follow along here for all things bubbly!