I absolutely love giving gifts.  But I also love receiving them especially when they are sparkling wine gifts! I have received many sparkling wine gifts over the years and let’s be real, I’ve also treated myself to many as well.  

I also shifted the way I give gifts over the years, let me explain.

Philosophy of Gift Giving 

The philosophy of Bubbly Side of Life is that there is always a reason to celebrate!  There is no moment too big or too small…you should always pop the bubbly to celebrate.  

There's always a reason to celebrate...especially with sparkling wine gifts!

And not only do we truly believe that all moments that are important to you are worthy of celebration, we also believe that they should be celebrate NOW.  We don’t believe in waiting for the perfect time to create the perfect celebration because in our experience “perfect” never happens.  

That philosophy transferred into other areas in my life as well.  Specifically into the gifting area.  I never understood why I would see a gift for someone, make a note of it and then buy it for them for their birthday or Christmas.  

Or worse yet, what my mom always did which was see a gift, buy it, hide it until the next gift giving occasion and then forget where it was!

So, I began the philosophy of seeing a gift and immediately buying it and gifting it!  Why does it have to be your birthday or Christmas to receive a gift?  

I loved this whole idea because

  • Friends and family received gifts randomly throughout the year.
  • The expense at holiday time was minimal because it was spread throughout the year.

And since I LOVE a good birthday celebration, there was always something on their special day, but they always felt loved and surprised all year long.  

Let's Celebrate!

Now, the only people I didn’t adopt this philosophy with were my young nephews.  Yes, I give them random gifts all throughout the year, but always on their birthday and Christmas too.  

So now let’s talk about all the bubbly lovers in your life.  

Sparkling Wine Gifts

Whether you are shopping for a birthday, housewarming, congratulations, or just because gift, we have a list of awesome sparkling wine gifts they are sure to love!

The sparkling wine gifts vary in price from under $20 to over $100.  I personally own them all and truly love them, so I know the bubbly lover in your life will as well!  

Sparkling wine gifts for all the bubbly lovers in your life!
  1. I got this champagne saber for Christmas and it was my most favorite gift ever.  I absolutely love to open my bubbly with a saber; it’s just so much more fun that way.  You can choose to customize it or leave it blank, either way, it makes a great gift!
  2. Ring for Champagne doorbell that actually rings!  It’s so cute, trust me, the bubbly lover in your life needs it!
  3. Champagne for Breakfast mug is one of my favorite mugs ever.  We linked this mug for you in our Amazon Bubbly Side of Life shop.
  4. But First Bubbly towel is on my stove at all times!  For me it’s the perfect kitchen decor 365 days a year.  This is also linked for you in our Bubbly Side of Life Amazon shop.
  5. This sign makes the perfect addition to any bar cart.  And I am sure all bubbly lovers will agree with it.  It’s also in our Bubbly Side of Life Amazon Shop.
  6. Who doesn’t need a champagne bell to ring when that glass is empty?  It looks great on a bar cart, breakfast bar or even outside when enjoying bubbly while soaking up some sun!  Also located in our Bubbly Side of Life Amazon Shop.
  7. This bracelet stack is my favorite!  From Sand and Stone Jewelry, she will create literally whatever you want.  And if you’re like me, you can give her some ideas and she will create the most beautiful and unique stack just for you.
  8. My most favorite stemless flutes from Catvonle!  These are the perfect bubbly glass because they are so big and make for the perfect oversized pour or bubbly cocktail.
  9. My custom made Bubbly Side of Life charcuterie board made by Timmy’s Wood can be seen in every monthly charcuterie board we make.  It’s huge and Tim helped me through every step so that I could have the perfect board.
  10. The Vinglacé champagne flute is perfect for the warmer weather.  I love this one because the inside is glass and the outside is stainless steel.  This along with the wine chiller are in the Amazon Bubbly Side of Life shop.

Wrap Up

We are always on the hunt for new, fun sparkling wine gifts.  Not only because we personally love them, but to share with you.  So tell me what is a sparkling wine gift that you have an love?  

Want more?

Some of our other favorite sparkling wine gifts can be found in our stocking stuffer post. And don’t worry, they’re good for any time of year!

Sparkling wine gifts perfect for any occasion!

Want to learn more about the Bubbly Side of Life philosophy? Here’s one to check out.

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