Who doesn’t love a charcuterie board?  I mean I could probably live off of them.  And this year, we decided to do something really fun and we know you’re going to love it.

We are going to create a custom “charcuterie board” board of the month and this month we created the most epic breakfast board that everyone absolutely loved!  

Breakfast Charcuterie board

What is a Charcuterie Board?

Traditionally, a charcuterie board contains your favorite meats and cheeses, crackers and breadsticks and maybe some fruit and nuts.  And often times is created to pair well with the wine or bubbly you’re enjoying.  

And you can bet almost every time we go bubbly tasting or create our own at home, we have some sort of charcuterie board because, well, they are the best and easiest to put together.  

Custom Charcuterie Board

While we all love meats and cheeses it’s so fun to experiment and create other types of “charcuterie” boards and when I saw Jenny Keller, of Jenny Cookies create a Char-treaterie Board last year, I knew the possibilities were endless.  

We re-created that custom charcuterie board at our girls’ weekend in Oregon for Bubbles Fest and it was amazing!  And of course, just like a normal charcuterie board, so easy to put together.  

Custom charcuterie board made with all sweet treats.

How to Put It Together

I keep saying how easy it is because it really is.  Now, of course, there are professionals out there that make it look so pretty you almost don’t want to eat it, but you don’t have to be that fancy at all.  

As you can see from our “chartreaterie” board, we were at an Airbnb for the weekend, so we didn’t have a fancy board or containers to make a beautiful display and it was just as tasty, trust me.  

So here’s what you really need:

  • Some sort of board to place all the delicious items on (our official Bubbly Side of Life board is one of my favorite things and I got it from Timmy’s Wood here in Illinois.)
  • Your favorite food items to match the theme of the board
Custom charcuterie board made by Timmy's Wood.

Yep, that’s it.  Now, we are not professionals by any means, but we will give you some tips along the way on ways to make these more festive and fun!

Breakfast Charcuterie Board

If you’ve been following along especially on Instagram, you know my nephews are a big help when it comes to Bubbly Side of Life ideas that don’t involve drinking the actual bubbly (since they’re underage) and since my oldest nephew’s birthday is in January, I let him pick the theme for our first ever 2021 custom charcuterie board.  And his favorite meal ever is breakfast, a truly incredible breakfast charcuterie board was created!

I was a bit worried about this breakfast charcuterie board only because with breakfast items so many are made on the stove top and keeping them warm could be tricky.  So, for this board in particular, I called in my sister and nephew to help and that worked out perfectly.  

Breakfast Menu

I started with the menu so I could plan accordingly.  And these are all of our favorite things, but there is certainly room to swap items out or simply add your favorite items in.  

Breakfast menu everyone will love on an easy to serve custom charcuterie board.
  • Pancakes*
  • Waffles*
  • French toast*
  • Cinnamon rolls
  • Croissant egg sandwichs
  • Hash brown casserole (in muffin cups)
  • Bacon 
  • Syrup
  • Whipped cream*
  • Fruit topping*
  • Icing*

And yes, before you ask, all of the items marked * were actually made with bubbly and we served mimosas to the adults and had Fre (alcohol free) Sparkling brut for the kids.  


Hash Brown Casserole

Seriously this is probably my most favorite breakfast dishes ever and is usually made in a casserole form.  I absolutely wanted it as part of this board, so after some trial and error in muffin pans, we used aluminum foil muffin cups to cook the hash browns in.  And bonus, it made for much easier clean-up!

Fruit Topping

Our fruit topping doubles as the fruit juice for mimosas.  So we make this by blending frozen fruit with either the bubbly we’re using for mimosas or our favorite liquor (vodka or St. Germain if you want something sweeter).  

Cinnamon Rolls 

A hack I learned from Our Faux Farm House is to cook your cinnamon rolls with a mini waffle maker.  We simply cut the dough in half and formed it into a ball and then placed it in the waffle maker to cook.  This way, everyone could ice their own and it made for a much easier placement on the breakfast board.  

Breakfast charcuterie board for the win!


Cook the bacon in the oven to save you the room on the stovetop for the other items that need to be made there.  Here’s a hack I learned from Caralyn Mirand for crispier bacon that will be ready when the other bacon is, sprinkle the bacon with flour before putting it into the over.  

Other Supplies For the Board

While we usually round up supplies in our Bubbly Side of Life Amazon shop and you can find many similar items there for sure, we decided to head out to the Dollar Tree and see if we had any luck there.  

And we actually had a ton of luck and even better, it was all $1!  The pails (big and little), the plastic cups for the fruit all came from there.  Definitely worth a trip if you have one nearby.  

Want more?

Our whipped cream recipe and bubbly crepes (which didn’t make it on the board) can be found in this Mother’s Day post.

Pair your breakfast with mimosas and you can do exactly what we did or check out this “Cheater Mimosa” using Bel Vino Sparkling Wine or go all out with a Mimosa Bar.  

Tell Us

What type of custom charcuterie board do you want to see us create?   

Who doesn’t love a charcuterie board? I mean I could probably live off of them. This is the perfect brunch charcuterie board! Have a baby shower coming up or a bridal shower brunch? This is a fun and festive breakfast themed charcuterie board! Simple & easy to assemble with steps to teach you how to build a charcuterie board. Learn more about our breakfast charcuterie board here!